Russia, Moscow
Russia, CHeboksary
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The project Subfebrile Earth appeared a year and a half ago as the reincarnation of the group of the late eighties "Subfebrility". The style of music Subfebrile Earth definitely is rather difficult to determine, generally it can be called Neo-Prog-Art-Hard-Fusion. Compositions are mainly instrumental.
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks. Dubstep, Chillout.
Russia, Moscow
Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger. She graduated from the College of pop-jazz vocal class (GMUEDI). A few years ago I mastered sequencer and start to learn to write the arrangements and instrumental compositions. I want to thank the people who support me in my work. I am very grateful to you! Music- that's my sense of life !!
Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
Russia, Volgodonsk
The music through which you can convey your feelings and mood.
Russia, Bashmakovo
12 +1
Russia, Ulyanovsk
13 -1
Russia, Moscow
Lena Borisova is a Russian composer, orchestrator and pianist. She graduated from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music. Lena writes symphonic, opera, instrumental and vocal music. Now Lena is building a strong portfolio as a film composer.
14 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music from my heart
Russia, Novoanninskii
HIP-HOP/RAP instrumental
16 +3
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Hello! I present to you my musical project EgregorSSound. I create electronic instrumental music and would love to share it with you. Immerse yourself in the EgregorSSound, feel new emotions and get your piece of inspiration. Thank you, always glad to see you!
17 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The Hyponeystal' Project - the music of love, life and nature...
18 -4
19 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
20 +1
21 -3
Russia, Krasnodar
Music is my whole life.
23 +1
Anything to do with music
24 -1
Russia, Ayan
Musician Main styles: Dubstep, Instrumental Today is a resident of labels: · PATRICIJA RECORDINGS (Latvia) · TRANSORICA RECORDS (Ulysse Records Group) (Russia)
Russia, Balashiha
26 +2
Russia, Simferopol
27 -1
Russia, Sochi
Real music only
28 -1
Russia, Moscow
Atmosphere, distant worlds, earth, dreams and dreams, implicitly, fantasy. Good and Evil, neighbors nearby. All this - in my music. Exceptional live recordings, without patterns and patterned rhythms. Space opens its arms to join as soon!
29 +2
30 +2
I its Music
31 -1
32 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
34 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
35 -6
Russia, Ufa
Russia, Buzuluk
37 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
38 -3
Russia, Kasimov
Russia, Moscow
40 +1
Russia, Chita
41 -1
42 +1
Russia, Perm
43 +2
Russia, Elektrougli
Russia, Novokuzneck
45 +3
Russia, Krasnodar
46 +3
Russia, Adygeisk
47 -1
Russia, Stavropol
Pleasantly surprised
48 -1
49 +1
Russia, Izhevsk
Tailwind in the sea of music and ocean sounds!
50 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Sevastopol
52 -10
Russia, Prokopevsk
Russia, Morshansk
54 +1
Russia, Tyumen
Not important, how old are you, calming music can render on you salutary effect. The music awakening certain associations, can cause positive emotions from the past and ship you in the world and rest atmosphere.
55 +1
Russia, Moscow
56 +1
Russia, Moscow
57 +21
58 +3
Russia, Novosibirsk
WereWOLF in the town is a musician, an artist and modest writer with really original and unique style. All facets of his creative nature found the place in different arts. One of the sides of wereWOLF's creative personality is creating truly unusual experimental music. Welcome to the world, filled of unstoppable fun and some kind of madness!
59 -1
Russia, Ivanovo
60 -1
Russia, SHahtersk
61 +2
Russia, Krasnodar
62 +3
Russia, Asbest
63 +19
64 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
65 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
66 -6
67 +1
Music space. Music is not a boundary.
68 +3
Russia, Moscow
69 +4
70 +10
Russia, Saratov
71 +1
Russia, Moscow
Music producer, write music in many genres - Freestyle, Electro, Hip-Hop, Trap, Metal, Synth-Pop, New Age, Trailer music, Advertisement music. Sound Factory participant
72 +2
Russia, Fryazino
73 -3
Russia, Chita
I am engaged in writing instrumental music, as the experimental composition so famous performers of the composition. All of the tools are written separately and manually.
74 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
75 +10
Russia, Saratov
Aspiring musician in FL Studio, I write (or rather trying to) to write more tracks, remixes, remastered known songs from children's tales, cartoons, games consoles SEGA and DENDY-style House.
76 +11
Russia, Novouralsk
Music is movement, and movement is life!
77 +11
Russia, Kemerovo
78 +3
79 +4
Russia, Kostroma
I try and experiment with different musical genres, not everything of course turns out, but I fill everything, even failed work and constantly learn by trying something new for myself, I like it, in each track I put a part of my soul, each track is connected with some events , Feelings and emotions as if without words, talking about all that is painful. Each track for me as a separate photo in the photo album.
80 -3
Russia, Ulyanovsk
I Dj HAWK, do not strange music: create different styles, but more attracted by Chillout; Instrumental. It is these styles can bring not only a thrill, but also can show a picture of what is happening in the music, what I'm doing in their tracks trying to create a picture, though not hudozhnik.Esli you liked my tracks please do not forget to put pr +, only because you I can quit at the top one as a musician Instrumental, for the year!
81 -2
Russia, Severodvinsk
Music enables us to express the fact that sometimes we can not say in words. With the help of sounds can penetrate deep into the soul and heal her.
82 +8
83 +3
Russia, Ryazan
84 -8
Love and Sad
85 -16
86 +6
Russia, Ekaterinburg
87 -3
Russia, Moscow
88 +1
Russia, Ust-Ilimsk
89 +5
90 +1
91 +4
Russia, Vologda
You can only breathe the wind ... The atmosphere of calm to chaos , a lot of post-rock , indie -flavored and more variety of clean and dirty garage sound. Dive into the depths of the ocean ...
92 -28
Russia, Saint Petersburg
93 +3
Russia, YAroslavl
94 -1
Russia, Tver
95 +3
Russia, Domodedovo
96 new
Russia, Serafimovich
97 new
Russia, Novorossiisk
98 +1
Russia, Moscow
99 new
Russia, CHelyabinsk
I write music of different genres, but my favourite directions are drama soundtracks for trailers, and also inspiring tracks for advertizing and video presentations.
100 -3
Russia, Moscow
Beat feat. Life ...!!!
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