Yuriy Gavrilov
Main style: House
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Abstract Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Aggrotech, Alternative Rap, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Ambient Breaks, Ambient House, Art Rock, Atmospheric Breaks, Balearic Beat, Blues, Bouncy Techno, Breaks, Chicago House, Chillstep, Chillwave, Club House, Dark Progressive, Dark Psy Trance, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Disco, Disco House, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dub Techno, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Electro Techno, Electro-punk, Electroclash, Experimental, Fidget House, French House, Funk, Funky House, Funky Techno, Garage, Goa Trance, Gothic Rock, Grunge, Hard House, Hard Rock, Hardcore, Heavy metal, Hip-hop/Rap, IDM, Indie Dance, Indie rock, Indietronica, Industrial, Industrial Techno, Jazz, Latin House, Lo-Fi, Lounge, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Neurofunk, New Age, Nu Breaks, Nu Disco, Nu Jazz, Old School Rap, Pop Rock, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Progressive rock, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Psy Trance, Psychedelic breakbeat, Psychedelic rock, Reggae, Rock, Rock'n'roll, Slow Motion House (Disco), Smooth Jazz, Soul, Soulful House, Space Disco, Spacesynth, Speed Garage, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Trance, Trap, Tribal House, Trip-Hop, UK Funky, UK Garage, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, Clubber, Listener since 1999
Performance: from 10 000 rubles / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Proton Radio (Los Angeles), Cutoff Recordings (Barcelona), RADON (Tel-Aviv), 7 Seas Records (Budapest)
Guest: Radio Новая Волна (Minsk), клуб Академия , г. Москва, ул. Ташкентская, д. 38/13 (Abramcevo), Creative Digital Record Label (Moscow), академия клуб (Moscow), Shake.FM (Saint Petersburg), ReelFM (Saint Petersburg), Радио позитив (Санкт-Петербург) (Saint Petersburg), Listen 2 My Radio (Saint Petersburg), Radio Club Music (Moscow), Прикольное радио (Nikolaev), Sector FM (CHelyabinsk), Radio Style Станция 90 (Moscow), Radio Energy Of Soul (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Deep (Ryazan), DX-Fm (CHerkassy), SQradio (Moscow), SSG Label (Slavyansk-na-Kubani), MagicSoundsRecords (Minsk), GLOBAL GATHERING Freedom Music RUSSIA 2010 (Saint Petersburg)
Was just once: Amnezia Ibiza (Экспоцентр, Москва) (Moscow), Royal Tracks Label (Kremenchug), Love Is... Music Festival (Moscow)
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Sound On Sound Records, London, 21:00 // 12 February 2018
Cutoff Recordings Huelva , Spain, SHilovo, 00:00 // 4 August 2016
Ylla Music , Moscow, 12:00 // 2 February 2015
Progressive House

Promo 2023

135 52:45    41 PR4,7 ▲
Tech House, Progressive House

CoolRoots - Universe Remixes


481 1:47 20  69 PR13,6 ▲
Deep House, Tech House

Royksopp Feat. Susanne Sundfør - Running To The Sea (Yura G DM Bootleg)

TRYME - Между небом и землей (YURA G DM remix)

Тимур TIMBIGFAMILY - Неровно дышу (OST «Внук»)

Конкурсные ремиксы

252 4:50    68 PR2 ▲
Electro Progressive
563 5:51 1  84 PR4,2 ▲
Deep House, Tech House

Yura G DM - Technogenesis EP

Yura G DM - Techno Rise Promomixes

154 59:13 2  30 PR1,5 ▲
Tech House, Techno

Yura G DM - Phobia (EP) (Sound on sound records)

Brimstone - Trapezium (Remixes)

330 7:02    50 PR2,8 ▲
Deep Techno

Yura G DM - Jump In Darkness (EP) [Cutoff Recordings]

491 3:00 12  44 PR8,5 ▲
Dub Techno, Tech House

Yura G DM - Clouds don't happen a square (EP) [Cutoff Recordings]

323 3:11 1  57 PR2,9 ▲
Deep Techno, Dub Techno
326 4:00 2  56 PR3 ▲
Deep House, Balearic Beat

McAlvis - Space Weekdays. The Remixes (EP) [Ylla Deep]

Ned Ward feat. Mightshe - Follow The Sun (The Remixes) [Ylla Deep]

Dave Brevi - Long Way [Ylla Deep]

1 210 3:34 19  103 PR13,4 ▲
Deep House, Balearic Beat

Yura G DM - Heaven EP [YLLA DEEP]

869 3:06 8  115 PR12,6 ▲
Dub Techno, Deep Techno

Rousing - Night beach [Hutman Records]

Yura G DM - The forgotten continent EP [Trombax Records]

362 4:00 25  49 PR19,4 ▲
Deep House, Tech House

Yura G DM - The Club life EP [Trombax Records]

Yura G DM - Space rain EP [Trombax Records]

333 3:31 8  98 PR10 ▲
Dark Progressive, Minimal Techno

Yura G DM - Magic dawn EP [Trombax Records]

Yura G DM - Techno mass EP [Nine Sides Records (Arrant)]

Yura G DM - Deep abstraction EP [Cutoff Recordings]

286 3:05 27  108 PR15,7 ▲
Tech House, Deep House

Yura G DM - Music don't lie Single [Mad Monkey Records]

Yura G DM - Explorer EP [Cutoff Recordings]

164 4:25 18  123 PR12,2 ▲
Experimental, Deep House
389 3:01 37  48 PR11,7 ▲
Deep House, Tech House
319 3:21 32  49 PR10,9 ▲
Deep House, Tech House
425 3:32 55  48 PR18,7 ▲
Deep House, Tech House

Yura G DM - Limiting Velocity SIngle [RADON]

Yura G DM - New Glance At Breaks Sigle [Creative one\Proton]

476 3:49 50  49 PR20 ▲
Progressive Breaks, Progressive House

Yura G DM - Deep Ocean EP [7 Sease NuWave (7 Seas Records)]

264 3:01 13  43 PR6,6 ▲
Deep House, Tech House
221 3:29 10  39 PR6,4 ▲
Deep House, Tech House
222 3:27 29  120 PR12,4 ▲
Progressive House, Deep House

VA Royal Deep House [Royal Tracks]

Yura G DM - My Feeling, My Dreams EP [SSG Label]

144 7:06 9  27 PR9,4 ▲
Progressive House, Progressive Trance
108 6:35 8    PR4,8 ▲
Tech House, Deep House
433 6:37 37    PR19,2 ▲
New Age, Ambient

Yura G DM - Control The Body EP [SSG Label]

282 6:17 43  173 PR35,2 ▲
Progressive House
386 5:53 29  158 PR32,9 ▲
Electro Progressive

Yura G DM aka CJ Yura - In My Head EP [Magic Sounds Records]

VA Chill Out Session vol.2 [Magic Sounds Records]


383 6:39 8  136 PR14,6 ▲
Vocal House, Progressive House
116 4:20 4  PR2,9 ▲
Electro Progressive
97 8:01 1  109 PR10,2 ▲
Progressive House
214 6:10 8  74 PR14,6 ▲
Progressive House, Tech House
303 6:08 45  70 PR22,4 ▲
Progressive House
162 6:36 42  141 PR24,8 ▲
Tech House, House


31 6:17    80 PR3 ▲
Progressive House
85 6:31    157 PR4,9 ▲
Deep House
38 6:08    87 PR4,6 ▲
Deep House


132 74:23 4  38 PR6,1 ▲
Deep House, Tech House
45 69:06    37 PR1 ▲
Deep House, Progressive House
37 60:59 3  49 PR3,1 ▲
43 58:38    56 PR2,8 ▲
Techno, Progressive House
68 62:36 2  53 PR4,8 ▲
Deep House
36 58:20    43 PR2,1 ▲
Tech House, Progressive House

Одни из ранних и первых моих работ, здесь представлены как полностью свои так и с использованием лупов


Yura G DM (real name Yury Gavrilov) was born in 1979 in the town of Kimovsk, Tula region. In early childhood moved to Ryazan Region, where she lives now.
Love for music from an early age he instilled father having primary education in the classroom violin, without noticing, because in his collection of vinyl records, there were many, popular at that time, groups and artists, ranging from Soviet music ending foreign music in different directions. Yury liked to tinker in the data records and listen to everything, eventually developed a taste of it, and in the meantime developed and the desire to become an artist, to write music. But until then free time listening to sit at tons of different music, popular in those years, and simultaneously analyzed, of which it is composed.
School years in 1994, realizing the principle of its construction, Yury decided to create his first composition for this purpose he collected some tape from his friends and started sampling music on cassette. Delight of the result does not have to wait long and Yuri realized that he was able to take the first steps in a magical land called musical creativity. Development in the music interrupted army. After which he took up again the work of continuing to learn music software and the basics of information and electronic music. With the advent of the first full-fledged music software, Yuri began to create their own tracks.
Release the first two were held in 2009 (In My Head and Mysticism To My Lifes (Break Relaxation)) in Belarusian label Magic Sounds Records,
In 2010, Maximum Charge by Ukrainian label Royal Tracks, Deep Ocean Hungarian label 7Sease NuWave Records, New Glance At Breaks on the Russian label Creative Digital Record, Control The Body and My Feeling, My Dreams on the Russian label SSG. Maximum Charge track was supported by many Russian and British DJs.
In 2011, the release of the single Limiting Velocity on the Israeli label RADON, release Explorer Spanish label Cutoff Recordings, Music don't lie Belarusian label Mad Monkey Records.
In the same year became the Explorer "track in November" in Spain and re-released on the Spanish label Complicity, was supported by known Spanish DJs.
In 2012, the output of the next single Deep abstraction in several versions in Spanish label Cutoff Recordings, singles reissue New Glance At Breaks SIngle on the American label PROTON, in the same year released Release Techno mass at the Russian-Italian label Nine Sides Records (Arrant), reprint track Town lights deep in the night (Original mix) on the German label Gastspiel Records.
In 2013 came just four release on Russian label Trombax Records, is The Club life, Space rain, Magic dawn and The forgotten continent, followed by the release of a remix for the song his friend Rousing - Night beach, which was released on the German label and Hutman Records reissued in 2014 by Br Selections in the collection's best remixes.
Music Yury sounded on radio stations such as Radio New Wave (Minsk, Belarus), Shake.FM (St. Petersburg, Russia), ReelFM (St. Petersburg, Russia), Radio positive (St. Petersburg, Russia), Listen 2 My Radio (St. Petersburg, Russia), Radio Club Music (Moscow, Russia), Sector FM (Chelyabinsk, Russia), Radio Style Station 90 (Moscow, Russia), Radio Energy Of Soul (Moscow, Russia), Es Paradis (Saratov, Russia), PROTON (U.S.) DFM (Russia) and other radio stations.
There were also performances, but Yury prefers to devote more time and creativity, and not DJing, but does not deny the request of friends and occasionally playing in clubs and at private parties basically where can not get anyone.
Currently Yury continues to engage their creativity and helps develop young talented composers. He hopes that his work will not leave one indifferent listeners and continues to do for them.