IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is a conventional term that combines styles of electronic music, which extended beyond traditional scopes of dance music oriented to night clubs.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1993

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IDM, Experimental

The combination of words «dance music» suggests the possibility of using principles of musical structure and compositional technics, which are used in dance music. The word «intelligent» means that this style of music has characteristic features and differs from usual music. These features consist of complex composition structures, the usage of ingenious ideas, musical means, unusual sound timbres, and emotional and informational content.

IDM is quite different from other styles of electronic dance music by its creativity which includes author`s desire to express his emotions and feelings in an abstract musical form. That`s why IDM music so different, that`s why it is easy to tell IDM music from fakes.

Classic IDM is characterized by the combination of opposites — for example, uneven fast rhythms are often combined with beautiful sensual melodies. This feature also can be explained by aforementioned author`s approach to express complex emotions. 

Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) and Autechre are considered to be the founders of this style. IDM was born due to their different musical experiments. Among leading labels of this style attention should be paid to Warp Records (Great Britain), Rephlex Records (Great Britain), Planet Mu (Great Britain), SKAM Records (Great Britain). Thom Yorke, the frontman of the cult band Radiohead, has special loyalty to this style, that`s why he actively supports artists of the new IDM wave.

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IDM tracks and remixes

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IDM, Ambient
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IDM, Progressive Trance
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IDM, Pop

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