Microhouse is a branch of minimal house, typified by the great emphasis on dance elements of classic house: beats, bass, and melodies.

Birth: 1998 Bloom: 2002

The style borrowed the unique drum sound and melodies from glitch music. Microhouse removes from house all unnecessary sounds, saving the essence of each sound and element.

Percussion often reminds tech house drums, when usual drum beats and hats are replaced by short noisy bursts what makes the influence of tech house bigger.

Musicians of this style often experiment with samples in order to achieve interesting variations of the sound based on noise. Vocals are usually recorded in monotonous purposely insensitive manner.

The term «microhouse» was coined by Philip Sherburne, who used to write about this music in the Wire magazine in 2001. It`s believed that the genre emerged in Germany in the late 90s due to record labels such as Kompakt, Perlon, and Force Inc. Purveyors of the genre include Akufen and Ricardo Villalobos.

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Umbrellate style: House

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Microhouse mixes

159 60:02   60 PR 2,2 ▲ Microhouse, Deep House
85 69:12   30 PR 1,8 ▲ Microhouse, Tech House
107 70:30   31 PR 1,3 ▲ Microhouse, Deep House
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Microhouse tracks and remixes

117 3:20 3 8 PR 3,1 ▲
Microhouse, Funky House
30 3:47   PR 0,7 ▲
124 3:41   20 PR 0,5 ▲
Microhouse, Ambient House

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