Info Technical requirements

This page is usually visited at the moment when the banners are already made, the designer got the money, and here we understand that the banners are rejected by the traffic manager for one simple reason: no one read the technical requirements.


Width: 300
Height: 600
Size: < 100 Kb
CPU usage: < 8%


Width: 800
Height: 200
Size: < 100 Kb
CPU usage: < 8%

General requirements

Banners must comply with generally accepted moral and ethical standards and not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.   In other words, banners can't contain libel, insults, violate privacy,   violate the secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic or other communications, violate copyright and related rights, infringe inventive and patent rights, incite ethnic, racial or religious hatred and abuse the state emblem of the Russian Federation or the national flag of the Russian Federation.

One of these things can become a reason of your banner's denial:
  • bright and flashy, annoying animation
  • lame fonts, stupid colours and pictures
  • way too sexy pictures
  • scripts that automatically open a website
  • scripts connected to third party websites (unless the script is approved by PROMODJ)
  • pictures emulating the OS menus and buttons
  • anything that can annoy PROMODJ users (if our tech support gets few complaints on your banner, you will need to make a new one)
  • some other things that we might not like. We will let you know as soon as we see your banner.
In the case where audio or video banner is placed, sound and video should be disabled by default and must be activated only after a certain user action.