What is going on here?

Briefly, here are wonderful things: thousands of people come here every day, to publish their works, and hundreds of thousands — to listen to and evaluate it.

More. More!

To say more, then PromoDJ — is a service, through which the following is possible:
  • create your own page on the domain level 3 (eg, fabriolava.promodj.ru, fabriolava.pdj.ru, etc.) and to publish on her your mixes, promo mixes, live, tracks, remixes, videos, thousands of photos, Hundreds of Events, personal charts, blog;
  • arrange all materials as a podcast that will allow fans to get your fresh creativity directly to his own iPod or any other MP3-player in automatic mode (using iTunes, for example);
  • communicate thematic communities,      where you can ask questions and receive answers, or simply find      useful professional (and not very:) acquaintance;
  • keep track of what happens to those DJ's and musicians that interest you by      Wazzup;
  • determine the rating of each DJ, musician and PromoDJ users — thereby determining their PROMORANK (PR), which is used in the formation PromoDJ TOP 100;
  • participate in correct and absolutely incorruptible ranking: no      "Send SMS and add another inch to the rating" because we do not think that our users - brainless money bags;
  • use a system of collaborative recommendations      ie receive advice about the materials that are most likely to be interest to you;
Of course this is not all, but it is not so bad already ;)

Except of all above mentioned, you can find following sections PromoDJ:
  • Billboard — Our DJs and musicians placed party announcements and speeches      and you just have to choose where to go tonight;
  • DJs and producers — in this section      concentrated our wealth with you — our Creator, the people who make music, mix      and remixes;
  • Mixes, tracks and remixes —      Here you will find music for the soul, for the car, to work or to sleep;
  • Photo and TV — for visual, of which there      too much;
  • PromoDJ TOP 100 — DJ rating, musicians and their work, which generated in real time based on the votes of users;
  • Forum — themed community, a great support point      for DJs, musicians and clubbers;
  • Market — In this section, our robots, listening liquid funk,      collect suggestions from many stores that are related to DJ, LifeStyle and music      theme, so you can choose a piece of metal, drive or slipmat for the soul;
  • Radio — the greatest invention of mankind after      sex and Coca-Cola. It offers three convenience channel:      deep and quiet Deep Channel,      electronic mainstream Channel №5 and      speed D'N'B 300 km/h;
We are happy to hear all your ideas about the development of PromoDJ and implement the best of them.

Please contact us.