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Hello everyone!

Today I do turn 40 years young :) to celebrate this, I will upload 3 hours of BIRTHDAY BASH MIX.


It's not only my birthday ... but also the birthday of Ben Wever, my friend who is the brains of Riddem & Beats!


Don't forget to listen to the first Birthday Bash Mix which is online:
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6 March 2024 14:59

I can't renew my PREMIUM at this moment!

Hi there all,

You will not find new uploads the coming days.

Sadly I have issues with renewing my premium account.

I am so sorry that you will have to wait.

Please be patient with me :)

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24 February 2022 22:19
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Sorry for not uploading on a regular base!

Hi there!

I need to say sorry to all of you for my lack of uploading lately!

Normally I do upload more or less with this schedule:

- on Monday: Summer Specials or Riddem & Beats 

- on Tuesday: a special if I have one ready

- on Wednesday: Summer Sessions or Totally Anders

- on Thursday and Friday: Weekendmix

- on Saturday the 1 hour mix of Weekendmix

- on Sunday: Welcome To My House

But lately I have not been that active, due to new job and busy with many things on the same time. SO ... I am way behind with uploading my radio shows:

- Weekendmix: 5 weeks behind

- Welcome To My House: 12 weeks behind

- Summer Sessions and Specials: 4 weeks behind

I am trying to upload everything in the coming weeks, so that in the start of September I am totally back on track.

So stay tuned and see all the shows from the past 3 months popping up soon!

[ Anders Lundgren ]


DJMAG TOP 100: vote for Anders Lundgren !!!



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31 July 2021 16:42
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Time for NEW IMAGES of my shows! And your images can be used!

Hi there,

Did you miss me? I was not so active for a while. Late with new uploads, waiting a long time, not making them on time and so on. 

I was busy, very busy. Not with music, but with my other work as freelancer. It was a crazy time. But now I am also having time again to upload and create new shows, like you are used to see from me!

BUT! Something needs to be different. The time that my shows are filled with only the hottest women should be over. It is not of this time anymore. Shows should not gain listeners, downloads and so on because of the female cover. 

That's why I am looking now for photo's made by my listeners. MADE BY YOU! 

Did you make a great photo of nature (animals, see, wood, lakes whatever) or maybe of the clouds or the most beautiful houses or maybe you have a very beautiful photo of yourself which should be used as cover ???

Send it to me at and I will use it asap if it fits perfectly to the show.

Only requirement is that the image needs to have a minimum of 1000 pixels high and 1000 pixels wide. So everything above that is welcome. 

How much fun will it be if my shows will be created by music from PromoDJ with photos from the people who are listening to it?

Looking forward to receive many photos!

[ Anders Lundgren ]

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24 May 2021 20:46
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You still like Totally Anders shows?

Hello music lovers, 

I see that my 3 latest episodes of TOTALLY ANDERS are not running well on #PromoDJ!  You don't like it anymore? Or you don't see the shows at all? Please help me out!  The PR+++ is much lower than usual ... and the amounts of plays is also running back. Please let me know !

- Totally Anders #254: 
- Totally Anders #253: 
- Totally Anders #252: 


-- Anders Lundgren --

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9 May 2020 8:52
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In need of some extra PR++! Will you make me happy?

Hi all! 
You know I am a "number freak" and with #PromoDJ I always want my shows to have a PR 1 or higher! 
The following shows do not have that yet! Can you help me? You need to start giving PR+++ with the first one (lowest PR) and end with the one at the bottom (almost PR 1). 

Thank you so much! Here is the list: 

Weekendmix 468: 
Weekendmix 467: 
Totally Anders 209: 
Welcome To My House 194: 
Weekendmix 461: 

Welcome To My House 192: 
Welcome To My House 191: 
Welcome To My House 187: 
Welcome To My House 181: 
Weekendmix 466: 
Weekendmix 464: 
Weekendmix 458: 
Riddem & Beats 10: 
Riddem & Beats 09: 
Welcome To My House 193: 
Welcome To My House 188: 
Weekendmix 459: 
Totally Anders 208: 

Weekendmix 457: 
Weekendmix 456: 
Weekendmix 451: 
Totally Valentine 2019 H02: 
Riddem & Beats 07: 
Welcome To My House 189: 
Weekendmix 460: 
Totally Lento 09: 
Welcome To My House 185: 
Welcome To My House 182: 
Welcome To My House 180: 
Totally Anders 204: 
Totally Anders 202: 


== Anders Lundgren ==

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Much music
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17 March 2019 11:45
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Getting LESS PR+++

Hi there,

Lately I see that my radio shows get less PR+++ than usual. I was wondering, what's the reason? Do they become so shitty? Or is it the new PromoDJ system? I can see that there has been a drop in PR+++ since the moment PromoDJ did decide to delete for example the option to add your own (or other peoples) shows/tracks below your track.

But beside that, does PromoDJ maybe become less populair? Let me know! I am wondering what you think what the reason is!

In any case, you would be my hero if you will give these shows some extra PR :)
- Riddem & Beats 01:

- Weekendmix 434:

- Welcome To My House 175:

- Weekendmix 433:

- Welcome To My House 174:

- Weekendmix 431 & 432:

- Weekendmix 431:

Much music
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7 November 2018 17:50
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Still no shortlinks

Hello my dear PromoDJ friends and followers.

Yesterday I wrote already about the fact I don't see shortlinks anymore. On Saturday they were still there, but yesterday they were suddenly gone. Since the normal links are so huge, like my new Chillout show:…  ... I really get crazy of it. 

I asked friends to check the website too, and they all don't have a thing on the right side ... no shortlinks, no advertisement .. nothing! I was so surprised that 2 PromoDJ users could send me a shortlink of my show yesterday, while here is reallly nothing to see.

I tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. With and without AddBlockers working ... so I tested both. But it doesnt make any difference. What are you using? What is different between your and my webbrowser?
Or would it be the IP which is not located in Russia?! 

I also wrote the PromoDJ staff yesterday and today, but they don't seem to reply that quickly ... sad!

Hope you will come up with some good ideas! With Anders 01
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10 October 2017 18:30

New HOUSE podcast and where are the shortlinks?

Hello followers, friends and readers!

First of all, a brand new episode of Welcome To My House is now available for you at my PromoDJ page:
This 120th episode contains deep house vocal house, progressive house, tropical house and many other house styles tracks  & remixes by Sam Divine / Hendrik Burkhard / Chris Stussy / Los Pastores / Andre Diaz / Bas Roos / Florian Kruse / Black Loops   and others!
Hope you will listen to it ... and like it! And if you like it, please give me the +++ PR !!! I had so much fun of creating this episode .. hope you have fun listening to it!

But .. as you can see, I can only give a long link!!! The shortlinks are suddenly gone. Do you still have them? Anyone knows where they did go ???
PS: I can't add an image, but on my right side is NOTHING!!! It's only white ... where the shortlinks normally are .. and other links to other shows ... it's totally blank!!!

Anders Lundgren

House, Vocal house, deep house, tech house, progressive house,
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9 October 2017 17:23

A brand new episode

Hello there!

As you probably know, I do upload every week several radio shows to PromoDJ. On Friday & Saturday I do upload a brand new Weekendmix, on Sunday I do upload Welcome To My House .. on Monday I try to upload a special (Back In Time, Hardstyle, Trance, Italo, Pop etc) ... but ever Wednesday it is time for my show Totally Anders to be online!

Episode 129 is the brand new episode for this week! Find it here:

I want to write some things about some of the tracks of this episode .. so here we go!

Track 06: F4ST & Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba De) 
Eiffel 65 ... this track should be in Back In Time Sessions ... but this brand new version by F4ST is so amazing, that I really had to use it in Totally Anders. It's not always a good thing to make a remake of an old hit, but this time I can say: GOOD JOB! I also understand why there are coming more remixes of old tracks now: the contracts are done and the songs are (as good as) free to remake.

Track 10: Breathe Carolina & Shanahan ft Haliene - Stars & Moon 
This song is so amazing. Did you listen carefully to the lyrics? And the sound? Wow it fits perfectly. Valentine's Day is coming soon ... this song should be on the speakers when you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend !!!

Track 11: Chris Odd & Peter Base ft Ivanildo Kembel - Come Back 
My friend Chriss Odd is making many good tracks. But his new one is already going great!  Together with Peter Base and Ivanildo Kembel he created Come Back. Listen to this track and understand why I really think this song should be a huge hit!

Track 21: Yorix - Sunlight 
Due to my connections, Yorix is signed to a record label. The song Sunlight is his first release over there. And what a club banger it is! Put on your dancing shoes and start to party party!

Track 24: Rihanna Vs KSHMR & Tiesto Vs Afrojack - B####  Better Rock My Secrets (Djs From Mars Bootleg) 
From a different planet .. but my friends from Mars are always making amazing mashups. Sadly I can not always use them in my shows, but I always try to use them as much as I can. This one is driving me totally insane all the time. What a sound ... what a bass!! PARTY TIME!

Track 25: The Partysquad - Pum Pum 
Sometimes I doubt if I should use a song in Totally Anders. Will it be toooooooooo hard? Or will it be oke to use? Pum Pum by the Partysquad is one of the songs I did doubt about. But since the show is called "Totally Anders" .. and it's about what I like .. I decided to use it. A good idea! Check it out!!!!

Do you like to read about what I think about the songs I've used? Let me know! Then I will try to make a blog every week so I can let you know why I used a song or remix or mashup!
And ofcourse ... please give Totally Anders 129 a PR ^ to make me happy!


Anders Lundgren | | | Twitter: (@totallyanders) Instagram: (@totallyanders) | 

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2 February 2017 17:59
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