Anton Stepanov
Main style: Psybient
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Chillout, Drum & Bass, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance
Producer, Listener since 2007
Performance: from $100 / 1 hour
Location: Thailand, Bang Lamung
Guest: RadiOzora (Budapest)
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Все по новому, со старым оттенком... 

  The development of russian undeground and appearance of public events at the end of nineties became a reason of recording compilations of various genres and directions. Time passed, the idea of producing electronic music expanded. That initiated the beginning of the creation of the first own compositions in the genre of techno sound in 2004.The musician started to go deeply into trance sub-stylesmore and more, search his own sound, make experiments crossing Techno and Trance. These two streams gave the beginning to the new creative way. He began to study basis of producing modern sound of high quality. In 2007 works posted for free downloading recieved a lot of positive feedback from listeners and musicians. After long treatment the sound slowly fransformed into psy format with atmosphericbackground canonicity and melodic sound, making a certain tint of Chillout genre.


540 7:24 6  127 PR20,7 ▲
Downtempo, Psy Chill
234 5:06 1  61 PR6,9 ▲
Downtempo, Breaks
176 6:51 5  83 PR7,7 ▲
Ambient, Psybient


759 60:58    174 PR8,5 ▲
Psybient, Chillout

(Easy Summer Limited) (ESLMT056)

206 2:11 4  56 PR7,7 ▲
Ambient, Psy Chill
260 3:21 6  71 PR12,4 ▲
Ambient, Psy Chill

Airform - Parallel EP (Qulture Production) (QULT MP3 #250)

215 6:27 4  90 PR14,7 ▲
Ambient, Trance


323 4:42 11  104 PR20,4 ▲
Downtempo, Psy Chill

Airform – Back In The Clouds (DI Winter Solstice 2015)

Night lingers while the moon is full. The deep black sky stretches into infinity. Join us as we celebrate the longest night.

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27 December 2015 22:03
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Airform - Cosmic Night (Stargazing Guest Mix)

Stargazing starts with it's second monthly podcast!!

Every few weeks an exclusive mix by one of new & emerging artists (and some old masters as well) will be presented.

First cosmonaut is Anton Stepanov aka. Airform a young and very talented producer from Russia. His track Black Canyon was featured in last months Stargazing podcast and his debut album Flourishing Zone has been released on Mystic Sound Records this august. Carefully blended atmospheric journey created in the best psybient manner with a touch of organic sounds to make it flow even more smoothly.

His mix for Stargazing will be available on Sunday September 20th exclusively on…

Spread the word!

Airform - Cosmic Night (Stargazing Guest Mix) by Terrahertz on Mixcloud

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20 September 2015 18:55
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Airform - Flourishing Zone (Album)

Mystic Sound Records is glad to present the debut full-length album of a talented Russian producer from Tolyatti, Anton Stepanov, Airform – Flourishing Zone. The project is inspired by such musical producers as Koan, Cell, Aes Dana, CBL, E-Mantra, and began its history in 2007.

Flourishing Zone is a special place created by the musician. Carefully crafted melodies, soft beats and enveloping atmospheres imperceptibly elevate you high above the clouds moving your mind to a blooming garden without worries and expectations. Stylistically the music of the album is created in the best traditions of modern Psybient. Be ready to be carried away in your dreams listening to Airform – Flourishing Zone

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6 August 2015 20:52
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VA - Integration With Nature on Mystic Sound Records

Сегодня состоялся выпуск моего трека Airform - Mechanical Forest (Spherical Mix) в компиляции Integration With Nature by Maiia.

Mystic Sound Records proudly presents an amazing fresh and juicy summer compilation - Integration With Nature. Ten excellent tracks are carefully selected by Maiia and are as harmonically integrated with Nature as every tree in the forest. All human beings on the Earth are children of nature and for harmonious existence always need to keep a connection with it. 

Nature is music. Just listen to the breath of wind or birds singing. Music of our Integration With Nature combines rich atmospheres, powerful beats and amazing melodies. You can hear PsyChill, PsyBreaks, PsyDub and even Progressive sound in it. The tracks are provided both by well known producers from over the world and by young talents that we’re discovering here at Mystic Sound Records. 

Enjoy this wonderful Integration With Nature while walking somewhere in the forests, lying in the fields or climbing to your next top of a mountain.

Compiled by Maiia

Mastering: Manifold Studio 

Cover art: Ulsei

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2 July 2015 0:02
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Airform - Black Canyon (Original Mix)

This track is part of the compilation "Cosmopolite Dreams" by Sophie Gonzaga. 
It has free distribution.

airform - black canyon (original mix)
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3 June 2015 13:48
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