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Alexey Sosnov
Main style: Ambient
Favorite styles: Ambient Breaks, Ambient Dub, Ambient House, Atmospheric Breaks, Berlin School, Big Room House, Blues, Bouncy Techno, Chillout, Chillstep, Classical Crossover, Club House, Dance Pop, Dark Ambient, Dark Progressive, Deep House, Deep Techno, Downtempo, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Electro House, Electro Techno, Eurodance, Experimental, Future Bass, Future Garage, Future House, G-House, Garage, House, Illbient, Industrial, Instrumental, Lo-Fi, Lounge, Melodic Trance, Minimal psytrance, Neo-Soul, Neotrance, New Age, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Psy Trance, Psybient, Space Disco, Spacesynth, Synth-Pop, Tech Trance, Techno, Trance, Trip-Hop, UK Garage, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance, Разговорный
DJ, producer, radioshow, poet, Listener since 1996
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: many ;) (Moscow), many ;) (Moscow)
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Alexey Sosnov (Alexy.Nov)

Role: Russia / Moscow composer in the genres of ambient, new age, chillout, DJ, radio host, 41 years old, @ 2018

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Alexey Sosnov, releasing music under the pseudonym Alexy.Nov, specializes in the works in the style of Ambient, New Age, Chillout and other "soft" styles.


It joined the music for a long time, still very young froze at the sound of ringing the great classics - Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart.

This music carried away and touched impossibly how - the words to describe this is not possible. At the same time, Alexey did not consider himself an avid music fan, just certain product called here such awe. Classical, symphony - it was as if a part of the soul that was as natural as live and breathe clean air.

Own the same music lessons began much later.

Even when the composer was not a computer, had some good experiments to record mixes on multiple recorders at the same time, as a lot of experimenting with sound. For example, recorded sounds around me many times speed recording and losing it at normal speed - it turned out very cool, as if otherworldly sounds. Well, in those days. You could say it was the first such communion Alexy.Nov here to ambient-y.

Just more since childhood Alexey liked to invent a different tune, especially in the context of adventure and fantasy, mystery and the unknown, which ultimately translates into mysterious musical composition.

According to the composer, Ambient - the music in the first place for the soul of man. Ambient allows you to think, to dream and at the same time - which is extremely important - not severely restricts the scope of some such fantasies. You can say so - composer puts his soul into the production process, and the audience all this back many, many times more power. Actually, one of the purposes of production of such music - develop imagination as a composer and listener, to give an opportunity to reflect, to get away from the harsh reality of what is a completely different parallel world. It is extremely important to listen to ambient being completely relaxed from external stimuli. Best of all - in the dark, in a good (quality) headphones completely renounce all around.

At the moment, in the kitty musician: the first (and so far only) album with the name "Fantasy", several hundred works of authorship, two series of mixes - "Ambi Dreams" (ambient music for sleep, with my own .edit-s tracks) and "Music without words" (relaxation music from my friends and people close to me in spirit musicians.

Also, not so long ago Alexey involved in the release of copyright relaxation radio show "The smell of pine needles," according to which even carried live in the shopping center European in Moscow, but in the end until everything on this topic zapauzilos of disagreements with the co-organizer of this radio show.

Current creative mission Alexy.Nov - give music listeners, so everything works Alexy.Nov located in the best quality and are available on its music page.

In addition, especially for musicians created a new section with samples that Alexy.Nov writes specifically for their work. All samples are laid out as WAV 32bit float.

Alexy.Nov - creator of one of the best series of music mixes for a good sleep and dreams - Ambi Dreams (-> Ambi Dreams 2.0). Feature mixes - edit-s own tracks and a special softness information - as a result, to sleep under such work will be particularly well;)

+ Open set of tracks in Ambi Dreams 2.0!

Start active creativity: 1995.

For Alexy.Nov main direction is - space music, music incomprehensible and clear odnovremenno.Rabotaet mostly keyboards, craving for piano began to experience in the early detstve.Tvorchestvom started in 1995-96, it was the first experiments Mixing music on cassette tape recorders, VCRs, then trackers (ST3, MadTracker2, FastTracker), and finally in full sequencer (starting with Fruity Loops 3.x). Currently, the major sequencers used in Alexy.Nov - FL Studio 10 and 11, using a synthesizer Yamaha Motif XF7 and vintage synthesizer Yamaha SY99.

Ready to different forms of cooperation: sovmestki, remkisy (as do other people, and to provide for their tracks remkisov) mixes, performances and t.d. VK:

Many thanks Volodya "Riffi" ​​Belenko, because in addition to super-cool music he writes, he also found time to redesign (branding) my personal page on the promo. I really like, just super! :) Be sure to listen to his music!

More info (russian!)

p.s. this page is translated with google translate from russian, sorry :)

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DJ_MAXIMAN  9 March 2016 10:09
С Днём Диджея Лёха !!!
Ты повелитель всех вертушек
Ты в танцевальном зале Бог.
В международный день ди-джея
Я про тебя забыть не мог.
Прими от сердца поздравленья,
Что ты нашел свою стезю
Я верю, что ты сможешь много
И я тут вовсе не язвлю.
Желаю не стоять на месте
И продавать свои хиты
Чтоб смог ты постоянно
Осуществлять свои мечты.
Чтоб радость от твоей работы
Не вздумала перегореть
А ты от сладкой сытой жизни
Не вздумал сильно разжиреть.
Новых творческих взлетов!
Спасибо за идею и материал+!)
Привеееет))) Я вернулся спустя 2 года и скажу, что твои работы на высоте как всегда))) Pr+
Забегай если что))
Успехов в творчестве!!! PR +
+pr и в друзья)
Удачи в творчестве!+++
Отличная музыка!!!PR+++++++
Крутая музыка ++++)))
Respect !!! +9999 from me !!! Good Luck !!!
Респект за музло))PR+++++)
Желаю успеха и творческого вдохновения! +++
Очень понравился ваш саунд . Обожаю этот стиль . Считаю , что именно в стиле ambient , и только в нем , можно создать звуковую картину . Волнуя сознание .
Хочу поддержать тебя! Продолжай развиваться и желаю тебе творческих успехов в этом году! Пусть он будет самым плодотворным в твоей карьере! Спасибо за твои музыкальные труды! Лайк+
Классная музыка! Успехов в творчестве! PR+)
+++! За творчество.
Удачи и успеха во всём!
Всё взаимно!)
Открыл для себя талантливого музыканта. Думаю не имеет смысла писать больше. Все уже сказали другие люди. Просто добавился в фанаты и в свободное время буду прослушивать по тихоньку творения, уносясь мыслями от проблем этого мира, просто отдыхая душой. Гретест июнь шикарен !!! +++++±+++++++++++++±++++++
Буду Феном )))
Можно ?
Возможно не из мира сего этот МастеР!
PR в капилку, буду рад дружбе
Великолепная музыка!
Действительно, под нее хочется мечтать)
Моя поддержка+++++!)
Успехов в творчестве!;)
Буду рада дружбе:)
С Днём Рождения,Леша!!! Пусть исполняются желания,мира,счастья,любви,доб ра!!! Спасибо за прекрасную музыку!!!+++++

Привет, Лёха! Дружище, поздравляю тебя с Днём Рождения!!!) Желаю тебе крепчайшего здоровья, любви и счастья, и всего самого наилучшего, что можно пожелать!!!) И конечно творческого вдохновения и новых фантастических работ!!! С Днюхой, Маэстро!!!))
Perfect music!
С Днем Рождения Дружище!!!
Успехов тебе в жизни и творчестве. Продолжай в том же духе!)
С Днём рождения друг!
Леша, привет, дружище!!! От души поздравляю тебя с Днём Рождения!!! Здоровья, счастья, удачи, любви, удачи во всём!!! Пусть все будет хорошо!!! +++++
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