ГАЛЕОН, Uva, 23:45 // 16 August 2014
Moskva, Izhevsk, 20:00 // 5 June 2013
Slow Motion House (Disco)
Moskva, Izhevsk, 19:00 // 29 May 2013
Slow Motion House (Disco)
Moskva, Izhevsk, 19:00 // 15 May 2013
Slow Motion House (Disco)
Moskva, Izhevsk, 19:00 // 10 April 2013
Slow Motion House (Disco)


 DJ RAx was born in July 1992. In early childhood, did not show any kind of love for music. Andrew was first confronted with the music when his parents sent him to music school. Complete 5 years' muzykalki "class balalaika Andrew enters a new stage. In 2006 DJ RAx and his friends create a rap group «UNspoken», where Andrew still plays the role of lead singer.

One fine evening radio «D. FM» doing his own thing and tighten Andrew in Drum and Bass culture. In 2007, the musician begins to take the first steps in creating electronic music using Fruity Loops (3.56). Oddly enough, but the first track DJ RAx'a is not D'n'B, a wretched semblance of Electro House. Only a third number comes out the first track in the style of Drum and Bass - Rhythm Male. Since then, appears from nowhere coined nickname «DJ RAx», the first "album» Arena. At the same time, Andrew began to take place in bitmeykera «UNspoken».
In 2008-2009, together with the emergence of subsequent versions of FL Studio 5, work began on the new album »« Next_Step ». The new "album" has already begun to present new styles such as Hard Core and House. In these same years is published in the first mix Peacefully Happiness (Global Underground mix).

End of the 2009th and the beginning of the 2010th were marked by no major depression as well and was a creative crisis. But nevertheless, it gave impetus to the discovery of new music styles, such as Experimental, Ambient, Noise, IDM in life Andrew. During this period he wrote the first album, released on the net label «Blank» - «Psy Consciousness». In addition, DJ RAx with DJ V! Vo October 25, 2009 creates a radio station «4YOU Radio» which made a sharp rise and devastating fall. The same fate was in his own label and Andrew BASE 05 Recordings created at about the same time. But the summer of 2010 the label and the radio was given a second breath Dan Merz'om. Radio was renamed BASE 05 Radio, it has risen to a new level: There was a considerable variety of programs, music and mobility. BASE 05 Recordings released a couple of releases, including the mix of ACME (True I). After not a long time of label and radio station both projects have been frozen indefinitely.

2010 has given pause Andrew, to any musical style he considers himself. Although throughout this time to write, unfortunately, only demo-version of d'n'b tracks, DJ RAx no longer felt like a Drum and Bass musician. Also this year, comes two releases this «Love Noise EP» on the label 05 Recordings and BASE «MASSA EP» in Ukrainian net label of experimental music Umpako Records. «MASSA EP» has become a serious work of a musician, prompting him to create the next album title, which will be known closer to the New Year.

To date, the tracks and DJ mixes RAx'a visited radio stations such as Real FM (Saint Petersburg), internet live Radio "vkontakte" (Moscow), Internet radio INGEK (Melodic Sunday with dj kasyanof) (Kharkov), "DaGood Radio "(Latvia) (Daugavpils), RADIO BASE05 (Uva), Radio" My. FM "(Uva) and others.


All my mixes.

Andrey Kult
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Breaks, Dark Ambient, Darkstep, Deep House, Drill'n'bass, Drumfunk, Electronic Body Music, Experimental, Glitch, Hard IDM, Hardstep, IDM, Industrial, Intelligent, Jazzstep, Liquid funk, Neurofunk, Noise, Ragga Jungle, Slow Motion House (Disco), Technoid, Techstep, Trancestep
DJ, producer, Listener since 2007
Performance: from €700 / 2 hours
Location: Montenegro, Budva
Resident: RADIO BASE05 (Uva), Moskva (Izhevsk), BASE 05 Recordings (Uva)
Frequent visitor: Modus (Podgorica), Trocadero (Belgrad), Авиатор (Izhevsk), Пятница (Izhevsk), «Квартира 18» (Izhevsk), Ю - Dance (Izhevsk), Бар весёлых историй (Izhevsk), Fashion (Izhevsk), Real FM (Saint Petersburg), клуб Light Zone (Izhevsk)
Was just once: internet live Radio vkontakte (Moscow), Интернет-радио INGEK (Melodic Sunday with dj kasyanof ) (Harkov), DaGood Radio (Латвия) (Daugavpils), Maximus (Kotor), Miracle Beach (Podgorica), (Saint Petersburg), Umpako Records (Harkov), Радио Моё.FM (Uva), клуб Кристал (Izhevsk)
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