Info PromoDJ

PromoDJ since 2005 — is the most popular professional platform in the Russian-speaking environment for the demonstration, promotion and storing of musical creativity, which is focused on electronic dance music (EDM) and DJing.

PromoDJ — this is an effective promotion of new names, tracks, remixes, DJ sets. You get positive feedback and statistics, the possibility to promote and release the most promising works, get suggestions about tours.

PromoDJ helps promising musicians and disc jockeys to bring music to their listeners, opened and promoted many names to Russian-speaking countries and the world.

PromoDJ — this is an unlimited place for premium service subscribers and services for rapid expansion of the audience.
PromoDJ — publisher of the professional magazine about electronic music and new technologies MIXED*NEWS.
PromoDJ broadcasting dozens of niche Internet radio stations and own TV channel.
PromoDJ promotes those who play.

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