MUZEQK - Etika podcast 003 out now 

Muzeqk a.k.a. Sergey Ushatov - Belarus DJ and sound - producer. He began his musical career in late 2006. During all this time, dabbled in different styles and genres of music, but focused on writing in the styles of Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Electronica. Day after day, develops his own style, discovering that - something new and remembering long-forgotten past, so in its tracks can be heard a lot of experimentation. Produced as on domestic labels (MYSTERY TRAIN RECORDINGS, YOU SO FAT RECORDS, etc.) and foreign (PROGREZO RECORDS, Carica Lotto, MU.TOO RECORDS, etc.) took part in the Belarusian project Beatzquit but the beginning of 2011 decided to start a solo career.


165 7:26 2  PR3,2 ▲
Deep House
267 8:54    PR3 ▲
Progressive House, Techno


251 7:11 10  3 PR6,3 ▲
Tech House, Progressive House
как всё в Гомеле прошло???
+ и в друзья!!! …
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