Fidget House

Fidget house is one of the latest house music styles, which combines electro, techno, breakbeat, and UK garage. It`s based on winding bass lines and cutting electronic bleeps.

Birth: 2006 Bloom: 2009

Fidget firstly absorbed elements of new rave, breaks and garage, later funk and hip-hop. Each of these styles contributed its characteristic features in order to make, so to speak, restless house. 

One of the main characteristic features of fidget house is vibrant bass lines borrowed from garage. Another characteristic feature includes parts a la Amen-breaks or samples from popular compositions. Besides, some lines often change their pitch.

Fidget house tracks usually shorter than progressive or trance tracks because of the frequent lack of intro and outro, as well as drum intro. The style was born as a joke by producers Jesse Rose and Switch, now attracts more and more attention. Great Britain is considered as its motherland, when the track by Kid Cudi «Day`n`night (Crookers remix)» is the hit number one.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Fidget House mixes

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Fidget House
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Fidget House, Funky House
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Fidget House, Bass House
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Fidget House tracks and remixes

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Fidget House, House
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Fidget House, Hard House
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Fidget House, Electro House

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