Info FAQ

What is PROMODJ?

PROMODJ is a service that allows you to publish your mixes, tracks, video files, pictures, broadcast all your creations as a podcast and promote your events.

There are concentrated terabytes of music in all club styles, published directly by the authors.

What can I do on PROMODJ?

If you are DJ or musician — you can upload your mixes, tracks and remixes, find like-minded people, discuss the materials, write music together and create a new musical tandems, publish your posters and blogs, communicate with fans and critics, study and learn new things.

If you listener or clubber — find your favorite artists, listen to and download their music without limits, communicate with idols, discover new names and make a new friends.

Photographers will be able to post their photo reports from parties and raves.

Our specialty PROMORADIO has a lot of channels for every taste.

PDJ TV — day-and-night television channel that is never boring. Every evening - live broadcasts of interesting sets of DJs.

Forum — themed community, a great entry point for DJs, musicians and clubbers.

What kind of music can be placed on your page?

You can publish only your copyright works, only that you have made yourself.

If you DJ — post your mixes. If a musician — post tracks and remixes.

Important Note: in any case you can not publish other people's music, as well as remixes, in which variations of you were minimal (overlay effects, speed changes, etc.). This is plagiarism and you may be blocked.

If your track or remix uses someone else's material, they should be consistent with the rights holders.

PROMODJ position in the field of copyright

We have a negative attitude to plagiarism and copyright infringers and we are actively cooperate with the copyright owners.

Unfortunately, physically we have no way to preaudit all content that is uploaded to our servers, so we moderating materials post factum by request of the copyright holders.

If you are copyright holder and have any questions — please pay attention to the point For authors and rights holders, which tells in detail, which tells in details what you need to do.