All colours of house music
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskii
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Revda (Sverdlovskaya obl.)
Only the brightest,newest and high quality remixes and tracks I carefully select for YOU the mixes in my most favorite style of Russian Pop!!!!
Russia, Moscow
The best Russian project, combining DJ set and live multiinstrumental performance. Authors of resounded through the country remixes having daily rotations on the Russian prominent radiostations, such as: Record, DFM, Europa Plus, Love Radio.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
Russia, Moscow
DJ, musician and artist. His subtle flair and passion for the mixing of styles makes special every new track, a remix and mix.
15 +7
Russia, Kuzneck
#RETRIV - DJ from the hinterland with great musical experience. It has no binding for a certain style of music. Keeping up with the times is interned by the taste of modern youth. Records more and more relevant mixes and podcasts.
Russia, Ufa
NORMVN MUSIC [Dance & EDM] Russia, Moscow - Saint Petersburg.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MISHA KLEIN - Author of numerous compilations for portal bananastreet.ru, as well as numerous remixes for the singles world and local stars.
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Moscow
A multi-format DJ with over a decade of experience. One of the most popular DJs in Russia and the CIS. Ex-resident of the Zona Global Club Project.
Russia, Ioshkar-Ola
22 +1
Russia, Moscow
23 +1
Russia, Moscow
24 +1
Russia, Moscow
Multiformat DJ and musician with a decade of experience, included to the top of Russia. The creator of the modern and popular weekly podcast EDM "PUMP UP!"
25 +1
Russia, Perm
26 +1
Russia, Essentuki
27 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
28 +1
Russia, Kirov
29 +1
Russia, Zelenograd
30 +2
Russia, Moscow
31 +2
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
DJ, producer, promotions manager ¦ Russia, Sakhalin ¦ HOUSE/G-HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE/CLUB HOUSE
32 +2
Russia, Moscow
33 +2
Russia, Ekaterinburg
34 +5
Russia, Syktyvkar
35 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
36 +1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
37 -6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
DMC Mikael (Vasilyev Mikhail) – the DJ, the musician, MC. "Quite young, but quickly growing" Plays in popular and demanded Mash Up style." Throughout all set works with a microphone that gives to public even more drive and positive emotions. More than a half of the music-set plays only the author's tracks and remixes. Resident of a musical label of "Fresh Records"
39 +6
Russia, Ivanovo
Dj and Musician. I prefer broken rhythms, such as: Breaks, Funk, Electro, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. I am the participant of the Portal Sound Sistem project and radio of the show PortalFM leaving on the Internet radio stations of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As I am the resident of night club of Maximus.
Russia, Podolsk
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
42 +14
Russia, Sochi
Russia, Bolshoi Kamen
DJ, MC, promoter, poet, Clubber of the provincial Primorsky town of Big Stone. Music is life!!!
44 -2
Russia, Moscow
Dj/Sound Producer from |Moscow,Russia| Label: (Perfecto Records, Enormous Tunes, No Definiton, Sirup Music, Which Bottle?) Official booking World / Europe: personalbooking@bk.ru AJME Management info@ajmemanagement.com
45 -1
Russia, Moscow
For me music was something more fundamental and important, than just desire to become the musician. I never felt as the musician, and I don't feel it now. For me music is the nature. It is not school, not work that is too schizophrenic, in my opinion. At school you can acquire certain technicians, but the best way is to create own equipment. You do something special as you feel it...
46 +2
Russia, Moscow
26 November 2020, Высоцкий (Moscow)
Russia, Moscow
48 +1
Russia, Moscow
Dj Oleg Skipper - Atmosphere maker. DJ and sound producer from Moscow. I publish original music in Canada, the USA, Germany and Spain. The main style: House (in its various manifestations). More than twenty years in the profession. I use original tracks and remixes that are not available in the public domain.
49 +1
Russia, Moscow
50 +1
Russia, Sochi
51 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Russia, Moscow
53 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ, Mixmaker, and Sound Producer. Resident of the program "ZHARA Energo" on the radio ZHARA fm. Leading the podcast "ZHARA Energo". The titles from the series: “Unique dj”, “Favorite of the whole world”, “Veteran of the dj industry with more than hundred years of experience” and “The most talented but somehow not recognized by society” I don’t have.
54 +1
Russia, Moscow
55 +2
Russia, Ivanovo
56 +2
Russia, Moscow
57 +2
Russia, Kamensk-Uralskii
DJ, Musician, Resident of the bar "Zeppelin Bar"
58 +2
Russia, Moscow
DJ & sound producer from Moscow
26 November 2020, ZALL  (Moscow)
59 +2
Russia, Moscow
DJ, Sound-producer / www.DJDIMIXER.ru
60 +2
Russia, Moscow
I play in the House direction as Deep, Tech, Club, Funky, Electro. He is also partial to Techno , Trance and Drum & Bass styles. I recommend playing what you like. The rest doesn't matter.
61 +3
Russia, Volgograd
Music production/ Remixes/ Club DJ/ Event DJ ................. Event DJ of the year, according to WorkDJ .................................. Club house, moombahton, progressive house
62 +1
Russia, CHelyabinsk
63 +5
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
The most important thing in the work of DJ - love and respect of the public, to be a hunter and a gold digger to a true musical trophies and treasures, to stir up emotions and cause a person to feel love and inspired by the atmosphere of the entire set and mix and elementary non-stop collection.
64 +3
Russia, Moscow
DJ. Dandy - promising and talented DJ. Each of his pack - is a surge of emotion and positive sea! His performances, he likes to entertain, amaze and otherwise develop musical public. Dandy has a unique sense of the dance floor and is able to work with almost any audience. With his work he is intriguing, plant, and sometimes provokes.
Russia, Syktyvkar
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
67 +2
Russia, Moscow
68 +2
Russia, Ryazan
69 +2
Russia, Tver
70 +2
Russia, Novosibirsk
71 +3
Russia, Moscow
You are listening to FRED & MYKOS in the mix!
72 +4
74 +1
Russia, Krasnogorsk
75 +8
Russia, Saint Petersburg
alt-for a long time all got used to a variety of my musical tastes. Doing with blowing all the works I first of all I do them for you dear listeners! All variety is well shown in mine лайф sets to which you can listen at me on page!
76 +3
Hey guys !!! Nowadays, at the moment, nothing will surprise anyone, but I'm trying to impress listeners with new music collected from different sources on the Internet. I think if you help me in this then I will succeed !!!
77 +3
78 +3
Russia, Kursk
DJ SneiF is one of the young DJs, a bright representative of the correct and powerful sound, with style and bright presentation of sets, and successfully developing began to work in such genres as Russian and foreign pop.
79 -1
Russia, Voronezh
80 +2
Russia, Moscow
81 +3
Russia, Tolyatti
82 +5
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
83 +2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
84 +2
Russia, Moscow
DJ and musician, top best DJs in Russia.
85 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
86 +4
Russia, Moscow
DJ and producer from Moscow
87 +2
Russia, Orenburg
88 +5
Russia, Saint Petersburg
DJ, Reichsleiter, MS, musician in one person! Has excellent taste, talent and a serious attitude to their professional activities. On account of the many DJ allocated to activities after each of them the name Valeriy Smile, bright, warm emotions and feelings for a long time remain in the memory and hearts of people.
89 +2
Russia, Vorkuta
90 +5
Russia, Tula
91 new
Russia, Fryazino
Russia, Orehovo-Zuevo
DJ, Musician
93 +1
94 +3
Russia, Moscow
One of the best DJs in Moscow
95 new
Russia, Ekaterinburg
96 +2
Russia, Moscow
Do it from the heart, success will come! The energy of pure positive and inspiration, your bright musical emotions. Listen, dance and be happy!
97 new
Russia, Kurovskoe
DJ/Resident Prestige Bar.
98 +1
Russia, Moscow
99 +1
Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
100 new
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