Территория, Moscow, 22:00 // 22 June 2013
Премьера: Condor | Judi Records (Бельгия) 
AndRave / Supramental / dR Bandito

Everything got started in 1999.. First PCs, first attempts of using programs. Within the time he got necessary skills and sound that used to be unsophisticated turned to be more onsistent.

Having absorbed all music-store's electronic gifts (paying special attention to such labels as Ninja tune, Worp, Defected, Perfecto, Ministry of Sound), he started mastering dj-ing and giving performances in clubs.

Step by step, while aspiring and being in progress, he gathered quite worthy material and, as a result, in 2006 tracks Supramental - Magnum and Arcan, featuring Unclepasha and Karina Milli had an increasing success in the South of Russian Federation and were released on cd’s as a part of several compilation albums.

Later on, one of remixes on the track Alandanat and Roma Pafos - Baraka's Violin, got high evaluation. a major collaboration with Mediadrive records followed this.

In 2009 Supramental releases on UK labels Lost.Language and Primal received support from Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Andy Moor, Matt Darey, M.I.K.E., Ronski Speed, Talla 2XLC, Andrew Parsons, Mr Sam

Sending other works to various labels also brought joy by positive reaction and several business offers. since 2007 this promising Russian DJ tours regularly and plays gigs in many Russian cities.

Base genre of AndRave mixes is progressive and melodic house, witch can be found in different ways: from subtle sensual sunrise melodics to solid dark dynamics.
Andrey Andreev
Main style: Freestyle
Favorite styles: Atmospheric Breaks, House, Pop, R&B, Turntablism
DJ, producer since 2002
Performance: from 20 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Mytischi), Территория Бутово (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Himki), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Growing Reality Records (Moscow), Атлантида (Rostov-na-Donu), Opera (Moscow), Dark City (Rostov-na-Donu)
Guest: Нил (Stavropol), Starики  (Moscow), Chesterfield (Moscow), Викинг (Golicyno (Moskovskaya obl.)), Aura (Lobnya), Эра (Moscow), Diesel (Rostov-na-Donu), Brothers Right (ZHukovskii), О`Шалей (Moscow), Aura (Lobnya), Amsterdam (ZHeleznodorozhnyi (Moskovsk.)), Комод (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Mill Bar (Istra), MUSIC HALL  (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Himki), Калинка Хаус (Rostov-na-Donu), Scotch and Soda (Moscow), KIABI (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Территория (Moscow), Пешков (Petrozavodsk), R-16 (Pskov)
Frequent visitor: СКК Петербургский (Saint Petersburg), Гюго (Moscow), Mediadrive Records (Moscow), Joy Party (YAroslavl)
Was just once: Embargo (Rostov-na-Donu), Полярная Станция (Rostov-na-Donu), Mulata (Moscow), АНГАР 18 (Moscow), Карма Бар (Moscow), Жажда (Moscow), Облака (YAroslavl)
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