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Complextro is the latest contemporary genre of electronic music emerged in 2010. The term was coined in the USA as the combination of words «complex» and «electro».

Birth: 2010 Bloom: 2012

The name of the style was coined by Porter Robinson when he described one of his tracks by the word «Complextro» in a social network. Complextro is characterized by the usage of 5-6 or even 10 synths, heavy and dirty bass, and very complex structure. Complextro roots in electro house and combines dirty electro with progressive electro, nu-disco, dubstep, and even fidget house.

Among the founders of this style attention should be paid to Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Feed Me, Lazy Rich, Alex Mind, Zedd, Porter Robinson, Chrizz Luvly, Felguk. During its history the style gave a birth to artists like Darth & Vader, Mord Fustang, FTampa, Knife Party, and many others. Today the style has already fortified its position in western electronic music. In Russia purveyors of the genre include Fast Foot, Rabbit Killer, Cool Project, Al Bizzare, Creonic.

Umbrellate style: House

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Complextro tracks and remixes

401 3:29 4 159 PR 13,1 ▲
Complextro, 8-bit
152 4:44 4 25 PR 5,4 ▲
Complextro, Dubstep
85 3:25 1 66 PR 3,7 ▲

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