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Russia, Moscow
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United Kingdom, Thetford
Udaw is producer located in UK who's enjoying making Drum and Bass in his unique 'spastic kung fu' style )
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Belarus, Minsk
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Russia, Omsk
Rakurs is a musician, DJ with a great experience of a young DJing school. His style is a trend of development of modern music. His work is played in virtually every club in Russia and in the CIS countries. Also his material was in rotation on many radio stations such as Radio Record, DFM, Radio Energy, Kiss FM.
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Russia, Astrahan
I'm trying to make sure that everyone who heard me found something of their own, something close to themselves in spirit, in my words, in my music.
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Russia, Novosibirsk
A daring and romantic performer from Novosibirsk Each track is a new style
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Russia, Perm
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Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Irkutsk
Russian DJ and Remix-Maker. Author of many mashups, bootlegs and remixes. Some of the works were played on various radio stations of both regional and federal significance. Author of the monthly music program "PUSHKAMIX".
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Russia, CHelyabinsk
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Russia, Moscow
Rap in Russian, in a narrow circle, in a dim light, is also an art... ©ДиВАН
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Russia, Moscow
Musician? - Difficult question. My creative extraordinary person loves creative process, this feeling, at creation something new, not similar, internal. I usual, sometimes envy this extraordinary personality...
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Russia, Kazan
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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Neftekamsk
Russian Timbaland
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Russia, Samara
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Habarovsk
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Russia, Surgut
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Russia, Nahodka (Primorskii krai)
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Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
What is in the soul, what is in the heart...
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Does club music sound together with the accordion? Easy! The best remixes and songs in live processing with accordion are only here.
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Russia, Ulan-Ude
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Russia, Obninsk
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Russia, Gelendzhik
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Russia, Doneck
I love music. In the past, DJ and drummer.
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Russia, Moscow
I love and live music and I will die for it
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Russia, Sevastopol
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Russia, ZHeleznogorsk
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Ekaterinburg
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Russia, Angarsk
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Russia, Balakovo
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
44 new
Music gives a lot of emotions. This is a saved part of my life. Music... Emotions.. Life.
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Russia, Tambov
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Russia, Kursk
Kitsuneska is a musical artist from Russia. In his music, he uses such a subgenre as fonk - atmospheric fonk, hip-hop.
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Russia, Lugansk
Erotic show "Eve" - good music + striptease
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Russia, Krasnodar
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Russia, Novozybkov
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Russia, Moscow
understandable to everyone! Words are not always needed to convey the meaning.
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Moombahton, Hip-Hop, Slap House & G-House
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Russia, Irkutsk
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Russia, Penza
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Russia, Moscow
55 new
Russia, Moscow
MALCHISHNIK - legengary russian men's rap & hip-hop band. Since - USSR$)
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Russia, Kovrov
57 new
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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59 new
Russia, Prokopevsk
60 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Tver
62 new
Russia, Krasnodar
Hello, I am aggressive soundbustard.
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Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
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Russia, Kaluga
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Russia, Penza
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Russia, Molodohvardiysk
It's better not for me, but for people about my work: it looks like the demo recordings of the lead singer of the group Cartoons at the age of fifteen. in fact, yes, in many ways - in the presentation of your vocals , in the arrangement, in the chords. I made the comparison for a reason - it caught my eye very much. even if it sounds more like a pop mix. and romance, which is completely different now. that is , you have an out - of -date romance and figurative language , so to speak
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Orsk
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Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Novosibirsk
It all started in the last century. The beginning was laid with the emergence of the tracker music scene. I am engaged in the creation of music. I work with sound using different DAWs. In my free time from working in the studio, I try to make music, which I gladly share with my listeners.
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Russia, Vyborg
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Russia, Izhevsk
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Russia, Krasnoyarsk
I realy love all of music creation. When i am listening music, i catch modern sounds and generating it in my brain. I chose for miself someting deep, something intellectual, something what has broken beat. We using voice with different fx, magical, deep, and sometimes - soft sounds. Thanks for yours atention to our project.
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Russia, Novosibirsk
NG music and remixes it’s styles House, Electro House, Progressive House, Club House. Enjoy listening! :
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
MC, vocalist, DJ, producer.
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Gimme a "D"
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Uzbekistan, Tashkent
82 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
83 new
I create musical drawings or whatever I call them “brief stories”.
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Russia, Petrozavodsk
Hip-Hop Community
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Russia, Habarovsk
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Russia, Astrahan
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Russia, Krasnodar
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Russia, Kaluga
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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Moscow
Music has always been there for me. But somehow I accidentally came across DAW and started running. I like different styles and try myself everywhere. Let my music fill you with bright and positive emotions!!!
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Russia, Podolsk
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Russia, Slobodskoi
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Russia, Barnaul
My music is sweet happiness
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98 new
Russia, Moscow
Old school with new school! Music from old games, old pop-hits and others.
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Russia, Kirov
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