Hard Trance

Hard trance is an agressive subgenre of trance music that first appeared in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The style was heavy influenced by hardcore and hard house.

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 2007

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Hard Trance, Uplifting Trance

Hard trance is often characterized by strong, hard (or even downpitch) kicks, fully resonant bass and an increased amount of reverberation applied to the main beat. Melody varies from 140 to 180 in tempo, and can feature plain instrumental sound in early compositions, with the latter ones tending to implement side-chaining techniques of progressive on digital synthesizers.

Many hard house DJs began to play trance tracks in order to use hard trance records in their sets. The most successful labels of this market are Nukleuz and Tidy Trax.

Nowadays, hard trance includes two different kinds of music: one is full of positive and energetic melodies; another one consists of acid and techno elements with more aggressive sound.

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Umbrellate style: Trance

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Hard Trance mixes

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Hard Trance, Dancecore
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Hard Trance, Hardstyle
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Hard Trance, Rave
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Hard Trance, Eurodance
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Hard Trance

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