Russia, Kazan
One of the best top DJs in Kazan, engaged in djing for more than fifteen years. A bright and unique presentation of performances at parties of the love level, from large-scale fests to closed afterparties, is his signature feature. A variety of styles and the correct presentation of the material in his works is a fundamental goal for the public. His mixes always feature the best, current and newest tracks from around the world.
Russia, Sevastopol
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he shared stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Well known by his top quality sound production / recent releases on Outta Limits and Stellar Fountain. Cosmonaut is also known as a progressive/techno hero of Goa.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
The project Artwork - it's two cheerful and purposeful young people, in the world, Alexey and Alexander...
Russia, Pyatigorsk
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Creating music for me is like traveling in a universe of sounds. By collecting them together I build new worlds !!!
9 +2
Russia, Saratov
10 -1
I call the creation of a track-musical architecture...
11 -1
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
Art Director, creator of club projects, sound producer, DJ. Follower of the classical school of DJing, vinyl sound and live performances. Participant of a huge number of music festivals. Owner of the "Own Atmosphere" project. Lives and works in Vietnam, where he works on the Story Beach Club project, touring as a live DJ, and creating music in acid, techno and lounge formats at Story Beach Records studio.
Russia, Moscow
17 +1
I like creating dance remixes, arrangements in popular styles of Club-House, Progressive-House, Deep-House and other house music!!!
18 -1
Russia, Zvenigovo
My name is Andrey, I represent the project "Legarden". I write tracks and mixes in the style of Chillout, Lounge. Participant of the program "Twilight Zone" on "Metaradio", twice a month broadcast on "Graal Radio" on the channel "Melt" with the radio show "Melody Sparkles", every Friday broadcast on "Calm Radio" radio show "Pure City Melody"
Russia, Arhangelsk
Russia, Moscow
The best speedmixer and megamix maker in Russia, resident of radio RECORD, the highest-rated DJ according to PromoDJ, producer of the Record Megamix radio show on radio Record, popular electronic producer (Ultra Records), official collaborations with top world and Russian artists (Deep Purple, Emin etc)
22 +6
Russia, Krasnodar
Skill - Power
23 -1
Russia, Moscow
24 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Habarovsk
I Love beautiful music and good sound! And of course-same girls!
26 -2
Russia, Moscow
DJ & sound producer from Moscow
27 -1
Russia, Kremyonki
28 -1
Russia, Moscow
29 +2
Russia, Omsk
30 -1
Russia, Novosibirsk
31 +2
Russia, Moscow
Professional musician and world travelled DJ M.Pravda, founder of National Sound Records servicing the world’s top DJ’s. With quality releases & remixes under his belt and an increasingly diverse resume of global venues played suach as The Guvernment (Toronto, Canada), La Boom (Montreal, Canada), Fabrique (Moscow, Russia), IBIZA (Camboriu, Brazil), Kazantip (Ukraine) and much more M.Pravda have earned big respect among fameous music producers, DJ’s and party goers.
22 June 2024, Танцульки (Moscow)
32 +2
Russia, Luga
33 +2
Russia, Moscow
34 -4
Russia, Tyumen
Playing music is almost the same as flying through the sky. (Haruki Murakami)
35 +1
Russia, Moscow
36 +2
Russia, Angarsk
Russia, Nizhnii Tagil
38 +1
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Sound producer.
39 +1
Russia, YAroslavl
40 +1
Russia, Krasnodar
41 +2
Russia, Magadan
Russia, Artem
43 +5
Russia, Moscow
It's complicated, but interesting
44 +3
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
DiscoVer. is a vocal project produced by “Which bottle?” production company. “We don't seek words! Our music speaks for us!”
DJ, musician and artist. His subtle flair and passion for the mixing of styles makes special every new track, a remix and mix.
47 +4
Russia, Obninsk
48 +1
Russia, Moscow
49 +4
Russia, Ekaterinburg
50 +4
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Released on: Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi, Mylo Records, Enormous Tunes, Groovebox Recordigns, Jee Pro and many more.
51 -1
Russia, Moscow
Andrey AMSTYZA - sound producer, author of dance tracks and remixes. The owner of his own label on which projects are released: AMSTYZA, Rodman Daforo, ENDRPHNE, DJ Non Rex. Winner of remix contests in Russia and Western countries.
52 -8
Russia, Moscow
Filatov & Karas - multi-platinum electronicmusic producers, songwriters and djs from Moscow.
53 +4
Russia, Moscow
54 +2
Russia, Moscow
55 -3
Russia, Moscow
Music should cling, carry away, ignite! I strive for this.
56 -1
Russia, Ryazan
57 +1
Russia, Berezniki
58 +5
Where the party reaches its peak!!!
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Orenburg
62 +20
Russia, Saint Petersburg
63 -1
Diviro - musicmaker from Russia
Russia, Moscow
65 +1
Russia, Omsk
66 +1
Russia, Moscow
I create my mixes with love and trepidation, putting my most wonderful feelings into the selection process, I believe that I will open new worlds of emotions for the listener through music
67 +4
Russia, Kazan
Now the Music Sounds Like That!!!!!!!!!
Russia, Moscow
69 -4
Russia, Moscow
Music will save us
70 -1
Russia, Orenburg
Dj and the musician specializing in styles Houe, Tech-house, Progressive-house, Future-house. Deep-house.
71 -1
Russia, Moscow
Feel the vibe!
72 +9
Russia, Moscow
Dj Aptekar' aka Up-Thekkar' - Only quality Pop, House, Progressive & Breaks music
73 +12
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
74 +6
Russia, Taganrog
Agent Smith - author of remixes "Zavalu Snegom" - the first national club hit in Russian.
75 -3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MUSIC is the energy of my soul, it gives me the strength to move forward and enjoy life! Always glad to share a selection of beautiful music and positive energy!!!
76 -2
Russia, Omsk
Music has always been present in my life. From my childhood I was involved in music, studying programs and communicating with musicians of that time. As a child I played guitar a lot, and later I began to master virtual studios. This hobby became the basis of my musical creativity. Now I am working on making music that reflects my personality.
77 -4
Russia, Irkutsk
78 -3
Russia, Vladivostok
I like Dance Music, and I Like It when People Are Happy and Dancing!
79 -3
Russia, Kirov
80 -3
Russia, Moscow
81 -2
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Hello everyone. My name is Ivan, but in the music world I am JOHN LAUDER. I've been trying to find my place in music for many years, mixing different styles I try to try all styles and sometimes mix them into something unusual. I really like BASS HOUSE, DRUM'N'BASS, TECH HOUSE. FLY TO THE PAGE YOU WILL NOT REGRET.
82 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
83 +7
Russia, Samara
84 -1
Russia, Krasnodar
Label: Cloud Records;Gert Records; Brisk Records;Exuding Recordings;Skyvol Music;Azima Records;System Recordings;Stazis;Divine Techno Records.
85 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Krasnoturinsk
Talented, ambitious, charismatic Dj and musician.
87 +1
Russia, Krasnodar
88 +3
Russia, Vladimir
Russia, Saint Petersburg
90 -12
Russia, Saint Petersburg
91 +7
Russia, Tyumen
92 +7
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Founder, composer and sound producer of PPK. Founder iRecords label.
93 +7
Russia, Novosibirsk
94 -2
Russia, Moscow
95 -2
Russia, Moscow
96 -2
Russia, Novosibirsk
97 -1
Russia, Voronezh
My name is Leonid My life it's music [Listening to music, you hear the reflection of the soul.] [You will touch something unusual. At different times, you will discover something new.] [Everyone will find something for themselves.]
98 -1
Russia, Bratsk
99 new
Russia, Moscow
For the last years, Bobina (aka Moscow-based DJ & producer Dmitry Almazov) has been at the forefront of Russia’s electronic dance breakout.
100 new
Russia, Tutaev
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