Info Privacy Policy

This document is applicable exclusively together with the User Agreement and Terms of the Website Use.

1. Personal data

1.1. A user registering on PROMODJ website (hereinafter referred to as «Website») confirms, that he/she has legal capacity and is at least 14 years of age.

1.2. Registration on the Website is an authorization granted by a registered person (User) to Limited Liability Company ATEVE (hereinafter referred to as «Company»), being the Website owner, to store, process and otherwise use the User personal data for a period of 5 (Five) years starting from the registration date or from the date of last login into the User Account (the date it was last used).).

1.3. Confidentiality of personal data is ensured in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, including Federal Law FZ-152 «On personal data».

1.4. Personal data of Users, including users who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, are transmitted, stored and used across the territory of the Russian Federation where the Company servers are located. Confidentiality of personal data is ensured in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation (see subcl.1.3)

1.5. The Company may collect, process and store any information published by Users on the Website when entering requested details or otherwise transmitted by them to the Website. Such information includes, but is not limited to, personal data (see subcl.1.4), IP addresses, details of the web-browser, details of visited pages (inter alia, by means of Cookies), data entered into search forms and other forms used for data input on the Website.

1.6. For the purposes of this Data Protection Policy, the User’s personal details include any data which makes it possible to identify not only the User of the Website (login, password, etc.), but to identify the User as an actually existing individual (e-mail address, photo (user pic) and other data entered by the User as User personal details).

1.7. The Company may verify the authenticity of data submitted by the User upon registration, and such verification may be performed through any legal method.

1.8. In the event that the Company has valid grounds to believe that the user personal incorrect or erroneous, the Company shall be entitled to request that the User check to the User personal data submitted, and/or to block the User Account until the User provides accurate personal data. In certain circumstances the Company may request supporting documentation from the User.

1.9. The User is entitled to demand deletion of his/her Account by sending a message to the Company to the e-mail address specified below. Therewith, the User understands and agrees that the User will no longer be able to enter the Website or benefit from its services using the deleted Account, however, the User may create a new Account. The Company reserves the right to store information about the User Account (including deleted Accounts) in the Company database.

1.10. The Company has the right to block User's Account, if it has not been used by the User for more than two years, or to delete such Account and related information materials. The User agrees that the Company is not responsible for the actions as specified.

2. User profile

2.1. When a User is registered on the Website, a User profile is created automatically and includes personal data provided by the User, including his/her name (username), place of residence,photo (user pic). Once logged-in to the website, the registered User has the ability to edit the User profile.

2.2. This profile is visible to all Users of the Website irrespective of whether the registration is completed or not. The User e-mail address is not disclosed.

2.3. The website has an internal system of message exchange, and this system enables registered Users to contact each other via e-mail messages. Notification of a message received shall be sent by the Website to the User’s e-mail address specified by the User at registration. The User may disable this system, stopping incoming messages from other Users of the Website.

3. Confidentiality of data

3.1. ATEVE LLC («hereinafter referred to as Company»), being the holder of the PROMODJ Website, guarantees, that personal data of the registered User will not be used in ways prohibited by the law, including with an obvious intention to harm the User.

3.2. The Company undertakes not to disclose Users’ personal data to any third parties unless legally entitled to do so.

3.3. The Company is not liable for loss of data owing to actions of third parties, including, the Company’s hosting provider, errors in software, unreliability of communication channels or owing to illegal acts of hackers and other malefactors. In the event if loss of data is discovered, the Company is obliged to inform users within 24 hours of the discovery of such loss and make all possible efforts to mitigate adverse consequences for Users and to identify the liable persons.

4. Liability of the User

4.1. The User undertakes to ensure confidentiality of the User login and password used for access to the User Account.

4.2. In case that the User learns about his/her login and password becoming known to any third party, whether accidentally or with intent, the User undertakes to inform the Company promptly thereof and to create a new login and/or password for his/her User Account.

4.3. The User also undertakes to restrict access for third parties to the e-mail box specified by the User upon registration on the Website as a third party may obtain the login and password to the User Account using such e-mail box.

4.4. In case of the User’s failure to ensure proper confidentiality of User login and password, the User shall be liable for any illegal actions committed with the use of the User login and password.

5. Notices

5.1. The User can send any inquiries related to confidentiality of the User personal data to the Company’s e-mail address:

5.2. In pursuance of the terms and conditions of this Data Protection Policy the User undertakes to promptly respond to the Company’s inquiries from the User’s e-mail address, which is indicated by the User in the User Account.

6. General Information

6.1. This Data Protection Policy is a mandatory document and shall be applicable together with the User Agreement and the Terms of the Website Use.

6.2. By completing registration on the Website the User confirms consent to all documents specified in subsection 6.1.

6.3. Invalidation of specific provisions of this Data Protection Policy, if invalidated by virtue of a court ruling or of an order of some other authorized governmental body, shall not entail its invalidation as a whole.

Published on June 29, 2017