Main style: Synth-Pop
Favorite styles: Acid House, Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Art Rock, Big Room House, Chillout, Club House, Dark Psy Trance, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Disco, Disco House, Downtempo, Dub Techno, Easy Listening, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Electronic Body Music, French House, Funk, Funky House, Future House, Futurepop, Hard House, Hard Rock, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, House, IDM, Instrumental, Jazz, Left-field House, Melodic Trance, Miami Bass, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Moombahton, New Rave, Pop, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Rave, Rock, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Trance, Tribal House, Trip-Hop, Tropical House, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance, Wonky
Producer, vocalist, poet, clubber, listener, collaborations since 1993
Performance: 1 hour
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Guest: XXXX (Saint Petersburg), Руки Вверх Бар (Saint Petersburg)
Frequent visitor: Nebar (Saint Petersburg)
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Летучий голландец, Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 31 December 2017
PACMAN spb, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 26 May 2017
Dance Pop
стадион Олимпийский, Saint Petersburg, 19:00 // 11 May 2017
Dance Pop
Империя, Omsk, 23:00 // 16 September 2016
A2, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 2 July 2016
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Русский Размер

The group “Russkij Razmer” was formed in 1991. Nowadays it works and tours and it`s contact telephone (812) 9282771.The organizers and the first group members were two friends - Dmitriy Kopotilov and Viktor Bondaryuk. Being occupied in different collectives, merging into one, and finding themselves again in the creative search, they persisted on realizing their dream. Viktor being the student of a construction technical school learned the techniques of playing drums. Dmitriy mastered playing bass guitar at the age of 15 being a school-boy, and later learned to play keyboards.

In 1990 living in Kustanay (north Kazakhstan) D. Kopotilov recorded the phonograms for demonstration of two songs for the new project planned by him. One of them, “Hello America”, soon in 1991 was recorded with a new vocalist at the sound record studio of “LenNauchFilm” in Saint Petersburg . By this record “Russkij Razmer”opened the diskography. Working at it the duet of voices of Bondaryuk and Kopotilov was created, and it`s sound became easy knowable on any disk of “Russkij Razmer”. Then, in a studio “LNF” they continued to work with other material. During the period of the first steps of group the author of music and texts was D. Kopotilov. The song “UAU” appeared which became the visiting-card of group for a long time.

Their first club concerts were given in House of Culture ( named in honour of “First Five-year”), which is at the present days already blasted for building at this place the new Mariinskiy theater of opera and ballet.

Besides records and club work participants were carry out producer activity on advancement of group. A lot of time was spent searching. The minutes of despair happened. In one of such periods Bondaryuk abandoned “Russkij Razmer” and left to Germany with other musical group.

The membership of the group at that moment was:

  • А. Тюрин (A.Turin) - guitar
  • Д. Хиль (D.Hil) - key, programming, vocal
  • Д. Копотилов (D.Kopotilov) - key, producer
  • С. Куницына (S.Kunicina) - vocal                                                                                             After a while Bondaryuk returned to St-Petersburg and the musicians of group decided to take him back in the complement of “Russkij Razmer”.In March 1993, in a sporting-concert complex Ubileiniy a large concert took place with the claim name «Russkij Razmer collects friends». Many bright stars of Russian stage took part in that concert: Arkadiy Ukupnik, Alena Apina, Natalia Vetlitskaya, Tat'yana Ovsienko, “Stars” of Natalia Gul'kina, Sergey Chumakov, Lika Star, “Little prince”, “Kommisar”, “Stella”, “Dens of machines”, “Fairy” of Svetlana Razina, Vadim Kazachenko, the group “Na-na”, Vladimirskaya, Roma Zhukov, Lada Dens, Carolina, a concert conducted Igor Seliverstov. Producer was Sergey Chernikh.

The first replicated album of “Russkij Razmer” was recorded together with Vadim Volodin, a famous Russian sound-arranger and producer. The work was carried out in Moscow. The director was Sergey Chernikh (later - the presenter of a musical television program «Tele-Compact»).

Since 1994 “Russkij Razmer” was a participant of numerous, musical television programs. The video for the song "Batman" (the album "UAU") reached hit places on the top charts (video clip dir. by Dedenev B., arrangement and sound Vadim Volodin ). Aesthetics of fantasy of the beginning of ХХth century became the basis of the stage image of the group. And stage suits, made in 30th years style, were sewn on Kopotilov`s sketches, who did not hide the infatuation for this genre in his modern embodiment. This suits were used on the cover of the first album “UAU”, during the record of the clip with the same name and on the concerts of the group.

The concerts of touring in Russia world stars (“Army of Lovers”, Haddaway, La Toya Jackson..) began the group “Russkij Razmer”.

In 1995 the album “Davay-davay” (Come on! Come on!) of humorous versions of the hits of the Russian stage appeared, in collaboration with “Professor Lebedinskiy”.

Great success had this joint project in Russia.

At the same time the album “Meow” (club line special) was released on label “Electric Records” with tracks recorded between the events of the club life.

A young radio-DJ Dmitry Nagiev (now a popular TV showman, theatre and cinema actor) actively promoted the group's new compositions in a creative unity.

In 1995 the group's female vocalist Angela left the group for her solo career.

In 1997 a master-choreographer Yulia Koshelyova from Novosibirsk joined the group. The song “Suburban blues” of famous Russian musician Mike Naumenko (Zoo) was recorded in collaboration with a group “Chihz and Co.”, (Siskin and Co.) for participating in a television battle the «Musical Ring» and for their joint tour. In the same time the album "Are we dance?" reached America and Europe ( for a note: the internet at that time was in the rudimentary state. Albums to America were delivered by airplanes ). From that moment “Russkij Razmer” actively gave foreign tours (in the period of 1997-2009 the group performed in America ).

The Song "Angel of the Day" and the video (dir. by A. Igudin and [A.Tikhonov]) again brought the group to the high places in top-charts.

Since 1999 the voice of Eleonora could be heard from the scene and albums. Alexander Borisov, the sound engineer, constantly workes with the group.

“Russkij Razmer” with the group E-Type toured Russia with great success. Joint songs were recorded with some Russian stars. The albums "OUT" (featuring Rodion Chistyakov, the famous club musician in Saint Petersburg), "В.В.П. - Восходящие Воздушные Потоки" ( “V.V.P. - Ascending airflows" ) were issued...

The clips recorded at that time were : “Here is so!” (Soloha A.), "Love", "Energy De Lus" (club line special), "Normal evening» (Igudin A., [A.Tikhonov]), “I am”, "It was and passed» (“Fly studio”), "All that world" (R.Razmer.VideoMake!), “I feel groovy” (F.Bondarchuk`s studio), "That is all» (Vedernikov A.) In the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg a large concert took place in spring 2004 with many stars of the modern Russian stage. This show was devoted to the 30th anniversary of the group “Russkij Razmer”.

In the beginning of 2005 a new member, Igor Lutsenko, appeared in the collective instead of Viktor Bondaryuk, who had left the group. The foreign tours of “Russkij Razmer” are not limited only with the shores of America. The group is known and welcomed in many European countries- Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, in Germany and Italy, including United Kingdom, Israel

In August 2010, the label Kvadrodisk released next album, called "!Listen". "!Slushai". The album includes 16 tracks. Ten original songs and six remixes and cover versions.

The album can be purchased online and offline stores.

Some pieces of that songs can be heard on, teg:

label Русский Размер

on the official site


Web site existed from 1998.

Русский Размер” (“Russkij Razmer” "Rassian Size") is the registered trademark!

The current membership of the group is:

  • Дмитрий Копотилов (Dmitriy Kopotilov) - music, lyrics, vocals
  • Игорь Луценко (Igor' Lutsenko) - music, lyrics, vocals
  • Элеонора Филимонова (Eleonora Filimonova) - vocals
  • Александр Борисов (Alexander Borisov) - sound engineer
  • Ирина Ястребова (Irina Yastrebova) - director contact telephone:(812)928277 (2010)

Русский Размер - Remix pack

46 7 605 PR 285 ▲ Remix pack
ремикспак композиции (вокал/сэмплы/инструмента... линии), 128 BPM. 
31 358 119 7 302 PR 322 ▲ 320 Synth-Pop
трек из альбома "!Слушай" , (релиз 30 августа 2010 квадродиск ) 


20 090 29 4 509 PR 151 ▲ 320 Synth-Pop, Euro Trance
Remix Production by D-FRACTION (Евгений Курило, Никита Черкунов) ( ) Музыка - Денис... 
19 306 11 3 500 PR 128 ▲ 320 Vocal Trance, Euro Trance
Версия песни группы "Русский Размер - Кино", специально для группы "РУССКИЙ РАЗМЕР". Продакшн... 
49 464 28 6 986 PR 236 ▲ Trance, Synth-Pop
Ремикс от: 
11 873 6 2 385 PR 101 ▲ 320 Disco House, Synth-Pop
Ремикс от: 
38 732 27 5 879 PR 212 ▲ 320 Pumping House
Ремикс от: http://s-t-a-s-o-n.promod... 

альбом "!Слушай" (2010. КвадроДиск)

альбом "Next" (2000. Master Sound rec.)

3 225 2 2 544 PR 133 ▲ Downtempo
Кавер песни из кинофильма "Большое космическое путешествие" 
2 970 2 510 PR 137 ▲ Progressive House
Кавер песни из советского кинофльма восьмидесятых, про любовь, "Вам и не снилось". 
7 685 2 407 PR 89 ▲ Dancecore
Кавер песни из советского кинофильма "Ещё раз про любовь" 
3 221 1 2 211 PR 113 ▲ New Beat
Кавер песни из детской телепередачи конца девяностых, "На улице Сезам" 
3 618 1 2 479 PR 118 ▲ Dancehall
Песня из кинофильма "31 июня" 
3 156 1 2 233 PR 111 ▲ Pumping House
Ария Мистера Икс, из оперетты "Принцесса цирка" 
2 594 2 2 288 PR 126 ▲ Progressive Trance
Кавер версия, песни Алексея Вишни ("Полит техно"), "Нам ХАНА", исполненная с самим,... 
4 405 2 991 PR 137 ▲ New Beat
Это кавер версия песни Майка Науменко ("Зоопарк") "Пригородный блюз". Песня исполнена вместе... 

альбом "Мяу" aka "Съел таблетку - будь здоров." (1996, Electric rec. [soyuz])

5 443 13 1 385 PR 71,8 ▲ Synth-Pop, Techno
Собака drug/ xtc трек sobakadrug @ Русский Размер 
2 813 710 PR 35,4 ▲ Synth-Pop
Альбом "мяу" вышел на лейбле " Электрик рек ." (подразделение СОЮЗ )... 
3 214 3 976 PR 50,3 ▲ Synth-Pop
Этот трек, как и другие треки этого альбома придуман и записан ночью,... 
4 579 2 1 248 PR 55,5 ▲ Synth-Pop
Альбом "мяу" вышел на лейбле " Электрик рек ." (подразделение СОЮЗ )... 
2 526 1 736 PR 36,5 ▲ Techno, Techno
В этом треке на немецком языке, говориться о домашнем порно герое, который... 
2 359 1 770 PR 41,4 ▲ Deep Techno
Дип погружение в атмосферу вечеринки, намерянно прерванной желанием творить нечто связанное со... 
2 041 2 793 PR 45,2 ▲ Deep Techno, Techno
Альбом "мяу" вышел на лейбле " Электрик рек ." (подразделение СОЮЗ )... 
1 842 1 721 PR 40,7 ▲ Synth-Pop, Techno
Альбом "мяу" вышел на лейбле " Электрик рек ." (подразделение СОЮЗ )... 
2 807 855 PR 44,5 ▲ Spacesynth, Trance
Александр Покрышкин, советский легендарный лётчик-ас, второй по результативности пилот-истребитель среди лётчков стран... 
1 708 660 PR 38,3 ▲ Psy Chill, Spacesynth
>>>> СОЛЯРИС <<<< Тарковского 
1 617 624 PR 38,2 ▲ Synth-Pop, Techno
Эротическая фантасмагория. Настоящее название ЛЮБОВЬ . Робкие "Электрик рек." сами переименовали в... 

альбом "Давай-Давай" (Русский Размер & профессор Лебединский 1996.)

альбом "Ю-А-Ю" (1995. ZeKo rec.)

2 529 8 2 242 PR 103 ▲ 320 Techno
Заглавный трек альбома. Есть видео. Реж., оператор Б. Деденёв  (D-квадрат studio) 
2 901 3 2 256 PR 96,1 ▲ 320 Euro Techno
Трек "Звёздный полицай", был записан и издан задолго до хита немецкой группы... 
2 334 3 2 170 PR 97,8 ▲ 320 Euro Techno
Вступление, вместе с женским вокалом, было придумано и тут же записано прямо... 
3 234 9 3 033 PR 147 ▲ 320 Downtempo
Ситуация была такова. 1994 год. Москва. Мы в гостиничном комплексе Измайлово. На... 
1 364 2 011 PR 92,3 ▲ 320 Euro Techno
ля записи, на студию Леннаучфильма приглашали хор гостелерадио. (частично) 
932 2 1 901 PR 51 ▲ 320 Techno
немного дурковатый бонус трек )) 
1 185 8 626 PR 217 ▲ Dance Pop, Synth-Pop
Русский размер – Ангел дня * на концерте группы «Руки Вверх!» «18... 
1 873 4 16 098 PR 404 ▲ Dance Pop, Synth-Pop
Русский размер – Весна * на концерте группы «Руки Вверх!» «18 ...... 
366 1 10 095 PR 255 ▲ Synth-Pop
Narva. В замке. На летней музыкальной Акции - "STOP SUMMER"! 
248 5 660 PR 142 ▲ Synth-Pop
Между концертами, мы колесили по лесным дорогам. Вглядывались в небо, мотались по... 
476 2 1 332 PR 34,7 ▲ Synth-Pop
Во время концерта "КУМИРЫ 90х", проходившего в БКЗ "Октябрьский" (Санкт-Петербург) , неизвестные... 
1 401 1 302 PR 36,3 ▲ Vocal Trance
В хит параде Диверсия на RUtv, клип До тебя, занял 1 позицию.... 
952 1 PR 7,8 ▲ Synth-Pop
Русский Размер - Было и прошло. Режиссёр В. Мухаметзянов. студия Муха (альбом... 
797 6 PR 9,6 ▲ Techno
Съёмки телепередачи 50%50. 1 канал (1993)  live performance   on   TV... 
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