Anatoly Grad
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Funky House, Tech House, Techno, Tribal House, UK Garage, Vocal House
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Megapolis (Moscow), MGPS 89.5 FM, Moscow (Moscow), Radio Megapols 89,5 Fm
Guest: Ketama (Moscow), MegapolisFM 89.5 (Moscow), MGPS 89.5 FM, Spybar (Chicago), Правда (Ufa), клуб Правда (Ufa), Megapolis 89,5 FM (Moscow), Megapolis 89.5 Fm (Moscow), Megapolis 89.5 Fm (Moscow), MADPlace (Moscow), Blow (Phuket)
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Club RAЙ, Moscow, 11:03 // 14 May 2011
Angelov, Moscow, 10:57 // 13 May 2011
Айсберг, Stupino, 19:15 // 27 November 2010
Клуб РАЙ, Moscow, 19:12 // 26 November 2010
РК BABYLON, Surgut, 02:00 // 18 September 2010
Personal Booking: Denis Stinger +7 916 333-1-123 


2 875 60:07 5  1 893 PR89,4 ▲
Downtempo, Chillout
3 369 69:51 2  2 582 PR126 ▲
House, Deep House
1 738 62:59 1  2 336 PR113 ▲
Tech House, House
3 353 61:06 6  2 100 PR104 ▲
House, Soulful House
2 570 80:05 3  1 587 PR81,1 ▲
Nu Disco, Indie Dance
3 655 59:14 19  2 940 PR144 ▲
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2 808 64:20 12  2 803 PR173 ▲
Chillout, Lounge

Promo mixes

7 050 68:17 9  2 171 PR97,1 ▲
Chillout, Ambient
5 642 60:45 5  2 448 PR97,8 ▲
Downtempo, Balearic Beat
4 067 59:16 2  1 745 PR80,8 ▲
House, Tech House
3 463 62:40 9  3 469 PR173 ▲
4 219 61:52 11  3 091 PR157 ▲
House, Tech House
3 113 62:41 6  3 119 PR166 ▲
House, Tech House
5 721 71:14 11  3 279 PR156 ▲
House, Disco House
5 649 62:22 15  3 328 PR176 ▲


1 341 59:59 6  1 466 PR78,2 ▲
House, Tech House
1 037 90:05 6  1 498 PR77,5 ▲
House, Tech House
2 046 62:26 8  2 335 PR119 ▲
5 953 113:22 28  2 936 PR174 ▲
Tech House, Techno


2 292 58:33    3 469 PR171 ▲
House, Tech House
1 263 65:26 1  1 567 PR80 ▲
Tech House, Techno
932 63:30 2  1 878 PR58 ▲
House, Tech House
847 63:26 1  1 331 PR37,9 ▲
House, Tech House
504 61:11 1  1 194 PR33,8 ▲
House, Tech House
748 60:16    1 176 PR32,1 ▲
House, Tech House
371 25:59    788 PR21,3 ▲
House, Tech House
903 61:07 7  1 556 PR45,5 ▲
House, Deep House



2 859 7:31 2  3 074 PR144 ▲
House, Electro House


877 58:05    1 392 PR37,2 ▲
House, Club House
1 131 4:11 9  2 607 PR89,4 ▲
995 0:40 1  6 171 PR168 ▲
938 0:47 1  3 073 PR88,4 ▲
1 059 1:57 1  2 868 PR87,5 ▲

Free Your Mind radio@Megapolis 89.5FM tracklist:

Cmon( Original_Mix)-Sebastian_Ledher,Alvaro_Smart
Sleep Like A Man (Original Mix)-Leonardo Gonnelli, Mennie
Reset Robot - Moosel (Original Mix)
Sheet And Shakers-Gabriel Ananda
Scheibe - Achterwaarts (Original Mix)
Nils Noa - Floyta (Matthew Dekay Remix)
For U (Original Mix)-DJ Boris
Alex Kenji, Federico Scavo - Gimme Five (General Tosh Remix)
Manhattan Bound (Original Mix)-Sebastian Manuel
Let Us Pray (Jaymo & Andy Geor-Stefano Ritteri
3 ▲
14 June 2013 2:12
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Free Your Mind Radio@ Megapolis 89,5FM 06/06/2013

Marcus Marr - The Music
Get Lucky Daft Punk
Falomir Pablo_Dominguez_-Spanish_Sunrise (Danila rmx)
Spend the Night (H-Man Mix) Danny J. Lewis
Shake That (Original Mix) Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt
Iñaky Garcia & Luis Pitti - You make me feel so good
Stefano Ritteri - The Partylife (Original Mix)
Harry Romero & Erick Morillo - Bang (Harry & Erick Bang In Your Face Mix)
Sheet And Shakers Gabriel Ananda
Troubleman (Original Mix) Roger Sanchez
2 ▲
7 June 2013 15:10
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3 ▲
29 May 2013 10:40
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Grad sunset@Kazantip XX
2 ▲
6 April 2013 3:29

Grad sunset@Kazantip XX…

1 ▲
6 April 2013 3:27
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DJ Град (DJ Grad)

DJ Grad- The best house DJ 2003 (DJ Mag Russia), The best of Russian DJ 2004 (DJ mag Russia ).

Grad is the name associated with the sexiest house music sets, his beloved by many Russians “Evening Collections” on the radio and his ability to seduce even the most glamorous crowds of El Divino, XIII, Pacha with the flow of sounds ranging from disco and garage to latino and trible which are best to describe his own, individual sound.

It has all started much earlier than DJ-ing, an absolute affection for music and desire to bring all the beauty of sounds and their meaning to his friends earned him such a credit amongst his music teachers, that they gave him whole lessons to teach his classmates about new sounds, evolving music styles, famous all around the world and unknown in communist Russia bands.

The real music influence, though, which has completely turned Grad's understanding were Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.

Those bands have turned Grad to be more drawn to the cutting-edge, sexy house tunes, rather than medicine, which he was studying at a university at the time and professional water polo sport. He knew that, despite the medical degree, he will continue to fascinate people by his music, however sport had to be sacrificed.

Early 90's came and first night clubs started to open, this was exactly when Grad's career started to build. At the early stage he worked at the first night clubs which were unknown before in Norilsk (the most northern city in the world), then clubs in Volgograd , especially the club “ Corona ” which was made into a city's cult place after few years and times of Grad's 8 hour sets are still legendary there.

He was becoming so popular that club could not fit in all people in the city who wanted to listen to him, so he made a 2 hour radio show on the local radio station.

After coming to the biggest dance music festival in Russia – KaZantip, in 1997, where he played for the first time, his career started to shoot off. Grad has become not only one of the leading DJ's of the festival but also was one of the main organizers of all music shows there.

The time came for going further, so he moved to Moscow , starting his radio show at the best known radio “Station 2000”, broadcasting in many regions in Russia .

He was already known as the best DJ at Volgograd and Norilsk , so he started to expand Moscow dance music projects regionally as well as organizing big festivals in Moscow , like “InStancia” held in Gorky Park in 1998 with a great success.

Early 1999, has brought an absolutely new edge to Grad's career, the legendary and outstanding club was opening in Moscow and Grad was invited to be a resident. The name of the club is XIII.

A big number which has become an association with Grad's ever growing Dj name.

His warming up sessions for the top dj's have left people in ecstasy and prepared top DJ's to experience the best crowd which could possibly exist.

Futureshock and Dave Seaman described it as their favourite club of all times.

XIII becomes a cult and a living legend of Russian clubbing along with Grad's popularity amongst all Russian clubbers.

It all led to XIII's famous tour to Ibiza “From Russia with Lust” in 2000, where Grad's playing for the party at one of the most glamorous clubs in Ibiza.

Being impressed by the island Grad's launching two outstanding chill out mixes, just for the tour. They are still regarded as the best and hard to find chill out mixes in Russia.

The extraordinary Ibiza crowd loved Grad's sets which resulted in having a residency at El Divino.

Grad has built his reputation not only with warming up sessions at XIII but also his famous Garage after parties. After the invitation of Oleg Odjo in 1998, Grad has become a resident at Garage, the most intimate Moscow venue, where he started the first ever after-parties in Moscow . Few years have passed and place started to get absolutely packed between 5am and 9am, every weekend. This is precisely the time when Grad was playing. Grad is also promoting his own party “Free Your Mind” at Garage, where he transferred his popular 9 hour sets to sophisticated Moscow crowd. Grad is also famous in the fashion industry and has played for the fashion shows of the most famous Russian designers.

‘it is not unusual for me to see people having sex on the dance floor during my sets, well, if my music helps them in that its amazing, says Grad. The Russian magazine Ptyouch has rated Grad in the 5 sexiest Russian Djs. Pioneer has appointed Grad to be the main dj presenting their products in Russia . He travels a lot for gigs all around Russia as well as Ukraine , Belarus , Lithuania , Estonia , London (Gallery at Turnmills), Egypt (Pacha), Aiya-Napa etc. Fourth year in a row Grad is the part of the famous open-air festival “ORT dance” in Russia.

The debut single - Free your Mind was released in autumn 2005 on Kickin records. A year later Grad's "Piano99" took over the dance scene and came out on Chris Lake 's rising traxx label. It also came out in the compilation Ministry Of Sound presents: Housexy of Playboy.

Толя, очень жаль...
Помним тебя!
иногда захожу сюда и слушаю музыку
спасибо за то, что ты с нами
Толя...2 года...светлая память тебе...мы помним...мы любим.
Моя поддержка +rp
Светлая память...
Piano 99 навсегда!
Светлая память безумно талантливому человеку...
rest in peace...!!!
u r with us
Сегодня год, как ты нас покинул. Скучаем очень...
Не забудем никогда,,
Прощай, друг…
Друг! хоть я тебя и не знал лично. Светлая память! Очень круто что ты после себя оставил столь весомый след в этом мире!! Ты живой! Твоя душа в твоих Миксах! в твоих Треках!! Ты с нами!!!
С днём рождения, Толя... Мы все надеемся, что там тебе гораздо лучше, чем здесь. Респект за всё, мы не забудем тебя никогда!!!
невозможно принять..Толя, Царствие небесное!..легенда.
Царство небесное!!! Соболезнование родным и близким!!!
Помню еще с времен "Станции 106.8". Очень жаль... очень рано...
вечная память
Вот жеж... а так хотелось все же встать с ним рядом и признаться вот уже в более чем 10-летнем кумирстве((( мечта не сбудется!
Скорблю, сожалею невосполнимой утрате музыкальной общности России!!!
Земля пухом, а нам недостижимый уровень! не могу не поделиться тем, что скопил его наставлениями!
Вечная память! Соболезнования родным и близким
Похороны Анатолия Сатонина пройдут в субботу, 28 мая, в Волгограде.

Почему умер DJ Град: Известный российский диджей Анатолий Сатонин, прославившийся в качестве DJ Град, скончавшийся накануне в Москве, почувствовал резкое недомогание буквально же сразу после прилета в российскую столицу из Питера, где у него проходило выступление.
Твоя музыка всегда будет звучать в наших сердцах!

Светлая память!
чтоб вечно с нами был, и его музыка! соболезнование всем родным и близким.
Память forever.
DJ Grad( ты был с нами( и останешься с нами! Ты лучший! Отдыхай дорогой!!!((( RIP...
ты останешься для меня одним из любимых Dj, я формировал свой вкус с твоей музыке , очень соболезную и скоблю ((( пусть землю тебе будет пухом , удачи Толя )
Светлая память!
Жаль,печаль,но будем помнить ВЕЧНО!!!(((
Как печально,Толик. Очень рано.Второй день пребываю в шоке.А,было время,мы тусовались с четверга по воскресенье.И был 13,и Гараж и freaks come out.Ты единственный из наших диджеев,который играл мои ремиксы на радиостанцих, где работал. А еще тот позитив,который ты излучал при встрече,словами не передать. Все эти 17 лет,к великому сожалению мы встречались только на танцполах,даже иностранных)но так оно и должно было быть.Ты же диджей, с большой буквы,и твое рабочее место за вертушками. Покойся с миром,дружище
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