Max Bocharik
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Breaks, Drumfunk, Dub, Dubstep, Gangsta Rap, Ghetto House, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jazz-Rap, Old School Rap, Ragga Jungle, Reggae, Trip-Hop
DJ, producer, MC, promoter, vocalist since 2004
Performance: 6 hours
Location: Thailand, Pattaya
Resident: Чердак (Barnaul), Паутина (Barnaul), Prime Time (Novosibirsk), Sunvibes (Barnaul), Meating 2009 (Gorno-Altaisk)
Guest: Че Гевара (Barnaul), Ангар (Novokuzneck), Ноль (Krasnoyarsk), Пирамида (Barnaul), ТАСС (Barnaul), Денди Бар (Moscow), Zebra (Barnaul), Pilot (Barnaul), Водный Мир (Barnaul), Fакел (Tomsk), В дали от (Astana), ROCK CITY (Novosibirsk), Bunker (Novosibirsk), Raffinate (Novosibirsk), AYS Bunker @ Шерегеш (Tashtagol), Клуб Маррокана (Barnaul), ex Юла (Novosibirsk), Бумер (Pavlodar), Dfm party time (102.4) (Barnaul), Колизей (Barnaul), Африка (Barnaul), Лунапарк (Novosibirsk), Серебро (Barnaul)
Was just once: Спутник г.Омск (Omsk), клуб «ПЕЙОТ» (Novosibirsk)
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Я знал вас всех... 

Maxim a musician began in Barnaul, for thousands at the turn, the end-to-start '90 - '00.  He participated in the groups (the ST.OP., PRO-TEST), organized alternativeconcerts. In 2001, became interested in electronic music & has become more frequent visits to clubs...The microphone for the first time, "took" in 2002, ranging from small concerts and parties. 2004 further defined the career of Maxim, he becomes a RJ on "Heart FM 105,9", finally "akin to" a microphone! In 2006, already having sufficient experience in MC, and in promotion, with several of hispartying, Bo4 @ rik ...  tightly stuck in the D'n'B...

Ahead of the capital of Siberia. Bo4 @ rik .. develops and opens up new styles, newdirections, as from tech-house, minimal to hardcore, breakcore! Parallel featuring'i inold-sshool hip-hop projects (under the name, and, of course, jungle!!!
Works with known promouters. Max constantly "blowing up" the people of the various parties. Participates in the organization of open-airs, vfestivales. Rezident in clubs, projects, promo. Acts as the MC, in many festivals, including SunVibes'07, '09, '10, WetLuck'07, Therapy Sessions: Siberia '07, Therapy Sessions: Astana (KZ), ELECTOBEACH '07, '08, Therapy Sessions : Novosibirsk '08, MEATING '08, '09, '10, FISHING '09 etc.
In the past, one of the organizers of the annual International Festival of extremeelectronic music "MEATING", held in the Altai Mountains.
He worked on one stage with, LCFlive (RU), Kite (Nsk), Apostol (Nkz), Paralyzah (Tmsk), Rocket Delight (Brn), Invader (Nsk), Flasback Radio (Kem), Oleg Zubkov (KZ), Funky Noise (KZ), ZEM1NE (SPB), Slim Si (MSK), Quest (SPB), Mr. Kingston (SPB), RAGA (SPB), Dereck (MSK), Lucio de Rimanez (MSK), BREAKING NEWS (RU), TOPER (SPB), PAUL B (MSK), COSMONOUT (RU), GROOVE (RU), iDOLEAST(RU), VICTOR STROGONOV (DJ FASHIST) (RU), TOMCRAFT (DE), MARCUS SCHOSSOW (SWE), ESBEE (DE), TALLA2XLC (DE), OSMO (PL), DJ K (CAN), NOISIA (NL) , RAIDEN (UK), COOH (BL \ UK), LIMEWAX (NL), KRINJAH (USA) ...MC GTE (RU), MC COPPA (UK) etc.
Maxim Bo4 @ rik ... living and working in Siberia, while continuing to engage inpromotional and MC. .
Under the brand name "Big B. Family" Bo4 @ rik ... MC conducts a series ofsensational in Barnaul parties "SUB SEASON", which have become synonymous with "quality Music" and "home-like atmosphere "....

Founder of promotional "band" Insane DJ's GANG aka BigB. Family (c).
ха,здаров)))помню тебя помню)))+,давай в други
ае мен!!!отличное творчество)))треки дико качают, держи + в общий:) давай во френды, надеюсь на взаимность)

Здарова ман!
Васап, васап!)
Check It=)

Микс (40:33)

Трек (1:35)

Хардкор кунжут я умру... Зачотно...
Дабстеп укроп, я - долбаёб!!! ЕЩЁ!

man man!)
fucking time! филипп не дает денег!
да отлично)) как сам?)
Максим Сергеевич! скоро - фестиваль!
пдюс в подарок
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