Шамил Гайсин
Main style: Dark Progressive
Favorite styles: Acid, Ambient, Breaks, Chillout, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Techno, Trance
Location: Russia, Ufa
Guest: Pure FM (New York)
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Virtual Tuner

Virtual Tuner - проект, направленный на псай транс, псай прогрессив музыку. Заморожен на неизвестное время.

Все миксы, сделанные в рамках этого проекта доступны скачиванию из Яндекс-диска

Scanfix pres.Virtual Tuner-Nuclear test

01.Gaudium - When The Sun Rises

02.Egorythmia - Eternal (Prisma Remix)

03.Egorythmia - Night Sight (Flegma and Nerso Remix)

04.Protonica - Red Dust (Ectima Remix)

05.Nicholas Bennison - Zero Balance (Original Mix)

06.Ovnimoon - Believe In The Change

07.Krunch - Smooth

08.Suntree - Moniqa

09.Solar System - Love Freedom

10.Alien Project - NRG

11.00.db - Oxygene (Eleusyn Remix)

12.Astral Projection - 1,000,000 Years From Today... (dance classic)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner promo 2009

01.Anton Chernikov pres. Crystal Verge-Nightmare (Club Mix)

02.Even 11 and Blue Planet Corporation-City Slickers

03.Antix-Little Honey (Silicon Sound Remix)

04.Anton Chernikov pres. Crystal Verge-Evil Spice(Original Mix)

05.Silicon Sound Feat. Jaia-Passengers (Voyager Remix)

06.Atma-Spiritual Love

07.Ritmo & Suntree-Wake Up

08.Midimal-Deep Devil(Zyce Remix)

09.Motion Drive-Disco Slave

10.Suntree-Private Guide

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - 2010 spring promo mix

01.Liquid Soul-Global illumination (Martin Roth OMFG! rmx)

02.Day.Din-Carnival in Xanthi

03.Anton Chernikov pres. Crystal Verge-Invasion (Original Mix)

04.Liquid Soul-Sweet Things

05.00 DB-Indigo


07.Neelix-You're Under Control(Re-Edit)

08.Astral Projection-Chaos

09.Liquid Soul-Out Of The Blue (Ritmo Remix)

10.Ovnimoon Feat. Redsun and Float-Let it Shine

11.Vibrasphere-Autumn Lights (Alucard Remix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner-Astral Web's vol.1

01.Incolumis - Tecabrali

02.Ticon - Back to Basic

03.Motion Drive - Spring Thing

04.Day Dream - Playground (Original Mix)

05.Kintar feat Venes - Sahara

06.Bioluminescence - Cherokee (RPO Remix)

07.Subtara - Mind Expression

08.Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix)

09.Klopfgeister - Instant Summer (Original Mix)

10.Aquaspace - Miles From Nowhere

11.Eleusyn - Kosmodrom

12.Aerospace - Re Entry (Day Dream Remix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner-Astral Web's vol.2

01.Juno Reactor - Navras (MIDIval PunditZ Remix)

02.Hypnotic Duo - Pulse (Original Mix)

03.Peter Gun - Pressure Point

04.Ritmo & Rocky - Floater (Motion Drive Remix)

05.Liquid Soul - Adrenaline (Original Mix)

06.Lift Shift - Full Cycle

07.Anton Chernikov presents Crystal Verge - Snake Valley(Original Mix)

08.Juno Reactor - Conga Fury (Ace Ventura Remix)

09.Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)

10.Sensogram - Deep Connection

11.Sideform - High Priest

12.Zero Cult - Night Out (2010 Edit)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.3

01.System 7 - Space Bird (Liquid Soul Remix)

02.Egorythmia - Night Sight

03.Subtara - The Origin Unknown

04.Ace Ventura - Judo

05.The Digital Blonde - Rainsong

06.John 00 Fleming Feat Sascha Cooper - Fight The Darkness (Subtara Progressive Remix)

07.E-Clip - Chandra

08.Liquid Space - Life Breaks Down

09.Man With No Name - Teleport (Nick Sentience Remix)

10.Ovnimoon - Believe In The Change

11.E-Clip - Existence

12.Egorythmia - S.M.O.T.U

13.John 00 Fleming And The Digital Blonde - The Dewberry Tree (Original Mix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.4

01.Sentrafuge - No Words (Original Edit)

02.Nerso - Closer And Closer

03.Subtara - Speed Of Light

04.The Digital Blonde - 6 Weeks & 1 Million Years

05.Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E - Aurora (Airwave Breaks Remix)

06.Liquid Soul - Hypnotic Energy

07.Mindwave & Multiphase - Awareness

08.Static Movement vs. Impact - Atlantic Spirit

09.E-Clip - Midnight Express

10.John 00 Fleming Feat Sascha Cooper - Fight The Darkness (Ovnimoon Remix)

11.Egorythmia - Eternal (Gaudium Remix)

12.DayDream - Unseen Desire

13.Man Machine - Absolutus (Sonic Entity remix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.5

01.Dualism - Dark Corners

02.Yotopia - Blue Moon

03.Mindwave - Particles

04.00 DB - Indigo

05.Invisible Reality & Static Movement - Cybernetic Evolution

06.Suntree & Antigravity - Getting High

07.Dualsnug - 400 000 Stars(2008 Edit)

08.Journey & Holophonik - Phonik Trip

09.Aqualize - Land Of 2 Suns (Lyctum Remix)

10.Cosma - Freedom

11.Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)

12.E-Clip - Psy Tribe

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.6

01.John 00 Fleming - The Astrophysical Nebula

02.Yotopia - Goosebumps

03.The Riddler & Float - Pillow

04.Midimal - Deep Devil (Zyce mix)

05.Astrix & Ace Ventura - Drunk On Dreams

06.Ritmo & Motion Drive - Big Eyes

07.Cosmithex - Beyond Time

08.Koan - The Island Of Deceased Ships

09.Motion Drive - Disco slave

10.Liquid Soul - Escape (Midimal Remix)

11.Egorythmia - Dusty Groove

12.Sensogram - Not A Dream

13.Zyce & Nerso - Earth Prime

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.7

01.Airwave - Chiricahua

02.Suntree - Freedom

03.Time In Motion - Audio Gigolo (Flegma & Nerso Remix)

04.Relativ - Shadow Walk

05.John 00 Fleming - The 10th Life

06.Double Click, NOK - The Voice

07.Aquafeel - Forest Lights (Mindwave Remix)

08.E-Clip - Chandra (Ovnimoon Remix)

09.Infinity - Sub Motion (Sunix Rmx)

10.Day Dream - Going Higher

11.Ritmo - De Festa

12.Cosma - Minimal Vertical

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.8

01.Vertex & Pion - Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul Remix)

02.Yotopia - Cometic

03.Mindwave - Guiding Voice

04.Phaxe - Unknown Language

05.Suntree - Inside

06.NOK ft. Ritmo - New World Order

07.Infinity - Classified (Synsoniq Rmx)

08.Sensifeel - Sunglaces (Gaudium Rmx)

09.Astral Projection - Mahadeva '99 dance classic

10.Talpa - The Moon Flegma & Nerso Remix

11.Ritmo - Follow Me

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.9

01.Solar Fields - Cobalt 2.5

02.Mindwave - Simple Moves

03.Infinity - Pumping Rythm (Zane Rmx)

04.John '00' Fleming - Mustang

05.Suntree & Ritmo - Good Old Shibuya

06.Lyctum - World Of Choice (Feat. Zyce)

07.Sonic Wave Control - Crystal Rainbow

08.Lyctum - The Bass Creator

09.Zyce - Absorb (ManMachine Remix)

10.Earsugar - Age of the 6th Sun (Zyce Remix)

11.Ritmo - Declare (Ovnimoon Remix)

12.Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.10

01.Mindwave - Within You

02.Will Atkinson, Darkboy - Darker Shades Of Black (Liquid Soul Remix)

03.Aqualize & Vice - Dust & Colors (Lyctum rmx)

04.Lyctum - Light Force

05.Ritmo - Typical Amount Of Loud

06.Champa - Jungle Boogie

07.John '00' Fleming - The 10th Life (Artifact303 Remix)

08.Mindwave - New Day

09.Earsugar - Age of the 6th Sun (Aquafeel Remix)

10.Sideform - Chameleon

11.Man With No Name - Teleport (Dejavoo Bootleg)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.11

01.The Digital Blonde - Darkness Falls

02.Protonica - Modification

03.Sonic Wave Control - Oxygen

04.Rocky & Ace Ventura - Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix)

05.Mindwave - Underwater

06.Static Movement Feat. Impact - The Lost Tribe

07.Middle Mode - Age of Change (Sonic Entity rmx)

08.Aqualize & Vice - Dust & Colors (Lyctum rmx)

09.Relativ - Space Crash

10.Tristan and Regan - Pink furry armadillo

11.Protonica - Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix)

12.Mindwave - Light Of Loss

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.12

01.Cosmithex - The Distance

02.The Digital Blonde - Six Strings Singing

03.Anton Chernikov & The Digital Blonde - Omega (Club Mix)

04.Lupin - Fuera De Orbita

05.Yotopia - Master Key (Time In Motion Remix)

06.Lyctum - Power Of The Atmosphere

07.Sonic Entity - Parallel Reality

08.ManMachine - The Second

09.Impact - Freedom On Earth

10.Cosma - The Time Has Come (Symbolic & Rocky Remix)

11.Journey - Monkey Sees Monkey Do

12.Aqualize & Vice - Dust and Colors

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.13

01.Atmos - Resign Riot

02.Invisible Reality & Space Hypnose - Invisible Hypnose

03.Mental Flow - Micromax

04.Lupin - Shambala

05.Vibrasphere - Wasteland (Reverse Remix)

06.Egorythmia - The Ressurected

07.Ovnimoon - Believe In The Change (Zyce Remix)

08.Elegy - Empathy

09.Sonic Entity - Spacetime

10.Timewave - Do Not Stop (E-Mantra Remix)

11.Multiphase - Tender Lies

12.Sirion - Where we Belong

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.14

01.Human Element - Subsequent Connection (Atmos Remix)

02.Space Hypnose - Live My Dreams

03.Mindwave - Inner Sense

04.Sideform & Zyce - Extacy Effect

05.Ovnimoon - The Holographic Sphere (Sonic Entity Remix)

06.E-Clip & Egorythmia - New Level Of Being

07.Lupin - Omniverso

08.Xpiral - Mystery asking us

09.Existence & Braincell - Distant Galaxies

10.Ectima - Feed Your Ego (20x Remix)

11.Infinity - Potholes

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.15

01.Mindwave - Awaken

02.Ovnimoon & Via Axis & Itom Lab - Galactic Mantra (Lyctum Remix)

03.Sideform - Psychedelic Future

04.Infinity - Deprivation

05.Cosmithex - Lifetime

06.Sonic Entity - Human Engineers

07.Vibrasphere - Capsize (Sphera Remix)

08.Liquid Sound - 7th Spirtit

09.Spirit Architect - Spiritual

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.16

01.John '00' Fleming & Lyctum - Colliding Galaxies

02.Flanger Strangers - Cosmic Energy

03.Lifeforms - Illumination

04.Astral Projection - Searching for UFOs

05.Sonic Entity - Quantum

06.Cosmithex - Aquarius

07.Hypnocoustics - Collective Vision (Original Mix)

08.Opposite8 - Electric Space

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.17

01.Aladiah & Cristo Disto - Can't Stop

02.Lifeforms - Disclosure

03.Kota - On Ground

04.Phoma - Time Travel

05.Sonic Entity - Reality Horizon

06.Flanger Strangers - Kundalini

07.PsiloCybian - Backwards

08.Dickster - Dizzy Drops (Sonic Species remix)

09.Angry Man - Mescaline (Original Mix)

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.18

01.Terapeutica - Indaco

02.Liftshift ft Ariel Electron - Plant Life

03.E-Clip & Egorythmia - Highest Technology

04.Lupin - Ilusionarium

05.Static Movement & Impact - The Lost Tribe

06.Rigel - The One

07.Sinister Silence Feat. Camille Jones - Someday

08.Ovnimoon - The Holographic Sphere (Spirit Architect Remix)

09.Alter Nature - Running On The Horizon

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.19

01.DayDin - Halkidiki (Zonka Remix)

02.Alter Nature - Blue Delight

03.Lyctum - Blast Off

04.Sonic Entity - Sonic Particles

05.Phoma - Spirit Of The Moon

06.Cosmosis - Supernatural dance classic

07.Astral Projection - Chaos dance classic

08.Disco Volante - Forbidden (Floorplay Mix) dance classic

09.Zyce - Android

10.Telepatica - Human Being

Scanfix pres. Virtual Tuner - Astral Web's vol.20

01.Lifeforms - Reanimation

02.Lyctum - Cosmic Web

03.Miro - By Your Side (Ovnimoon Remix)

04.Astral projection - The Nexus

05.Artifact303 - Magnetic Fields

06.E-Mantra - Praying Forest

07.Sensorica - Authorization (original mix)

08.E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Rmx)

09.Eleusyn - Atlantis

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