Russia, Moscow
Russia, Angarsk
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskii
6 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Denis Rublev - resident of the first music publishing, booking agency NBA and FAMOUS DJs. The main headline of the brightest parties of Moscow, Russia, a regular guest at the German club. DJ, musician, soundproducer more than ten years of experience.
7 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
9 +1
Music Label "Cartoon People" All colours of house music
10 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
11 +1
Russia, Omsk
Rakurs is a musician, DJ with a great experience of a young DJing school. His style is a trend of development of modern music. His work is played in virtually every club in Russia and in the CIS countries. Also his material was in rotation on many radio stations such as Radio Record, DFM, Radio Energy, Kiss FM.
12 -1
Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Saint Petersburg
14 +2
15 -1
Russia, Moscow
today, Soho (Saratov)
16 -1
17 +2
Russia, Arhangelsk
18 -1
Russia, Tolyatti
19 -1
Russia, Kirov
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Novosibirsk
Russia, Irkutsk
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Tyumen
Russia, Adler
Russia, Krasnoperekopsk
I write music for the pleasure of the audience, the music keeps our heart, because it is everywhere ;)
29 +1
Fuck off USA & UK!
30 +2
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
32 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
35 +2
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
36 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
37 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
38 +1
Russia, Novorossiisk
39 -1
40 -5
Russia, Moscow
41 +1
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Hello, I would like to get into the TOP, I try as much as possible to produce remixes, mash-up and high-quality promo mixes that support the top DJ's and music lovers, I have everything ready and more
42 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Dj O’Neill Sax - a Dj playing sax! He is always at his best and trying to reach the perfection. Following the musical fashion, yet he keeps to his impeccable taste and balances skillfully between the requirement of time and the sense of beauty.
Russia, Nizhnekamsk
Russia, Uhta
Love life began on earth! Music gave the soul! Music is all May her life I breathe, live and contemplate.
Russia, Moscow
47 +8
Russia, Moscow
48 -1
Russia, Vyksa
49 -1
Russia, Syktyvkar
I love the music is my fuel in life)))
51 -2
I am engaged in writing music: Ambient style, Chilaut. So, as music gives a lot of positive emotions, at the moment of its writing (creation), I consider it an integral part of my life. Also I do light versions of remixes!
52 -1
Russia, Moscow
53 +1
Russia, Irkutsk
54 -1
Spirit Tag - musician dj, producer of many projects, owner of "Melody-Z Media" (includes ten labels), was supported by best known dj's and producers. Radio: DI fm, Pure fm, Megapilis, Dfm. Релизы на лейблах: Housesession, Kontor, Universal, V-Essentials, Recovery House, Play This!, System Recordings, LW Recordings, Melody-Z Records.
55 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Chapa's Drinking Red --muzykant..
56 +4
Russia, Orenburg
Russia, Krasnodar
The Art Of Sampling
58 +1
Russia, Moscow
59 -1
Russia, Izhevsk
60 +1
Russia, Polevskoi
61 +2
Russia, Kamensk-Uralskii
DJ, Musician, Resident of the bar "Zeppelin Bar"
62 +3
Russia, Omsk
63 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
65 +1
Russia, Moscow
66 +1
Russia, Barnaul
67 +3
Russia, Tver
68 +1
Russia, Moscow
69 +2
Russia, Babaevo
70 +19
Russia, Moscow
71 +2
Russia, Krasnodar
73 +11
Russia, Moscow
The professional multiformat DJ with already more twenty-year experience. I have changed in many clubs of Moscow, Russia and abroad with huge number of the famous actors and DJs and proved as the professional. Also the eventakh participated in many large actions.
74 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
75 -1
Russia, Slyudyanka
76 +3
Russia, Moscow
77 +4
Russia, Moscow
A group The Brothers Grim , the famous Russian band playing romantic pop rock .
78 +2
Russia, Kazan
79 -3
Russia, Moscow
Dj, musician and sound producer from Moscow under the name Denis Bravo. His work is heard on radio stations and sets the best DJs.
80 +2
Russia, Norilsk
81 -3
Russia, CHaikovskii
For me, writing the tracks, remixes and mixes - it is a great hobby, a way to express themselves and the opportunity to give its positive charge to all others!
82 +15
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Bashkiriya)
84 +3
85 +1
Russia, Omsk
86 +2
Russia, Kovrov
87 -2
Russia, Moscow
SOLONINA - an exotic project of two independent musicians! SOLONINA - is Sol Shadda and Nina Chenda! SOLONINA - is SOL & NINA! SOLONINA - this is music for people with a spicy musical taste! SOLONINA! Resistance is futile - stop by and taste it!
88 +2
Russia, CHelyabinsk
89 +2
Russia, Moscow
90 +4
Russia, Perm
91 +2
Russia, Moscow
92 +3
Russia, Chita
93 new
Russia, Lyubercy
My every song is a little story. I hope my stories would be interesting for the audience.
94 new
Russia, Moscow
95 +4
Russia, Moscow
96 +4
Russia, Moscow
97 -5
Russia, Moscow
today, Затерянный Рай (Sochi)
98 new
Russia, Moscow
99 new
Russia, Uiskoe
Musician & remixer. I'm creating music for myself and for my fans. Music is my life, and I'm trying to put my own feelings into every composition I create. I prefer melodic and positive music at the same time, but I also like experiments.
100 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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