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Tribal House

The style is different from classic house by the big emphasis on drums.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1997 Death: 2003

It`s difficult to find a melody in a number of tribal house tracks. Instead of it you`ll listen to rhythmic pattern on different ethnic percussion instruments.

Tribal house tracks are characterized by live drums, which often have been sampled from Native American, African religious ceremonies, where drums were used as the basis of rites.

The style has its roots in ethnic music of African and south African tribes, that`s why in tribal house music you can hear hooting and sounds of tribes. 

Tribal house can be recorded with live or digital instruments, but style can be divided into ethnic music (the usage of live instruments) and tribal music (the imitation of live sound by special program).

Umbrellate style: House

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Tribal House mixes

257 89:34 28 66 PR 15,9 ▲
Tribal House, Organic House
264 54:35 7 50 PR 8,6 ▲
Tribal House, Deep House
122 65:10   40 PR 3,5 ▲
Tribal House, Afro House
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Tribal House tracks and remixes

1 050 3:58 2 299 PR 12,6 ▲
Tribal House, Moombahton
664 4:56   87 PR 9,5 ▲
Tribal House, Club House
188 5:01 2 189 PR 6,5 ▲
Tribal House, Club House

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