Давыд Скарлыгин
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubwise, House, Liquid funk
DJ, producer, promoter, Listener, group / joint project since 2002
Performance: from 5 000 rubles
Location: Russia, CHelyabinsk
Guest: Underground Garage (CHelyabinsk), (Bangkok), (New York), record (Saint Petersburg), bassdrive (Bangkok), bassdrive (Bangkok), DebriFM (Irkutsk)
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Dj Jebar
настоящее имя: Скарлыгин Давыд. дата рождения: 31 мая 1985 г. музыкальные стили: D’n’B, House, Breaks, 2 Step Garage. Jebar - диджей и продюсер c более чем 9ти-летним стажем. Один из популярных музыкантов Урала, хорошо известный ценителям электронной музыки по всему миру. Jebar автор 3х релизов на виниле (Defunked , Soundtrax, Blu Saphir recordings). Его музыка являет собой смесь dancefloore soulful, liquid...

DRUM & BASS mixes

249 1:07 1  87 PR2,2 ▲
Drum & Bass, Liquid funk

HOUSE mixes

459 2:59    89 PR3 ▲
Deep House, Funky House
355 10:03 2  59 PR1,5 ▲
House, Deep House
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Fordana  17 August 2010 16:25
Jebar, ты лучший!
Привет! Что-то не получается найти клевые ganjadnb миксы, куда спрятали? =)
Привет! У тебя очень качественный саунд! Буду рад видеть в друзьях и плюсую в общий!
Профи своего дела ! В друзья !
Отличные работы, GOOOD!)))

Так держать и конечно же плюс в копилку!))

Буду рад видеть в друзьях!)))
стиль по душе особенно драм работы оценил и поддерживаю твердым + будет время заходите есть навые работы
Уже не первый раз сюда захожу и у тебя классные миксы!!!
сэты серий ganja просто шик) спасибо за отличное настроение!
С удовольствием отдаю свой голос тебе в поддержку качества, за отлично проделанную работу, буду рад видеть в друзьях!!!
Очень поддерживаю! Получил мегапозитивный заряд во время прослушивания работ ++++
Jebar привет.
Делюсь с тобой новым United Souls.
Микс состоит только из бутлегов / ремиксов на популярные композиции:

Насколько оценишь данный труд? Отпиши.
Просто потрясные треки!!!+
+ За творчество! Жду в Другах)))
Jebar привет.
Делюсь с тобой "Песней Дракона"

Насколько баллов оценишь данный труд ?
Отпишись. послушай пожалуйста))) вдруг повезёт, на liquid brilliants пойдёт)))
прив лови+ и давай в други
Супер! +PR & вдруги,Буду рад взаимности )))
Привет!Делаешь отличную музыку,респект +PR.Добавь в друзья
Привет, В первую очередь хочу поблагодорить тебя за твой качественный sound и неповторимый стиль!Твой материал прекрасен,он дарит только позитивные эмоции! + тебе в PR, надеюсь на взаимность
Офигенный ликвид! то что я люблю )
АЕ Челябинск АЕ =))
Работы отличные! приятно слушать)) Давай в друзья)) ++++++
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Liquid Brilliants 019 Milancholini EP: by Single Player & Majestics OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants 019 Milancholini EP: by Single Player & Majestics OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants Rec 019 - LQBDIG019EP

Yet again, Liquid Brilliants reaches deep within to deliver new and undiscovered drum and bass talent from artists all over the world. This time, Russian artists Majestics and Singlep bring you the Milancholini EP, an interesting and dynamic release which showcases the many styles and strengths of these noteworthy artists. Starting the EP off with Majestics "Another Time", a mood creating texture drives the tune, full of dramatic detail, while the drumwork unleashes a beautiful energy on the dancefloor. A massive analog sounding bassline graces the track and creates a great interplay between the percussive elements, adding a funky yet bouncy vibe. As the EP approaches its title track, Singlep's Milancholini, a theatrical string arrangement starts off the tune, building a curious element which is soon met with a strong punchy rhythm. As the bass drops, the tune becomes very driving and determined as it pounds away with both percussive impact and musical fluidity, for an energetic and authoritative presentation. Next is Majestics & Singlep's "Blackly," a haunting, deep, dark liquid roller. With large, modulating sub bass, and a heavy duty drum section, this brooding track will give both the crowd and the system the workout it deserves. Finally finishing off the release with Singlep's "I Don't Know What Make," a lighter more atmospheric element starts this tune off, with more subdued, melodic instruments and a lighter texture and very thoughtful musicality.

Single Player & Majestics - Milancholini EP:

A. Majestics - Another Time
B. Singlep - Milancholini
C. Majestics - Blackly (feat. Singlep)
D. Singlep - I Don't Know What Make

(written & produced by Paleshko Stanislav & Paleshko Arseny)

OUT NOW @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes / Beatport /


Liquid Brilliants Rec 019 - LQBDIG019EP
2 ▲
28 November 2008 13:37
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Liquid Brilliants 018 Cafeteria EP: by Rootkush OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants Rec 018 - LQBDIG018EP

Liquid Brilliants continues to carry the intelligent DNB torch with a 4-track release from Spain's Rootkush - the Cafeteria EP. "Good Enough" starts off with laid back summer vibes, creating a flowing combination of piano, vocal, and simple-but-effective drumwork for a composition dripping with warm weather goodness. Next, the title track "Cafeteria" exposes a very different style and sound, creating an interplay between dark, deep bass and ethereal sounding pads, injected with a bit of dubbiness for good measure and combined with a driving rhythm. "Desierto"rolls out with a hustlin' beat, a huge bassline, and an ambient melodic texture which injects just enough emotion to make this tune both a listening masterpiece and a heavy dancefloor masterpiece. Finally, the soulful "Mr. Y" is a throwback to the days past of the liquid funk genre, built around a soulful vocal and smooth soundscape which is both refreshing and uplifting.

Rootkush - Cafeteria EP:

A. Good Enough
B. Cafeteria
C. Mr. Y
D. Desierto
(written & produced by Enrique Garcia & David Unison)

OUT NOW @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes / Beatport /

Liquid Brilliants Rec 018 - LQBDIG018EP
2 ▲
28 November 2008 13:36
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Liquid Brilliants 017 OUT NOW!!!(by DJ Roots & DJ Vento / Jebar & Politic, Qrious,Jett )

Liquid Brilliants 017 OUT NOW!!!(by DJ Roots & DJ Vento / Jebar & Politic, Qrious,Jett )

Liquid Brilliants Rec 017 - LQBDIG017

Liquid Brilliants gears up for the summer with its 17th release - two tracks sure to capture the warm weather vibes. First, "All Clear" from DJ Roots & DJ Vento kicks off an energetic and unstoppable dancefloor vibe, with a chunky, snare-laden beat and flowing pads. As the track progresses it reaches its peak, the level of intensity explodes with a deep moving bassline and a horn section that adds unique distinction while still maintaining compatability within the framework of the genre. Next, Jebar & Politic's "Brilliant" (featuring Jett) receives the remix treatmeant from DJ Vento & Qrious. This piece truly captures the smooth sexiness of the Liquid Brilliants label as it combines a catchy piano lick with beautiful flowing vocals and chilled out drumwork. Jett's vocals evenly round out the composition with tasteful harmonies and skillful perfection, while the arrangement and composition of the tune leave an immediate imprint that one will not soon forget.

A. DJ Roots & DJ Vento - All Clear
AA. Jebar & Politic - Brilliant (Vento & Qrious Remix feat. Jett)


Liquid Brilliants Rec 017 - LQBDIG017
2 ▲
28 November 2008 13:35
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Liquid Brilliants 016 Sun Is Shining EP by Command Strange OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants 016 Sun Is Shining EP by Command Strange OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants Rec 016 - LQBDIG016EP

Liquid Brilliants 16 presents Command Strange and allows him to smash you with a superb, timeless four track EP.Heavy beats and subs underpin beautiful arrangements of strings, vocals and atmospherics allowing this group of tracks to span across the whole spectrum of drum n bass. A mature offering of music from a young talent whose future can only offer big things as he delivers them now!

Command Strange - Sun Is Shining EP:

A. All will Be Good
B. My Weakness
C. Made You
D. Old Piano

(written & produced by Fuifanov Alexey)


Liquid Brilliants 016 Sun Is Shining EP by Command Strange
2 ▲
13 November 2008 14:20
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Liquid Brilliants 015 by Dj Clart OUT NOW

Liquid Brilliants 015 by Dj Clart OUT NOW!!!

Liquid Brilliants Rec 015 - LQBDIG015

Liquid Brilliants continues to thrust forward, presenting the most interesting and forward-thinking new talent in the drum and bass genre - this time featuring the unstoppable vibes of London's DJ Clart. Starting the release off is "Hangin," a soul-driven vocal piece which effectively combines smooth vocals and pads with a chunky dancefloor-oriented beat and walloping bass. Fans of driving liquid tracks will appreciate the attention both to both the smooth melody and the punchy, energetic percussion. "Nu Soul" continues Clart's unstoppable style, this time with the smooth sexiness that the Liquid Brilliants label is known for. Starting off with a smooth electric piano riff, the track develops further as a tasteful vocal sample is added to the mix, followed by Clart's signature percussion work and a heavy duty bassline that will give the subs a serious workout.

A. Dj Clart - Hangin
AA. Dj Clart - Nu Soul

OUT NOW @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes / Beatport


Liquid Brilliants 015
2 ▲
10 November 2008 16:58
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