Russia, Moscow
DJ Peretse - the best speedmixer and megamix-maker of Russia, resident of radio Record, the highest rated DJ according to the PromoDJ version, producer of the radio show Megamix and WakeUp Mix on Record radio and NRJ Megamix on radio Energy, resident of the biggest club in the world - Privilege (Ibiza), popular electronic producer, lecturer in AUDIO school DJ GROOVE class SpeedMixing & Mash-Up DVJ resident of the music channel A-One, endorsing InMusic (Numark, Rane, Denon DJ, Akai, M-Audio).
27 October 2018, Маска (Lipeck)
Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he shared stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Well known by his top quality sound production / recent releases on Intricate, Baroque and Stellar Fountain. Cosmonaut is also known as a progressive/techno hero of Goa.
Russia, Moscow
7 +1
Russia, Moscow
8 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
Melodic Progressive House
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Krasnodar
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
13 +2
Russia, Krylovskaya
I write music under the mood and when there is free time.
I love the music is my fuel in life)))
15 +1
Russia, Ulyanovsk
16 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
17 -4
Russia, Moscow
Professional musician and world travelled DJ M.Pravda, founder of National Sound Records servicing the world’s top DJ’s. With quality releases & remixes under his belt and an increasingly diverse resume of global venues played suach as The Guvernment (Toronto, Canada), La Boom (Montreal, Canada), Fabrique (Moscow, Russia), IBIZA (Camboriu, Brazil), Kazantip (Ukraine) and much more M.Pravda have earned big respect among fameous music producers, DJ’s and party goers.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Kirov
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Creating music for me is like traveling in a universe of sounds. By collecting them together I build new worlds !!!
Russia, Pskov
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Nizhnekamsk
Russia, SHebekino
What is music? She takes the place between a thought and the phenomenon; as the pre-dawn intermediary, costs she between spirit and matter; related to both, it is other than them; it is the spirit needing measured time; it is matter, but matter which does without space. Heinrich Heine. As for me, I create not for commerce, and for self-satisfaction. In the course of creation only the personal computer was used. I rely especially on the hearing as I have no theoretical skills!
26 +1
Russia, Uiskoe
Musician & remixer. I'm creating music for myself and for my fans. Music is my life, and I'm trying to put my own feelings into every composition I create. I prefer melodic and positive music at the same time, but I also like experiments.
27 +12
The artist, rapidly conquering dance floors and record labels. The musician who has a unique view of working with sound, both in the Studio and on a live set . Incredible flow, the sense of rhythm and excellent skills in the selection of music made this DJ a welcome guest of many events. In his performance combines aggressive techno rhythm and mystical, melodic progressive sound. Record Labels: DAR / Human Resources / Eternal Beats
28 -2
Russia, Vladivostok
29 -1
Russia, Moscow
30 +1
Russia, Murmansk
The main thing is to write music not for the masses, but for yourself, so that each track fills your soul with those memories, feelings that accompanied you at that moment ....
31 +3
32 -3
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Deep, Tech & Progressive House. Discography: over one hundred singles and remixes, two albums. Over seven hundred DJ appearances all across Russia. National radio- and club project «Russian Cybernetics». FlipCube Records. «Flip The Cube!» podcast.
33 -1
Russia, Novorossiisk
34 +7
Russia, Moscow
Record Future House
36 +1
Russia, Novokuzneck
37 -1
Russia, Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)
38 +2
Russia, Moscow
39 +3
Russia, Penza
40 +10
Russia, Barnaul
41 -3
Rezone tracks been released on UMI, ULTRA, Toolroom Records, Mixmash, SKINT, Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music), BugEyed Records, Black Hole Recordings, Armada, Baroque, Stereo Productions and the list goes on.... As a Dj Rezone shared stage with Carl Cox, D.Ramirez, Andrea Bertolini, Swanky Tunes, The BeatThiefs, Sonny Wharton, Rosie Romero, Roger Shah, Afroboogie, Sven Webber, Ricky Stone, Joel Xavier and a lot more!
42 +2
Russia, Moscow
DJ, composer, producer and just a good person DJ Uneasy, In their live performances can be used as a laptop and full-fledged multi-format stations with external input devices. Stylistics is diverse: from the lightning-fast Neurofank to the easy Funky House.
43 +2
Russia, Moscow
44 +2
Russia, Moscow
45 -2
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
46 +1
Russia, Lipeck
47 +1
Russia, Moscow
48 +3
Russia, Dzhankoi
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Hello! My name is Sultan. I'm from Russia. I am a successful musician and just an interesting person. I like the combination of different directions of music, I take into account everyone's tastes + my own. As a result, I get an interesting sounding track or remix. Welcome to my world of electronic music.
50 +2
Russia, Krasnodar
51 +2
52 -19
Russia, Tyumen
A new project, a kind person, good music)
53 +2
Russia, Moscow
DENIS A (Bedrock, Tronic, DAR, Ministry Of Sound) - the legendary SPACE MOSCOW club musical director & resident. Label boss of DAR label. The founder of music style HYPNOTERIC and CRYPTO MUSIC
54 +4
Russia, Samara
Orange EMOtionS
55 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Moscow
57 +6
Russia, Moscow
58 +6
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Russia, Moscow
60 +2
Russia, Sevastopol
61 +6
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
62 +3
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Going through life watching the time, I Express in music the emotions, ideas! Dynamics and melody, at times calm and harmony! Laying out in electronic form, all the subtlety of thought inspired!
63 +3
Russia, Moscow
Musical artist/EDM producer/Dj
64 -3
Russia, Moscow
65 +7
Russia, Saint Petersburg
66 -6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
67 -13
Russia, Uglegorsk
68 +3
Russia, Omsk
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Tolyatti
71 -3
Russia, Moscow
You are listening to FRED & MYKOS in the mix!
72 +4
Russia, Perm
Progressive name of the Russian producer Nikita Galin. Over the years of creativity, a huge number of original releases and remixes have been published, many of which are supported by various artists and DJs around the world.
73 +2
no Pain no Gain
74 +3
75 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
76 +3
Russia, Vladivostok
77 +10
Russia, Moscow
78 -5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
79 +6
Russia, Vladivostok
Very energetic and catchy song! Happy listening!
80 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
I want to write and write good music that would please listeners.
81 +5
Russia, Moscow
82 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
Russia, Buzuluk
84 +4
Russia, Vladimir
85 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Silk Music, Colorize (Enhanced), Clinique Recordings
86 +4
Russia, Oktyabrskii (Bashkiriya)
87 -5
Russia, Moscow
88 +3
Russia, Chita
Melody - all for my music. Groove and Fats present =)
89 +9
Russia, Moscow
I am a young,progressive dj musician, from the hero-city Moscow:) Listen my tracks,download and put like!) The music I play,it's my mood:)I want to transfer all my listeners;) Good luck to everyone! ;)
90 -10
Russia, Uhta
Love life began on earth! Music gave the soul! Music is all May her life I breathe, live and contemplate.
91 +6
Russia, Moscow
92 new
Russia, CHelyabinsk
93 -1
Russia, Moscow
94 +2
Russia, Vladivostok
Paw Luk ( Progressive Trance music DJ & producer from Vladivostok Russia )
95 +4
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
96 -1
Russia, Murmansk
Muzic,she is alive!!and treat her like a living p;erson (you can even say so),not otherwise!
97 new
Russia, Angarsk
His music has become popular in Russia! Though in such a short time! Musical style and format of this music is aimed at the large dance floor and stadiums! His music is no one-pointedness, which is likely, in and draws the audience! In one track, can be collected, several areas - Deep House, House, Electro House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance .. And this, the musician does not limit yourself!
98 new
Russia, Slancy
99 -5
Russia, Irkutsk
Bryan & Braiton - the Duo of musicians from Russia. In the early days of its founding, won the sympathy of thousands of people across Russia and around the world.
100 new
Russia, Moscow
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