Russia, Moscow
DENIS A (Bedrock, Tronic, DAR, Ministry Of Sound) - the legendary SPACE MOSCOW club musical director & resident. Label boss of DAR label. The founder of music style HYPNOTERIC and CRYPTO MUSIC
Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he shared stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Well known by his top quality sound production / recent releases on Intricate, Baroque and Stellar Fountain. Cosmonaut is also known as a progressive/techno hero of Goa.
Ukraine, Kiev
Many years of experience with the best Classic/Soulful/Deep House and Techno Music for clubs.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, CHelyabinsk
8 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
GASA & Deep Sunset long found their sound, which is the maximum resolution is presented in progressive & atmospheric breaks - compilations Pacification. Seasoned with the style of melodic, soulful, deep and dramatic breaks broken rhythms, these works may be standard and unique archive of contemporary breaks-sound.
Russia, Volgograd
Dj Somoff preferences styles : Progressive House, Techno, Deep House . Being a supporter of the intellectual, but at the same time melodic sound Somoff finally makes his choice. His game is based first of all on the melodic and high-quality sound, but with the presence in it of a certain sense...Its full of energy and life of the sets are highlighted beauty and delicate taste the selection of music. That combination makes it mixes interesting and memorable.
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Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
12 +1
Russia, Moscow
13 -3
Welcome to increadible word of deep, techno & tech-house music. Open your mind to adventure like no other)) Enjoy the music) Peace, Love, Techno!!!
14 +1
Belarus, Minsk
jamanje musician from Minsk, presenter and founder of the podcast - Freedom. The main activity of working - Support domestic producer underground electronic music. The main directions: Techno, Minimal Techno,Tech House,Progressive House,Deep House,Neotrance.
15 -1
Russia, Moscow
24 August 2018, Мьюз (Moscow)
16 +2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Glazov
18 -2
Russia, YAroslavl
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Music lives in all people in our planet! For someone it is Chanson, Rap, Dub Step, Trance, Jazz or any other music stile. I propose to live one hour or two under the music that lives in me!
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Irkutsk
23 +1
BORA - DJ, musician, promoter and organizer of major events, open-air and private parties. He selected the basic style Tecnno and opened talent for DJ. Today BORA welcome guest at many clubs in Russia.
24 -1
Israel, Haifa
26 +3
Russia, Moscow
Tigran (Deepline) - DJ and aspiring producer from Russia (Moscow). In their speeches, sets try to penetrate into the soul of man, that sounded all over the body. Because the body can be controlled, only you need to find the rhythm. Therefore specialize in specific atmospheric sound with a deep dark sounds with notes pierce the space under the oriental motifs. That transmit feelings, emotions and state of mind! - To understand the music, you have to feel it - (с) Deepline
27 +1
Russia, Tyumen
His playing is subtle flair to the style of music, the mood and desires of bestowal of the dance floor. He knows how to "light", to give the mood and atmosphere of fun. This man truly in love with what he did and always ready to share it with You. If you have determined where to find a professional DJ and for a reasonable fee - you hit the target !
28 -1
Canada, Winnipeg
One of Canada's Longest Running Mixshow O.G.'s Dj Dialog Presents Mixtropolis Mixshow in Winnipeg, Canada. The Latest Techno/Minimal/Melodic Techno on the FM Dial. |Music-Is-Life| Bookings/Promos: Angryrabbitrecs@gmail.com
29 +1
Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Paul Meise is not just a DJ, but also a musician whose works are strongly attracted by Western culture, trends and ideology. The Creator and the Inspirer of Radio Show “Colored Dreams”. A Participant of Ziben Kilowatte project. To bring relaxing euphoria in every single listener of his works is the main aim of his philosophy. Constant new sound search in sets combining as well as in music composing won’t let anybody underwhelmed!
30 +2
The musician from Belarus, the main direction in which creativity is progressive house.
31 +8
Russia, Moscow
Music is the meaning of life!!!
32 -1
Russia, Moscow
33 +8
Russia, Magnitogorsk
Russia, Moscow
35 new
Russia, Almetevsk
36 -3
Russia, Moscow
37 +15
Russia, Moscow
DJ & Showman. "DiFM" (New York), "PureFM" (Berlin), "Clubvibez" (London), "Cuebase" (Frankfurt), etc.
38 -2
Russia, Moscow
39 -13
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Excellent giving and congenital charm, interesting sense of taste and independent way of thinking, do the part. Each performance is the event filled with creative approach to compilation and work with public.
40 -3
Russia, Novosibirsk
41 -1
Russia, Moscow
25 August 2018, Rock House (Moscow)
42 -7
Russia, Moscow
43 -1
Russia, CHelyabinsk
44 -6
Russia, CHelyabinsk
I'm awesome and bla-bla-bla...
45 -2
46 -1
Russia, Sochi
MUSIC - This is an International Language That Does not Require Translation & Unites Billions of People on the Planet of the Earth!
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48 +1
Russia, Moscow
49 -5
Russia, Moscow
Let the music heard in your hearts, souls and minds
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Russia, Moscow
52 -5
Russia, Moscow
53 +5
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Alma-Ata)
Are You There?
54 -1
Russia, Moscow
Always try to do my best for listeners, share my current mood and take great care about chosing right music. Thank you for listening to my mixes :)
55 -1
Russia, Moscow
56 -1
Thailand, Koh Phangan
57 -1
Spain, Barcelona
Gothic rave queer. Founder of STONED music label. DJ, sound producer, journalist. Based in Barcelona.
58 +4
Russia, Moscow
59 -2
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
61 -2
Russia, Moscow
62 -1
Russia, Moscow
My point of view "You always have to learn new things if you have ability" and i'm find this ability. I'm still study and want to develop in my chosen path and to realize my dream come true/ The main purpose of my mixes is to evoke different emotions
63 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
64 -1
Russia, Ekaterinburg
65 -1
Russia, Kazan
Music lives only while it sounds, and for those minutes that are given to it at its disposal, it must have a lot of things to do: capture, captivate, shock. And the music can do it - it is much faster than the works of other types of art. Because music influences human feelings, possessing the property of instant response to a really close and understandable, music is the own language of human feelings, their expression in this world.
Russia, CHelyabinsk
67 +2
Alex won the love of the audience playing the most pressing and winding tracks, creating a unique atmosphere on the dance floor. He regularly releases new mixes, separated by style - the main series of mixes (oriented on deep house) is produced under the name SOLONMIX, as regards the direction of techno - for it Alex made a new series called TECHNOVISION.
68 +7
Russia, Moscow
SpeedGun - DJ, music producer, actor, showman. Resident of American labels Evoked Recordings and Carica Records (Russia). Regular guest ethers second most popular in the world - Proton Radio (USA), as well as the ETN FM (Canada). One of the founders of which has no analogues in Russia freak djs - show the project "Cartell XIII".
69 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
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Russia, Moscow
71 +3
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Energy and train drive
72 -5
Russia, Moscow
73 -5
Russia, Moscow
74 +2
Russia, Tyumen
75 +3
Russia, YAroslavl
Music is that, what gifts positive. As for me, my main deal is to delate to the listeners that kind of music which will not only make the mood, but prolongue the feeling of that positive.
76 +4
Thailand, Koh Samui
I work that my music to sound non-stop in the people's souls, even after they get off the dance floor.
77 +4
Israel, Tel-Aviv
78 +4
The World Need More Techno
79 +6
Nowadays my main project is «Moscow Time», the project about topical events in club music during Moscow nights.
80 -3
Russia, Moscow
81 +9
Russia, Moscow
82 -3
Russia, Novosibirsk
83 -10
Russia, Izhevsk
Russia, Moscow
85 new
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Ryazan
Techno is music that sounds like technology.
88 +8
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
Intelligent music for intelligent people. From Berlin to Moscow with love.
90 -4
Russia, Sevastopol
In music I appreciate the eccentricity, quality and groove. If you are a fan of thrills, percussion rhythms, and you are tired of monotonous and boring commerce, then welcome! If the music does not give you a stunning sense of strength, from which the hair stands on end, then you will never understand it.
91 +7
Russia, Moscow
My neighbours listen to good music, and it does’t matter whether they want it or not)
92 +1
Russia, Moscow
93 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
94 +5
Russia, Moscow
95 -4
Russia, Staryi Oskol
96 -4
Russia, Engels
I just do and play music as I feel! Techno is not just music for me! This is a way of life, a way of thinking!
97 new
Russia, Novosibirsk
98 new
Russia, Moscow
99 new
Germany, Berlin
Hello from Berlin! thanks to everybody for the unbelievable support! hope to see you soon in Ukrain or Russia! may the might be with the music!
100 new
Russia, Moscow
The well-known house-producer, the constant participant of dance-festivals and the successful promoter of bright club parties. The owner of the house-label Triori Records, the author and the host of "Day and Night" - the radio-show about the world of dance music. He is in the Russian dj top-list.
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