Tony Igy

Anton Igumnov known to the public as the project's creator Tony Igy.

The author of the acclaimed hit Astronomia, hit, who blew the Russian Internet space, and eventually gained worldwide popularity.

Tony Igy was born on June 6, 1985, in Russia, Kamensk - Shakhtinsky, Rostov region.

Familiarity with electronic music has taken place at an early age, and has left an indelible mark on the musical preferences of the future artist.

His first tune he began writing in high school, on a simple children's keyboard.

"I'm started playing in high school, probably because it was boring, especially in winter. Often beat rhythm that came to mind (then Tony Igy was fond of music The Prodigy, all their music is based on the broken rhythms and could play knocking fingers on the desk.) As the guest of the neighborhood kids I saw a synthesizer and as a joke decided to play of any melody. Strange, but in just a few minutes, I sketched a simple melody based on the beats with your fingers on the desk. Further asked to borrow a synthesizer all week and I practically do not depart from him. I write the music, which at the moment I would like to hear it, but can't find it… and starting to write…"

Musical education Tony Igy never received, because had not planned to bind the further life with music.

In 2006 Tony wrote one of his first notable tracks Pentagramma.

The track quickly became popular in his hometown, and gradually the whole of Russia.

In March 2010 Tony Igy releases on one of the sites his track «Astronomia».

He also scored an unexpected popularity in the whole of Russia, in the countries of the CIS, but now  in the whole world also.

In the middle of 2010. Astronomia gets on leading radio stations of Russia. Then it begin to play on radio stations and in other countries.

For several years, Tony Igy gained a huge following around the world. Proof of this are multi-million views on Youtube and rotation on top radio stations.

   At the end of 2011 Astronomia charted Biggest Jump prestigious U.S. magazine Billboard.

An American audience Tony Igy also known after plagiarism performer, which at the moment is it the most popular song. This song gave impetus her career and helped in cooperation with artists such as: T.I., Chris Brown, Steve Aoki.

After the appearance of Astronomia many imitate the original idea, sound, or simply assign the authorship, and some, by adding vocals tried to make commercially profitable track, trying to earn popularity.

Later, literally every second dance track with identical sound, which was in the track Astronomia.

To create music on Tony affects all, but mostly for writing it came from the fact that for him music is his main inspiration, without which life is simply not conceivable. It is also the expression of inner peace and a way to leave a trail in the World.

Musical preferences Tony has always been diverse, and remain so to this day.

Currently Tony Igy does not limit itself in sound, continues to experiment and supports such styles as: trance, electro progressive, dram & bass, brostep, chillout. However, his classic sounding know all over the world.

Regular updating of material, work in a variety of styles and the constant search of a new sound, not to give him stand on a place. Tony Igy always experiments.

At the moment, Tony Igy among the top ten Russian musicians version of portal

Many of his tracks currently in rotation on various radio stations and also occupy the top positions in a variety of musical Internet sites.

Tony Igy
Main style: Experimental
Favorite styles: Acid Breaks, Ambient House, Atmospheric Breaks, Chillstep, Chiptune, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Electro House, Electro-punk, Funk, Future Bass, Future House, House, Liquid funk, Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance, Speed Garage, Techno, Trance, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, Listener
Location: Russia
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