Ukraine, Lugansk
Erotic show "Eve" - good music + striptease
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
Musician, Dj, composer, publicist. Peace for everyone!
5 +2
Russia, Kurgan
Deaf-blind the layman with a slight degree of retardation, but with big desires to play in the dark and under the covers ! "I've been in show business for a while, but I'm learning fast !!! (x\f "Running man" Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger)... You give art to the masses !!! ( V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin)
Ukraine, CHernigov
7 -2
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
Instrumental and experimental tracks. Dubstep, Chillout. Trance. House.
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Categorically I don't write cheerful music - I am not able) I consider that art has to cause some experiences of emotion, hook for live, as they say, i.e. force the listener to experience the moods and emotions given by the author, being with him on one wave, passing all this through heart. And if the author manages it then the most important objectives of his creativity are achieved)
9 +1
Russia, Novoanninskii
HIP-HOP/RAP instrumental
10 -1
Russia, Ufa
13 +5
Russia, CHeboksary
14 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
15 -2
16 -2
Russia, Lipeck
17 -2
18 -1
Ukraine, Vinnica
Melody is a state of the human soul at the moment. For the life I have accumulated a lot of unique melodiy.Naprimer when my heart is sad, it is impossible to write a Major, work and vice versa, when you feel joy, you do not need in a minor key. And all around the music - it's clothes. To be honest, the clothes I have not very beautiful, because just learning. But I'm sure I will learn to dress nicely. That I promise.
Russia, Smolensk
21 +2
DjSelsky is a music producer from Russia with an education in conservatory piano. He is an artist who owns the piano and uses it and other live instruments to create music in various genres like Jazz, Classics, Children's Music, and Rock. His music is used by people in television, movies and different purposes from all over the world like Bellabeat Inc. (San Francisco), Tidefilm (Berlin), JPR Productions (Las Vegas), Bob the Robot Pictures (Helsinki), Nivre Film & Studio GmbH (Weimar) e.t.c.
22 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
Music is my whole life.
23 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The project Subfebrile Earth appeared a two year and a half ago as the reincarnation of the group of the late eighties «Субфебрилитет». The style of music Subfebrile Earth definitely is rather difficult to determine, generally it can be called Neo-Prog-Art-Hard-Fusion. Compositions are mainly instrumental.
24 +1
Russia, Ryazan
Positive in the instrumentals ;)
25 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
27 +2
Russia, Volgodonsk
The music through which you can convey your feelings and mood.
Russia, Krasnodar
29 -2
Ukraine, Harkov
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The Hyponeystal' Project - the music of love, life and nature...
31 +3
32 -1
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Hello! I present to you my musical project EgregorSSound. I create electronic instrumental music and would love to share it with you. Immerse yourself in the EgregorSSound, feel new emotions and get your piece of inspiration. Thank you, always glad to see you!
34 +1
35 +1
Russia, Abakan
Compose and write music for a long time, but only recently began to put their creativity on display. My life from early childhood-related music. Music is a part of my soul, the expression of my inner world and a reflection of my emotions. Create for people and I hope that my work will lift your mood and fill positive.
36 +1
Russia, Moscow
Lena Orsa (The Piano Lady) is truly a woman of music: she performs a number of roles, including composer, orchestrator, pianist, producer, educator and arranger. Her spheres of work as composer extend to cover symphonic music, operas, musicals, chamber and choral music, though she is currently most focused on creating music for films and video games.
37 -5
Ukraine, Belaya Cerkov
Russia, Murmansk
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
43 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
44 -1
45 -1
Russia, Pervomaisk
46 +1
Russia, Perm
47 -1
Russia, Smolensk
48 +1
49 +4
Russia, Moscow
50 -2
Russia, Tver
51 new
Music is my life, music is part of me ...
52 +2
Russia, Kadyi
I try and experiment with different musical genres, not everything of course turns out, but I fill everything, even failed work and constantly learn by trying something new for myself, I like it, in each track I put a part of my soul, each track is connected with some events , Feelings and emotions as if without words, talking about all that is painful. Each track for me as a separate photo in the photo album.
53 -3
Ukraine, Lugansk
54 +5
55 +2
Ukraine, Doneck
Production Studio "DASPRO STUDIO" - Emotions in Sounds!
56 -1
Ukraine, Druzhba
57 +4
58 -2
Russia, Ulyanovsk
Oleg Asimov - the young author of musical works, which started as a composer relatively recently, but already able to surprise the listener the storm of feelings and emotions that he puts into his creations.
59 -1
Russia, Kemerovo
61 -9
62 +1
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
63 +2
64 -2
Kazakhstan, Astana
People got used to templates - and I break stereotypes; standards and a framework are boring for me. I live experiments. Pioneer of genres of techient, medwave, gray metal.
65 -1
Russia, Moscow
Techno is not music Steele and Steele life! Techno has always caused me a lot of turbulent emotions and one day I decided that I should take a small part of this big world of techno! Took it easy I need your support! Write comments, suggestions and ideas to tracks and perhaps one of your ideas will eventually be created!) Thanks in advance for your support! With respect Anatoly Kuvalin. (AK music)
Russia, Stavropol
It's nice when it turns out nice
67 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
68 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
69 +7
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
le Pays d'Eclairement
71 +4
72 -1
Kazakhstan, Astana
Russia, Achinsk
74 -5
Russia, Izhevsk
Tailwind in the sea of music and ocean sounds!
75 -1
Russia, Adygeisk
76 -4
More recently I began to write music. I like to experiment. Favorite styles are - Instrumental, Synth-Pop (Retrowave, Electroclash, Synthwave), House, Chill, Future Bass, Deep House. I will improve my skills in writing music!
77 +8
Russia, SHebekino
What is music? She takes the place between a thought and the phenomenon; as the pre-dawn intermediary, costs she between spirit and matter; related to both, it is other than them; it is the spirit needing measured time; it is matter, but matter which does without space. Heinrich Heine. As for me, I create not for commerce, and for self-satisfaction. In the course of creation only the personal computer was used. I rely especially on the hearing as I have no theoretical skills!
78 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
My main style is instrumental, Classical Crossover. The main task is to create in the imagination of listeners atmosphere and images. Open for cooperation
79 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
80 -3
Russia, Bryansk
81 +1
Russia, Velikie Luki
82 -3
Russia, Moscow
84 +13
Russia, YUrev-Polskii
85 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
86 +2
My music is sound pictures in which my mood at the time of their creation is represented
87 -1
Canada, Toronto
My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.
88 +1
Ukraine, Kiev
89 new
90 -9
Russia, Moscow
91 -4
Russia, Voronezh
92 +1
Russia, Moscow
93 -1
Russia, Moscow
Member of creative associations.
Russia, Sochi
Real music only
95 new
Russia, Murmansk
The main thing is to write music not for the masses, but for yourself, so that each track fills your soul with those memories, feelings that accompanied you at that moment ....
96 -5
Russia, Ulyanovsk
97 -2
Netherlands, Amsterdam
98 -2
Russia, Moscow
Music is beautiful! Lyrics-wise. Dancing - funny! Style is eclectic!
99 -1
100 new
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
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