United Kingdom, Thetford
Russia, Moscow
I love music. Hope it is mutual.
Russia, Rylsk
kach - simple Russian guy who went into the world of music , fascinated complex bass sounds and broken rhythms he choose drum & bass and a lot of experimenting!
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Tyumen
All colours of house music
Russia, Volhov
Russia, Voronezh
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Arzamas
12 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
13 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
14 +4
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
15 +4
Russia, Lipeck
17 -5
18 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
19 +2
Moldova, Tiraspol
Russia, Moscow
21 +4
Russia, Ulyanovsk
Ukraine, Kiev
I was pushing the desire to experience freedom in their own world. Making music helps to feel needed that reality and the people around. What I feel when listening to the finished work, I can not feel anywhere else. Positive, joy, euphoria, and sometimes the adrenaline. Inspired by love, the attitude of people, actions of people, music people.A constant desire to experiment does not give sleep. =)
23 -9
Russia, Moscow
24 -1
Russia, Novokuibyshevsk
25 +1
26 +1
Russia, Balei
27 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
29 +2
Netherlands, Amsterdam
30 +4
31 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
I try to surprise listeners with originality, variety and musicality. Preference I give to styles Chillout, Deep House, Progressive House. More than fifteen years are engaged in the music composition
Ukraine, Doneck
I love music. In the past, DJ and drummer.
34 +15
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Liquid Funk, Chillout, Lounge, Lo-Fi, Downtempo, AtmBreaks, Deep House are all mine. "My Paradise." I am not a servant of the listener and not his mentor - I am his guide to the world of beautiful music. And my advice to you at all times: listen to only high-quality music, and your mood will always be positive!
Ukraine, Kramatorsk
House Music
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
37 +4
Russia, Ekaterinburg
House Music Energy Mix Show - This dance, energetic house music in all its varieties. These are the best hits, trends, quality remixes on them and on hot favorite old songs.
38 +5
Russia, Novokuzneck
39 -2
40 -1
Russia, Moscow
41 -1
42 +3
43 -1
44 -6
Russia, Moscow
45 new
Russia, Moscow
Ukraine, Alchevsk
47 +13
The endless melody of d+b in the context of the thoughts of one little unknown person.
48 -19
49 -5
Digital feeling of noise !
50 -2
Poland, Warsaw
51 +3
dj Dan (aka Barbitura). Moscow
52 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
53 -6
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Jungle is massive!
54 -3
Belarus, Bobruisk
55 -3
Russia, Krasnodar
56 -3
Russia, Ufa
Russia, Novosibirsk
Frame Divergence
Russia, Irkutsk
59 -4
Russia, Tambov
Try myself in different directions of electronic music.
60 -4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Owner of a label of Trilobit Records! One of successful minimal activists of Russia!
61 +4
62 +4
Russia, Ramenskoe
The main thing is inspiration...
63 -4
Russia, Moscow
«Music, like rain, drop by drop, seeps into the heart and animates it». Romain Rolland
64 -3
Transforming feelings into sound.
65 -1
Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk
66 -3
Russia, Sevastopol
67 -5
Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
68 -1
Ukraine, CHerkassy
69 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
70 -1
Russia, Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)
71 new
Russia, Pushkin
72 +8
Russia, Elektrougli
73 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Russia, Mytischi
76 -3
Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk
77 -1
Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
78 +4
Russia, Norilsk
79 +5
Belarus, Minsk
Melodious Drum & Bass rhythms based on Oldschool
80 +5
Russia, ZHeleznodorozhnyi (Moskovsk.)
I don`t like "Smoke on the water".
81 +5
Russia, Moscow
21 August 2020, Live Stars (Moscow)
82 -5
Russia, Tolyatti
Art Pryde - His name is widely known among the connoisseurs Electro/Dutch House music - clubbers, music fans and DJs all over Russia and CIS countries. Successful Russian DJ, remixer and successful sound producer. He has the professional technique and masterly rocking the dance floor of any level. Each event is the pleasure of doing a show that is remembered almost forever, and want to repeat again and again!
83 -4
Pleasant melody and chords immerse you in the atmosphere of space, and dubstep elements - technological progress in space exploration.
84 -6
Keep Calm and Listen to Neurofunk
85 -4
Music styles are like labels, and the desire to give everything a meaning description and put on the shelf. not realizing that this kills the artist's desire to create and him partially I can't say that I do Drum & Bass or EDM, Dub Step or anything else, nor when I did not pursue the goal of being one of the recognizable in the DnB parties, or even some self-limiting. I just try to convey as much as possible in the format of sound that sounds in my head.
86 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
A variety of styles and manipulations of information options will make you move to the tired, and mixing all your favorite hits with a powerful modern sound will not leave you indifferent! VICTOR L - Real Dirty Bass Sound.
87 +4
Russia, Moscow
88 +7
Russia, Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg)
89 +4
Russia, Lysva
90 +4
Let drum&bass the rain storm into your heart and you will be happy!!!
91 new
Estonia, Tallinn
92 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Sci-fi, retrofuturism, surrealism, psychedelic and cyberpunk.
93 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Kirill Kalashnikov aka Implex is one of the few russian musicians that is well known far away from his motherland. He has performed at almost every ex-soviet city and many european countries, released lots of tracks in vynil, CD and digital formats on such respected labels as Med School, Fokuz, Formation. Favourite genres: Drum & Bass, Tech House, Nu Disco.
94 +6
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankovsk
95 -6
96 -9
Russia, Saint Petersburg
97 -9
98 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
99 new
Russia, Moscow
100 -3
Russia, Vyksa
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