dj crab dj crab
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, Electro Techno, Electroclash, G-House, House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tropical House
DJ, MC, radioshow, Listener since 1995
Performance: from 20 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, CHelyabinsk
Resident: Pulse Radio (CHelyabinsk), L-Radio 104,9 FM (CHelyabinsk), Orange Mouse (Ozersk(CHelyabinskaya obl.)), l radio live games (CHelyabinsk)
Guest: setka (Miass), Hollywood (CHelyabinsk), Garage Underground (CHelyabinsk), GALAKTIKA night club (CHelyabinsk), г.Сатка (Satka), dimaphone studio (CHelyabinsk), ПРОСПЕКТ, 2004 г. , Октября пр., Проспект 91 (Ufa), клуб олимп троицк (Troick), Серебрянный дождь (CHelyabinsk), Интернет Радиостанция Обратная Сторона (Saint Petersburg), Radio FreshClub, Бессарабка (Bessarabka), L - Radio (CHelyabinsk), Garage Underground (CHelyabinsk), MOON SHINE Craft Bar (CHelyabinsk), Karma (CHelyabinsk), Boroda bar (CHelyabinsk), GREENERY GASTRO-BAR (CHelyabinsk)
Frequent visitor: XL (Omsk), Atlantida Club (Omsk), Радуга (Kopeisk), MONTE CARLO и ДРУГИЕ (CHelyabinsk), night club Шарм (Ozersk(CHelyabinskaya obl.)), Рыжий ЙОЖЪ (Zlatoust), Night Club METRO( Zlatoust) (Zlatoust), Dяgilev proжект (Moscow), арт club Korsar (Kyshtym), Night Club Paradox (YUzhno-Uralsk), KAFE K-19 (Kopeisk), Night club Raduga (Kopeisk), Ангар  (Omsk), Bukowski Bar (CHelyabinsk)
Was just once: Айвенго (Ozersk(CHelyabinskaya obl.)), rich place (Moscow), Planeta 3.5.7. (Omsk), gorod (Moscow), a kafe (Ufa), prospect (Ufa), Goodwin (Kurgan), EYE1 Radio (Amsterdamseveld), Soundwall (CHelyabinsk)
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Курочкино, CHelyabinsk, 20:00 // 7 August 2015
Deep House
L-Radio 104,9 FM, CHelyabinsk, 15:00 // 31 December 2014
Deep House
КАЛИПСО, Trehgornyi, 22:00 // 19 December 2014
Deep House
L-Radio 104,9 FM, CHelyabinsk, 15:00 // 21 November 2014
Deep House
Um!No Black Edition (Warming up the bass Machines) 

Promo mixes

309 80:00 6  95 PR7,9 ▲
Techno, Progressive House

The beginnings in 1995 in club an aurora where has worked 7 years in passing played almost in all clubs города.играл with such dj s: as Global dj s (Austria), Suchov (Moscow), Arram mantana (St.petersburg), Kancher (MTV Moscow), Kompas vrubel (St.petersburg), Tsvetkoff (St.petersburg), Kolya (Moscow), Henry (Belgium) If the daddy the drummer, and mum - the professional pianist … If you fall asleep and wake up under songs of Antonova or ABBA If since childhood not football becomes your fetish or marks, and a musical player … very much can be that simply accidents, however DJ Crabу, and in the world - to Maxim Kravchenko, «the musical child» in a category «the musical young man» or simply DJ seemed quite natural to pass it from a category. And, it is necessary to admit, it was possible to it. The Brief information: the Name: Maxim Kravchenko n: 13.08.80 Age: 28 years the Sign film:« In the Separation »the Sign book: Laran Garne« the Electroshock »Cult musical group:« Rex the dog »Music: электро – a house, электро – клэш, прогрессив – a house, the updated music Musical credo:« DJ should not be the live tape recorder. I do show. I give all the best on – full. I win back up to the end. I give positive energy. Also I wait for a reciprocal impulse from a dancing »To be trained in game on a piano or drums Max did not become, he has chosen more democratic tool – a guitar. In 14 years has spent the first school disco, then senior pupils stably addressed to Maxim for the organisation of musical parties, discos and school evenings. Having decided that teenage parties and tracks Scooter – not our level, Max goes to a disco – studio" Tone ". There he comprehends all elements DeeJaying For the first time behind professional equipment Crab wins back a set in the Chelyabinsk club« Three pigs "." Bagira "," Garage undergraund », <>, <>, <;;>, <;>, <>,«Debarcader», DJ – sets on togas …. Further on accruing - a light step, to be exact speaking graceful пластиновой scrolling Crab has walked on sign clubs at first Chelyabinsk, then and the Ural region, has acted in Moscow (« rich club ») and has understood, it is possible to do good, qualitative music everywhere, and it does not depend on a point of your disposition and a club pomposity. Crab with interest concerns creativity of other DJs. Global DeeJays, a compass – Vrubel, Tsvetkoff, DJ FLASH, ARAM MANTANA, Suhov, BELL, Spyder, Spirits, Fonar – is far not the full list of with whom played Crab. For today Crab the clover, the organizer of actions and parties is the resident of bureau. (PARTY13) the main thing, considers Crab, not to be at a stop. As well as the majority born under the badge of a lion, Crab – префекционист. It equally well works on компашках and vinyl. This DJ is distinguished by high quality of data and a competent selection of tracks is an opinion of experts and public. It constantly traces new tendencies in электро – music, and sometimes foresees them. So it has turned out with inserts from films. Crab tries to decorate the сэты джинглами and counters. Its music gives positive emotions, it is adjusted on a positive, for this reason at Crabа a wide audience – from 20 to 50. «I reveal only in music. It is my Universe. I am not arranged under public, I form a new aesthetics

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D J C R A B  19 November 2012 2:16
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"Обычный человек на 80% состоит из жидкости. Я на 100% состою из музыки. Заберите у меня музыку - и от меня не останется ничего..."
D J C R A B  5 May 2010 14:27
D J C R A B  20 March 2010 18:06
D J C R A B  4 March 2010 2:34
Неважно где ты играешь,неважно,сколько народу в зале,неважно,сколько ты получишь за свое выступление - задача в том,чтобы заставить людей танцевать. Ты обязан подарить им то, ради чего они пришли на встречу с тобой. А именно - Счастье...
Отличные работы, достойные внимания!)) Желаю дальнейшего развития и успехов!)) Ставлю плюс!!!
Отличные работы! Треки вообще бомба! Приятно удивлен! Желаю еще больше новых идей и чтобы музы всегда пребывала с тобой! PR++++
Круты работы )))++мне понравилось!!!заходи в гости
С днем рождения Макс! Желаем всего самого наилучшего и успехов в творчестве!
с днём рожденья поздравляю!!!счастья и успехов желаю!!!)))
+462 и в друзья)
лови плюс от меня)
прошу в друзья
Треки огонь, лови от меня плюс ;)
Пр+++, буду рад видеть такого творческого человека у себя в друзьях, надеюсь на взаимность ;)
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