Pavel Duglas
Main style: Dutch House
Favorite styles: Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Ambient Breaks, Art Rock, Atmospheric Breaks, Big Beat, Breaks, Chillout, Chillstep, Classical Crossover, Club House, Dancecore, Dark Progressive, Dark Psy Trance, Deep House, Disco, Disco House, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Experimental, Fidget House, Freestyle, Full-On, Funk, Future House, Glitch, Goa Trance, Grunge, Hardcore, Heavy metal, House, IDM, Indie rock, Instrumental, Jump Up, Lounge, Melbourne Bounce, Melodic Trance, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Moombahton, New Age, New Beat, New Rave, Nu Breaks, Nu metal, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Progressive rock, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, R&B, Rave, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, Soulful House, Spacesynth, Speedcore, Tech House, Tech Trance, Techno, Trance, Trancestep, Trap, Tribal House, Twerk, UK Funky, Uplifting Trance, Vocal House, Vocal Trance, Wonky
DJ, producer, radioshow, poet, Clubber, Listener, group / joint project since 2016
Performance: from €300 / 30 min
Location: Russia, Sevastopol
Guest: New York City, Chicago, Amsterdam, Rome, London, Miami (Amsterdam)
Frequent visitor: $ILUMA Records (Sevastopol), Форсаж (Kiev)
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Оф. страница: Основатель компании Automation Empire 


87 3:35    66 PR1,7 ▲
Instrumental, Soul
179 1:14    67 PR1,7 ▲
Electro House, Electro Progressive
105 4:53    24 PR1,1 ▲
Techno, Dub Techno
121 3:27 1  41 PR2 ▲
Instrumental, Alternative Rock
41 3:36 1  32 PR0,8 ▲
Instrumental, Experimental
Павел Дуглас

Pablo Hardway

It all started in 2007 when Pablo began to get involved in a trance music, which at that time seemed impossible and unimaginable, forced to feel the world differently. After 2 years, Pablo began to get involved program fl studio, which could be his inalienable istrument his musical activities.

Since this all started. At first, he was known to friends under the name Douglas Pay, the very first composition, and the most soul known as "I am imagine", "Phrases ceremony", "Sea barone", "Surf Of Wave (with Jody Wisternoff)".

Later, deeply mastered the program, Pablo had already become known under a different name, but have a large circle of people under nickname Paul De Burst. After all approval for training portals fl studio and after the track "Thank you with love", he went on promodj, which further continues to develop and share their work. First it was the first tracks, but then went remixes of artists such as Tiesto, namely Tiesto - knock you out (Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh Club Remix), as well as Richard Durand - Wide Awake (Paul De Burst In The Club Remix). Soon he was invited to take part in competitions, where he showed his idea of trance music, namely, remixes Briana _-_ Life Keeps On Going (Paul De Burst Remix), to Denis A _-_ Sith (Paul De Burst remix), DVJ_ELECTRA _-_ I Feel You (Paul De Burst Remix), Emin K. feat. Ansarov pres. Diana _-_ You On Mind (Paul De Burst Remix), respectively and received their support. Then he participated in the contest for the anthem Kazantip 2011 with a track called "Together Forever".
Soon followed a joint track with DumanX, Maxi Doger $, and Frank Poarsh, which subsequently created a project called: DIP DIGEST.

But a month later, the project collapsed, and there were only Pablo and Frank. This gave great motivation to our creativity and we have released a whole album of songs in the style of progressive / acid house. Most become famous: Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh _-_ Above The World, Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh - One Hour On The Ibiza, Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh - People Can Migrate, Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh pres. ProG House - Come Back Again (NYC Progressive),
Paul De Burst & Frank Poarsh _-_ The Rhytm of Waves, who took the top position on the Radio-record, Di.Fm and other dance radio.

After Pablo and Frank formed a group GarmoniQ. And became known even greater range of people, the best tracks: (GarmoniQ) - Hearts Two (Original Acoustic Mix), Calmness, Catcher, Drive On, Phazing Dreams, Road In The Clouds, Sigma, Spring Up.

But it soon fell apart and again GarmoniQ Pablo alone, but this time with the valuable experience and knowledge. Immediately after the collapse of the bomb goes dantspolov Paul De Burst - Miami, which was released on the label Zipped Records, after on the same label were such a composition,
like Chicago, London, Rome, Amsterdam (EP "These Sultry Days"), Paul De Burst - I Miss You (Original Club Mix), and of course the new single with a very interesting arrangement, with a mixture of rock music and vocal of Texas: Paul De Burst feat. Perry Kolss - I'm Fly Away (Club mix). Shortly after the collapse of the label, Pablo wandered in search of new, doing all kinds of remixes: Dinara Sultan - Energy of Love (Paul de Burst house remix), W & W - Countach (Paul De Burst Club Remix), 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday (Paul De Burst Remix), PROJECT FRESHDANCE - 2208 hours of summer (Paul De Burst Remix), Above & Beyond - Filmic (Paul De Burst Remix), Paul De Burst & Rimon Burst vs. Markus Shulz - Future Cities, Armin Van Buuren & Ferry Corsten - Brute (GarmoniQ Remix) Full Verison 2011 Exclusive, Aristene (Skydream Project) - Letters (Paul De Burst Remix), Babaef & Dj China feat. Leyla Kafari - Eurovision 2012 (Paul De Burst Remix), Atomikk Pulse - The Russian Mob (Paul De Burst Remix), Orjan Nilsen - Dominatrix (Paul De Burst Ambient Remix), Magnetic Brothers and East Sunrise - Black Heart (Paul De Burst Remix ).

After repeated shadow in the New Year, Pablo created a unique music Chillout:
Paul De Burst - Starling In My Heart (Slow Version), Paul De Burst - Skyrim (Best Of 2012) [Chillout], Paul De Burst - First Way On The Moon (Chillout 2012), which came on the label Zebra Music.

On Promodj, Pablo surprised everyone with his single "Future Waves", and later Paul De Burst - Till The Bottom Star, which entered the Sunset Music Records and caused admiration of Victor Special and other DJs.


Carried away later style Dubstep, Pablo wrote his first works in this style:
Paul De Burst & GarmoniQ - Exotic (Dubstep Original), Paul De Burst - Hypnotic Freedom (Dubstep Original Intro Mix), Paul De Burst - Oracle In My Hand (Original Mix), the hit was the work of Paul De Burst feat. Drue Emboss - Sand Of Love (Dubstep Original Vocal Mix).

2012 was rich in the creativity and eventually released his track Pablo Paul De Burst - We Love The Dance (Original Mix) via Sasha Funny Music. Then via Banguru Records (Black Hole Rec.) Came out very beautiful work called Paul De Burst - Everest (Club Mix).

2013 began with the new tracks in the style of minimal techno, released the album "Improving your moves" on the label Minimal Technique Recordings. On the label Press and Run Records work out "Do not Stop". Soon, working in the style of electro house track of Paul De Burst - Rich Suckers (Club mix), released him on Square Apple Records.

In the same year he published in the assembly under the name Pablo remix 2 playaz - tune (Paul De Burst remix) via Emotion Music. Soon released a single called At the level of balloon (Original Mix) via SoundField. Of particular popularity has given a remix of the Citrus Hill - Lemon Tree (Paul De Burst non-Vocal Special Remix), which was released on the label B Max Records.
A little later he was approached by a DJ Platunoff asking him to do remixes, and of course then came two more bombs: Platunoff feat. Id Man - Bad Slip (Paul De Burst 'Rock The House' Remix), Platunoff - You Do not Know (Paul De Burst Remix).

At the same time he released a remix of the Roman Person - Love Cat (Paul De Burst Remix).
Carried away by the style Ambient, Pablo released his soundtrack Paul De Burst - Heart of the Swarm (Nightmare Original Mix). Taking up later style Rock / Experimental, and releasing under the name Visual Bastards (two for the future), seeks to surprise the audience:
Brilliance of Moon, Illusion City, Party up !, Angel Rocks. Soon, Pablo decided to try to do something unique in this style, and even sang in their tracks: Visual Bastards - if a judgement day came (soul track), Visual Bastards - Labour Makes the World Go !, Visual Bastards - Making Wonderful (Chill Down). Furor work Visual Bastards feat. Maxi Dodger $ vs. Paul De Burst - U Got Me Rocking (Original Hit Rock) [Best of 2013], Visual Bastards vs. Paul De Burst - Jevelin Of Light (Rock Anthem).

2014 began with the remixes of Kash Trivedi - Darkness (Paul De Burst Remix) [Electro Tech House], Albea - From Norway To Iceland (Paul De Burst Remix), Sevendust vs. Pablo Hardrway - Beautiful. The year was quite modest, and in the end there was a new techno track Paul De Burst - Oh My God! [Techno of new disaster] via Neox Purple.
It starts in 2015 with a name change to Pablo Hardway and track titled Pablo Hardway - Floor Ballad (club mix), which took top position in the Spinin 'Talent Pool.

Soon, Pablo returns to his beloved trance style, but with a new approach Pablo Hardway - Theory of Madness (All Originals), released on the label Stell Recordings.
And then raced the best tracks of the year: Pablo Hardway - HellFire (original club mix), Pablo Hardway - Highjack (Original club mix), Pablo Hardway - Mecanim's Blaster (original mix), Pablo Hardway - Carribian's Shine (Original Extended Mix), Pablo Hardway - Gonzales Fortune (Original mix), released on labels such as Future Records, Gysnoise Rec., A & R Rec.,
Trombax Records, Egaita Sounds, GBMusic, Soundfield.

Before 2016, there is a release of the track Pablo Hardway - When You Wash Down The Blue Pill (Club Mix), which breaks all dantspoly via Gysnoise Rec.

After wandering and improve skills, Pablo finds a companion Heteros, which co-produced tracks: Pablo Hardway & Heteros - It's time to imagine (original mix),
Pablo Hardway & Heteros - You Got L'amour (original mix), Pablo Hardway & Heteros - Super Toast (Original Mix).

Soon Heteros Pablo and take a common name Visual Bastards and is currently producing: Visual Bastards - Bring For Yourself (Original Mix) (TRAP EDM).
And since then their joint work continues ...


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EDM, Pablo Hardway, Progressive House, Music top, Trance, Dutch House, Fresh Music, Club Music,
Only House, Radio Dance, Nice Music, Paul De Burst (Pablo Hardway), Visual Bastard, Rock, Grunge

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Anastasia  24 August 2015 16:28
отличные работы,мои +++++ моя поддержка
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+PR успехов в дальнейшем развитии))
Талантливая страница с талантливыми работами талантливого музыканта! Респект и уважуха!
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+1, послушай и мои работы:
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отличные работы,мои +++++ моя поддержка
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уже в друзьях!
Жду в друзья:)
Лови + в общаг:)Надеюсь на взаимный;)
здесь был я )
Хорошие делаешь треки, Паша!!!+++)))
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Такой транс нам нужен!!!
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Отличные работы! ++++
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