Roman Shukshin
Shukshin Roman
I was born in the north, not far from the pearl of Kazakhstan, in the city of Kokshetau.
From the age of 12 and completely unnoticeable to myself, I became interested in breeding and listening to music and from this very young age dreamed of playing music. Most of the time I was brought up with electronic music in such current styles as House/ Progressive House/ Garage / Trance and the cherry on the cake, for me was Drum n Base.

At the age of 15, I left home for forced reasons, and this became the point that gave me the realization of my childhood desires to become a DJ. Very young, young, with wide eyes on the world, as it seemed to me then, there was a chance to get a job in a club in my city, which gave me a gradual development as a DJ.

In 2007, I moved to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. It was a new page in my story. After all, it was here that I learned the ups and downs and the exact vector of my development.
After adapting in the capital, I began to bend my line and promote current electronic dance styles, laying a large and strong foundation for the electronic scene - these were probably not difficult years in my career.
It led to a merger of like-minded people and the organization of themed parties with electronic music, not tied to the location. In all these hangouts, I was the technical and musical director, who directed the rest of the DJs to the vector of the electronic scene that I think was necessary, which gave huge results in the future.

Technical Director of various creative projects:
Resonance (Techno/ Electronica/Tech House)
Freaky Monday (Tech House/Electronica/Afto House/ Organic House)
RaSver (Organic House/Afro House)

One of the first ones began to develop a DJ set with an ethnic component, making sets not only look unusual from the outside, but also sound in a new way, setting the main tempo for the rest of the DJs engaged in electronic music.

I am a multi-format DJ, which gave me the strength and means to develop my skills not only in the usual mixing of tracks, but also to deepen my understanding of DJING in general.
I'm not shy about playing Pop/RnB/HipHop, because it was these styles that paved the way for Technical DJING. (Turntablism, Scratch)
Deepening in the understanding of music, brought in its creation. Practice since 2008, gave me the opportunity to do Ghost Production, for the development of young guys who want to break into the world of DJING, in other ways. But being a shoemaker without boots, without developing the salesman's skill, I never found a way to bring my tracks and ideas to light, which remained in demo form and in the form of huge trumps at my performances.

At the moment I am stationed in Almaty - this is the next page of my history.
Roman Shukshin

Born in Kazakhstan, Kokshetau
A solid DJ career began in 2002
In Astana since 2007
At the moment, Ghost sound producer
Organizer, DJ and CTO of many parties in Kazakhstan, like Freaky Monday, Resonanse

Own mixology project HOUSETRONICA for clarification of musical tendencies and sound trends in Kazakhstan.

Resident of various places, who can play RNB, HIPHOP, POP, REMIX and some parties of the cardinally distinguishing format of commercial sound.

He is not shy about performing on Pop stages and is in demand at conceptually intelligent parties.

Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up & Dance @ ROMAN SHUKSHIN

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