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Acid House

Acid house is a style of electronic music, a sub genre of house music. Acid house first appeared in the mid-80s when Chicago artists DJ Pierre, Adonis, Keith Williams (known as Farley Jackmaster Funk) began to mix house elements with heavy dance music and bass lines processed by the Roland TB-303 electronic synthesizer-sequencer.

Birth: 1986 Bloom: 1993

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Acid House

Firstly, acid house existed only in Chicago, but after some time it was caught up by Britons, who began to play acid house at parties around the 1986-1987. 

Acid house became extremely popular due to the popular festival «Summer of Love», which used to be held in the `88s summer. Records by M/A/R/R/S, S`Express and Technotronic of this style topped British charts in no time. English acid house and rave fans used the yellow smiley face symbol simply as an emblem of the music and scene. Acid house differs from other styles by its dominant psychedelic synth sound and very rare vocals. 

When rave became popular, acid house went underground. In the late 80s acid house was banned on radio, TV and in music stores within Great Britain because of the name that had associations with drugs. That`s why acid house turned out to be one of undergrounds styles.

Nowadays, acid house artists don`t use only TB-303 sounds, but the style still remains faithful to its roots — repetitive sequences that vary during a composition.

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