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Deep House

Deep house is a style of electronic dance music emerged at the junction of «old» Chicago house and Gospel. Its roots can be dated back in the late 80s.

Birth: 1988 Bloom: 1999

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Deep House

Deep house consists of elements of soul, jazz, funk, and Detroit techno music. The style is typified by its atmospheric and dense sound.

Firstly deep house was full of melodies based on old chord progressions played by ghostly electric organ. The style was born when Detroit techno and American garage had been actively developing. It differed from them by more jazz sound (as compared with techno), but at the same time more minimalistic sound (as compared with garage). Since the mid-90s the style finally separated from other house styles. The brightest representatives of this style at that time were Eric Kupper (including K-Scope), Kevin Yost, Larry Heard. The style was influenced by a number of labels like Guidance, Dessous, Plastic City. As deep house fans say, «deep house is the opposition to other techno styles, it`s music of live people, not machines»


Nowadays you can find the great variety of deep house music in any digital store; house music can be attributed to deep house by several art principles: a relatively slow tempo, beautiful melodies and soul vocals.

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Deep House, Nu Disco
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Deep House, House
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Deep House, Nu Disco
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Deep House, Dance Pop
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Deep House, Russian Pop
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Deep House, Club House

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