Gennadiy Dubrovskiy
Main style: Progressive Trance
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Classical Crossover, Club House, Dark Ambient, Deep House, Dutch House, Electro Swing, IDM, Instrumental, Melodic Trance, New Age, Progressive House, Tech House, Tech Trance, Trance, Trap, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance, Techno
DJ, producer, promoter, Clubber, Listener since 2008
Performance: from $34 / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Kotovsk
Resident: (Kotovsk), Feelings Promo (Tambov), Tambov Moving Radio (Tambov)
Guest: TranceLitClub (Tambov), UltraDanceNight (Kotovsk), Monday 23.01.14 (Kotovsk), DANCEFLOOR W.K.N.D. (Kotovsk), городе Котовске, Тамбовской области. (Kotovsk), The Streets Mix, Kotovsk, Russia (17.07.2016) (Kotovsk), Club Home 04.03.17 (Kotovsk), Club Alcohol Party (Tambov), Speed record (Tambov), UltraDanceNight (Tambov), радио FreshClub (Kishinev)
Frequent visitor: Карамель (Kotovsk), club ULTRA (Tambov)
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Gennadiy Dubrovskiy

Gennady Dubrovsky (aka POZITIVTRINIK) - one of the early pioneers of electronic music in Kotovsk. His began in 2010, when the project was created POZITIVTRONIK. But before that, his creator, had to meet and master the music on their own. From 2000 - 2008 years. Gennady engaged in the orchestra. Not knowing a single note, he was playing by ear as much as 8 years old. What was surprising not only friends, family and relatives, but also teachers. So nascent love of trance music. In 2003, it falls into the hands disk "Transmission 3 puzzle of the third planet" and has since become his Trance music all life. In 2008 the idea to try himself as a DJ. It all started with the Tiesto - Adagio For Strings. Melody of this composition shocked the imagination and completely changed the look of Gennady on electronic music. He starts to go into the club culture, finds such names as: Armin Van Buuren, DJ FEEL, Dmitry BOBINA Diamonds, The Orange, AUROSONIC, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Deadmau5, Leon Bolier and many others. A great influence on the formation of a DJ had: Armin Van Buuren. In winter, 2009 Gennady beginning to master DJ - ing yourself. The first time helped REACTIVE, for which he had a huge thank you. Thanks to him, January 24, 2010 was based project POZITIVTRONIK. March 7 was released first podcast project, he started all musical activities Gennady as DJ. The project gained momentum, so in 2010, listeners could hear a podcast each month, the original report the best trance tracks for leaving month, the result of this work has been compiled at the end of the year POZITIVTRONIK of 2010. Thus was born the tradition that at the end of each year, Gennady gives its listeners the best 12 songs in his opinion. Time does not stand still, the work gained momentum and summer of 2010 established its own record label project TranceLit. On this label are produced annually final compilation of his creator, tracks and remixes. POZITIVTRONIK worked with creative people and groups as: DOVE EAGLE ("Aquolina project" - at the moment the project is closed), Vilda, Acid Kiss, Feelings-promo. Since 2010, became a resident POZITIVTRONIK Feelings-promo. Every second work published under this name sounds the waves internet - radio "FreshClub". "Do not be held hostage to their own style» - Armin van Buuren Is meant by this phrase creative association Whitby. This project won and raised their sound a lot of listeners. The work under this title does not leave many people indifferent so far. In 2011, the project POZITIVTRONIK shuts down, but the work under this name come up so far. July 19, 2012 Gennady gives his audience to know that the work of the project is partially finished and it completely takes her in his arms. In creating his own sound, he does not make clear stylistic limits. In his works, you can easily hear Progressive House, Tech Trance, Vocal Trance easy and fascinating Progressive Trance, and of course the commercial tracks with a light sound, supported by daytime radio station. Its main objective - to achieve high-quality sound and the development of music in general. In addition to working the DJ does not stop development as a musician. In 2010, they released their first track designer POZITIVTRONIK - Whirl Pool (Vilda Remix). Beginning of 2011 was marked by the release of the first single of the project POZITIVTRONIK - Burning lint. Regular resident sets make it clear on what the next level of development in the club industry is Gennady.   "I would have continued to make music, even if it did not get over it" (Armin Van Buuren)



Pinned comments
Inspirer  12 June 2013 1:17
Привет тебе Гена из Беларуси, приятно, что зашёл ко мне, ценю, думаю тебе у меня понравиться!)
Спасибо, что поддержал меня, вдвойне приятно, всё взаимно, держи +++ от меня, респект отдельный за транс и предлагаю дружбу, если не против конечно коллега!)
Успехов тебе во всех делах!)
С уважением и с наилучшими пожеланиями •Inspirer•
Nika Lenina  4 March 2011 16:14
Гена, с Днем Варенья тебя!!! Пусть он будет сладким - сладким!
DJ Kefir  22 February 2011 9:27
TranceLit Label  18 December 2010 18:26
Всем... Всем... Кому интересно заходим сюда... TranceLit Label... POZITIVTRONIK The Pres. !!!
Gennadiy Dubrovskiy  18 December 2010 18:51
Детище моих трудов... TranceLit Label... Поддержи нас!!!
Horizon9  23 November 2010 7:36
"Я работаю для тех людей, для которых Trance не только музыка танцпола, но и музыка жизни! Спасибо всем, кто оставляет коменты!!!))) " - золотые слова)))
AUDIO BOUTIQUE  23 March 2010 22:13
HEY DJ +++
Gennadiy Dubrovskiy  9 March 2010 20:45
Я работаю для тех людей, для которых Trance не только музыка танцпола, но и музыка жизни! Спасибо всем, кто оставляет коменты!!!)))
Dubrovskiy Рулиииит!!! Качает по полной!!!
За хорошую музыку!+++))
Отличные работы. PR+++ и жду в друзья.
Спасибо, очень нравятся Ваши работы+++
За такие работы можно и 36 долларов за час дать)))Респект++
+++ PR от меня! :)
С Днем Рождения !!Всех благ !!!
+PR cool , круто заглядывай в гости))
держи +++ в PR!!! заходи в гости, зацени новинку Alive 2.0 ;))
Круто! Ставлю +)) жду в гости )
+++PR!!!)))ВСЁ СУПЕР!!!))
с днём рождения!))
Спасибо Вам)))
Успехов в творчестве!!)))
Pr+++ для продвижения) надеюсь взаимно) заходите в гости)
Классный, добрый саунд..) PR++++
Спасибо) Взаимно)
лови +++
+++PR!!!BRO!!!Отличные работы!!!TRANCE FOREVER!!!)
+PR Хорошие работы
+1 Моя поддержка тебе Гена, успехов тебе в творчестве)+++
Респект земляк) взаимно +
PR++) и в Друзья!!!
От души, +++++++++
+++ PR и дружим ;)
Оооуууу))) спасибо)))
С днем рождения!!! Здоровья, позитива и творческого успеха!!!
Моя поддержка ++
жду в друзьях
Отличный стафф! +++
Спасибо) взаимно
Pr+++ для продвижения) надеюсь взаимно)
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