Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Dj O’Neill Sax - a Dj playing sax! He is always at his best and trying to reach the perfection. Following the musical fashion, yet he keeps to his impeccable taste and balances skillfully between the requirement of time and the sense of beauty.
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Russia, Angarsk
Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Tyumen
Ukraine, Kiev
Sound producer with good musical taste. DJMaksEfimov bring to their work with the soul
Estonia, Tallin
JONVS - TOP DJ, remix maker and producer of numerous tracks and remixes that are taking over the dancefloors and radio stations all over the world!
26 November 2017, Laif Lounge (Tallin)
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
DiscoVer. is a vocal project produced by “Which bottle?” production company. “We don't seek words! Our music speaks for us!”
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Dj, musician and sound producer from Moscow under the name Denis Bravo. His work is heard on radio stations and sets the best DJs.
Russia, Moscow
16 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
18 new
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk
Presently Dj Andy Light continues fruitful work in composing, and his growing popularity, as DJ is this logical continuation of his native talent, persistent work and surprizing energy, charged real passion for music.
19 -3
Moldova, Kishinev
Feel the rhythm of electronic music
20 -1
Russia, Moscow
DJ, Sound-producer / www.DJDIMIXER.ru
21 -3
DJ, musician, remixer, Resident music label SWEET BEATS
22 -2
DJ and musician with his unique unrepeatable taste. His remixes and compositions are full of energy, rhythms are fascinating not just with the modern sound of excellent quality but also with melodies which are impossible to dismiss from your head..
23 -1
Russia, Tolyatti
Ukraine, Lugansk
Erotic show "Eve" - good music + striptease
25 -2
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
The top remixer is radio-oriented format. Manytimes winner of remix contests, he was awarded an honorable medal "The densest bass". Would you like your songs to get on top at the best radio stations? Order a remix from EddyMix!
26 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Krasnodar
Russia, Moscow
today, Метелица (Samara)
29 -3
Russia, Moscow
30 -1
Russia, Tolyatti
32 -2
Russia, Moscow
10 December 2017, Жара в Вегасе (крокус) (Moscow)
33 +3
Russia, Moscow
34 -2
Russia, Moscow
Dante – is the new musical religion. Dante – songwriter, arranger, sound-producer and performer. His songs are performed by artists of the Russian and world of show business. Dante took part in the Russian version of the world-famous show «The Voice» Dante’s performance - is a blend of European sound with great live vocal.
35 -1
Russia, Moscow
36 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
37 -2
38 +1
Belarus, Minsk
39 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
41 -4
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Former member of the legendary project PAPRIKA, performer of such tracks as "Tears of the Sun" and "cold" in the blink of Russia conquered the dance floor once again to conquer the peak of musical spaces of the country presenting their new works.
42 -1
Russia, Kazan
Sweden, Stockholm
Hi This song, Lavinia,- I was inspired during a Tour in Spain;- in lovely Island of Mallorca. I hope you all will love it:) Love and Peace LARS
Russia, Essentuki
45 +2
Ukraine, Kiev
46 +2
47 -1
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
48 +2
Russia, Moscow
10 December 2017, Известия Hall (Moscow)
49 +2
Ukraine, Dzerzhinsk
50 -1
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
51 -6
53 +1
Russia, Neryungri
54 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, CHaikovskii
For me, writing the tracks, remixes and mixes - it is a great hobby, a way to express themselves and the opportunity to give its positive charge to all others!
56 -3
Russia, Moscow
Famous Russian DJ, Remixer and Producer, Top Best Russian DJs and Musicians. Owner of russian-european Record-Label Fashion Music Records, Co-Owner Deluxe Music Recordings (UK). Participant of Volvo Fashion Week. Releases on labels: SG Productions, Club Luxury, Big Pump, Banguru Records etc. Tracks with Chriss Ortega, BK Duke, Jolyon Petch, Dave Ramone etc. Support releases from Paul Van Dyk, Erick Morillo, DJ Antoine, Paul Oakenfold, David Vendetta, D.O.N.S etc.
57 +1
Anything to do with music
58 -1
Russia, Moscow
60 +3
Russia, Novosibirsk
61 +4
Russia, Moscow
63 -3
Russia, Habarovsk
New Mix & Podast every WEEK!
64 -3
Russia, Moscow
65 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
66 -24
Russia, Sevastopol
67 -3
Russia, Hanty-Mansiisk
69 +2
Russia, Severodvinsk
71 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
73 -7
Russia, Orsk
74 -1
Russia, Moscow
I'm a rich bitch (c)
75 -1
Russia, Moscow
76 +1
77 -2
Russia, Moscow
Andrey bo
funk soul brotha :)
Russia, Saint Petersburg
80 +6
Russia, YAroslavl
81 -1
82 -1
83 +15
Ukraine, Ternopol
84 -2
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
85 -2
Russia, Novosibirsk
86 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
87 +1
Russia, Ufa
Edits by Diego! Trap and moombahton
88 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
89 +1
90 -3
Russia, Moscow
91 -7
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
DJ c great experience, a professional musician, never fixate on one style. Always plays a variety of music from different years and areas, trying thus emphasize that in each time interval and in every style has its own beauty and the people that come to his game always find something of their own favorite. At his parties is always a festive atmosphere, love the music, great mood, incendiary, recognizable and melodic rhythms to continue throughout the night!
93 -2
Russia, Perm
94 -1
Russia, Moscow
95 new
96 new
Ukraine, Sumy
Russia, Kamensk-SHahtinskii
98 -2
Russia, Moscow
Victoria - dj, promoter. She has been interested in music since childhood. Vicky finished music school, can play the piano, took part in many different musical competitions in Russia and abroad. Music is the main part of her life. Music styles: House, Progressive, Trance, Electro.
99 -4
Russia, Moscow
100 new
Russia, Moscow
Tasty music for kind people!
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