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Getting LESS PR+++

Hi there,

Lately I see that my radio shows get less PR+++ than usual. I was wondering, what's the reason? Do they become so shitty? Or is it the new PromoDJ system? I can see that there has been a drop in PR+++ since the moment PromoDJ did decide to delete for example the option to add your own (or other peoples) shows/tracks below your track.

But beside that, does PromoDJ maybe become less populair? Let me know! I am wondering what you think what the reason is!

In any case, you would be my hero if you will give these shows some extra PR :)
- Riddem & Beats 01:

- Weekendmix 434:

- Welcome To My House 175:

- Weekendmix 433:

- Welcome To My House 174:

- Weekendmix 431 & 432:

- Weekendmix 431:

Much music
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7 November 2018 17:50
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Uploading is not possible ...

Hello dj's and producers.

As a big fan of PromoDJ I was really surprised today that it was not possible to upload my new radioshows. I do get the message "Please, select file to publish." ... but my file is uploaded, cause it says "Done, the file is uploaded".

Since I see that PromoDJ is the best way to share my radioshows/podcasts, it really hurts that I can't continue my weekly uploads today. 

What are your experiences? Does this happen a lot? Do you also use other upload websites like Mixcloud? (i do, but PromoDJ is 100000x better!!). 

Am curious about your replies!

Enjoy your weekend,

Anders Lundgren 

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16 October 2015 18:40