Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
3 +1
Russia, Orenburg
4 -1
Russia, Lyubercy
My every song is a little story. I hope my stories would be interesting for the audience.
Russia, Tyumen
Russia, Dmitrov
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Angarsk
13 +3
Russia, Moscow
Dj, musician and sound producer from Moscow under the name Denis Bravo. His work is heard on radio stations and sets the best DJs.
14 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
15 -1
Russia, Orsk
16 -1
Russia, Moscow
The best Russian project, combining DJ set and live multiinstrumental performance. Authors of resounded through the country remixes having daily rotations on the Russian prominent radiostations, such as: Record, DFM, Europa Plus, Love Radio.
18 +2
Russia, Moscow
Mira – is the embodiment of diverse music trends: pop, Euro-pop, disco in a single project. Mira started working on her new album, in which the she moves away from lyrics to positive life-affirming content of songs. Combining pop music with notes of folklore. The history of Mira is the history created by work, talent and of course professional cooperation with known authors, composers and directors.
19 +3
Russia, Orsk
20 -1
Russia, Moscow
21 +2
Russia, Moscow
22 +2
23 +2
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
24 -3
25 -7
26 +1
Russia, Moscow
I pursue only one goal, to inform the world that music can be the best companion and friend in our long life)
27 -1
29 +2
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Music is the shortest way to the soul.
30 -1
Russia, Moscow
31 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
33 +3
Russia, Moscow
34 -1
Russia, Kaluga
35 -1
Russia, Moscow
Official DJ of Comedy Club Festivals, Official DJ Race One Pro, Headliner official Sochi Formula one party, resident DJ of best club radio in Russia Megapolis FM
36 -1
Russia, Moscow
37 +4
Russia, Moscow
DJ MAJOR - DJ and musician. One of the brightest representatives of the new generation of club artists. The skill, perfected to perfection, in combination with a well-chosen material and its charismatic presentation, paint each of his performances in bright colors, making it original and unique. Using my infinite energy, I give the dancers the mood that they have throughout the night.
38 -1
Russia, Moscow
39 -1
Russia, Sochi
Vetra - good love songs and not just about love ...
Russia, Novorossiisk
Bad mood and going away to itself this beginning new and something good!
41 +1
Russia, Moscow
Syntheticsax a project Moscow composer, arranger and saxophonist Mikhail Morozov. It has added a living soul in the electronic club music.
42 +1
Russia, Moscow
Filatov & Karas - multi-platinum electronicmusic producers, songwriters and djs from Moscow.
43 +36
Russia, Novokuzneck
Better late than never, especially if you have something to say.
44 +1
Russia, Hanty-Mansiisk
Composer, vocalist, songwriter
45 -1
Anything to do with music
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Kurgan
Deaf-blind the layman with a slight degree of retardation, but with big desires to play in the dark and under the covers ! "I've been in show business for a while, but I'm learning fast !!! (x\f "Running man" Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger)... You give art to the masses !!! ( V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin)
Russia, Kurgan
I'm still figuring out my style and trying to find myself, be original. Music became my way to express everything I can't say or do. Something I can turn to whenever I feel sad or insecure. I think I'm ready to share this with everyone now.
50 -11
Russia, Krasnodar
51 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
52 +1
Sound & Music Production
53 -2
Russia, Moscow
54 -2
Russia, Moscow
DJ, Sound-producer / www.DJDIMIXER.ru
Russia, Korolev
Russia, Moscow
57 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ ModerNator - successful top Russian DJ, remixer and showman. His level is identical to the level of projects by the producers of Modern Talking, C.C Catch and Lian Ross (Germany)! Owner of the popular Russian label «ROYAL MUSIC SPB». Guest artist and hit-maker who conquered with his works hundreds of thousands of clubbers across Russia. He is widely known to fans of retro music in Russia and abroad.
Russia, Moscow
59 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
60 +6
61 -2
Russia, Ufa
62 -2
Russia, Penza
63 -2
Russia, Moscow
64 -2
65 +2
Russia, Solikamsk
66 -2
Russia, Kazan
67 -4
Russia, Krasnoperekopsk
I write music for the pleasure of the audience, the music keeps our heart, because it is everywhere ;)
68 -3
69 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Just fab!
70 -2
Russia, Moscow
71 +1
Russia, Moscow
72 +1
Russia, Kursk
73 -3
Russia, Tyumen
74 +1
Russia, Moscow
75 -4
76 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
77 -1
Russia, Moscow
78 +2
Russia, Moscow
He is an experienced musician, singer and DJ. On the same hand he is a member of bands: Aksioma Project, Ciao, Paper Man, Fandorin, Centers. Vladimir is a participant of "Europa Plus Live". Vladimir is a resident and frequent visitor of the best venues in Moscow. He played in the biggest venues of Moscow: Luzhniki, Ray Just Arena (Arena Moscow), Izvestia Hall, Golden Palace and others.
79 -10
Russia, Moscow
80 -2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
81 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Producer of the biggest trance festival in Russia - TRANCEMISSION, Rasident of the Radio Record and Sensation
82 +2
Russia, Novorossiisk
83 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
84 +3
Russia, Moscow
85 -4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Dj O’Neill Sax - a Dj playing sax! He is always at his best and trying to reach the perfection. Following the musical fashion, yet he keeps to his impeccable taste and balances skillfully between the requirement of time and the sense of beauty.
86 +2
87 +2
88 +8
Russia, Novosibirsk
Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Open for cooperation.
89 +1
Russia, Moscow
Beat feat. Life ...!!!
90 +1
Russia, Ulyanovsk
91 +2
Russia, Moscow
92 +6
Russia, Uiskoe
Musician & remixer. I'm creating music for myself and for my fans. Music is my life, and I'm trying to put my own feelings into every composition I create. I prefer melodic and positive music at the same time, but I also like experiments.
93 +2
Russia, Barnaul
Russia, Moscow
Konstantin Kimov aspiring performer, full of character and charisma!
95 -3
Russia, Moscow
96 +1
97 +3
Russia, Penza
98 -16
Russia, Kirov
Developing young dj. Started its activity in the city of Kirov. Played in many clubs in the city and region. Favorite kind of music DeepHouse.
99 new
Russia, Petrozavodsk
Music of different styles and trends.
100 new
Russia, Moscow
LORA – is a singer, songwriter with own view on creativity which combines romance, femininity and faith in beauty. The combination of depth and tenderness of the singer’s voice attractive and childish touching make it recognizable.
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