Main style: Lounge
Favorite styles: Chillout, Classical Crossover, Easy Listening, IDM, Lo-Fi
DJ, producer since 2005
Performance: from 2 000 rubles / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Perm
Was just once: Cafe - Club ''ИЛИ (Perm), Panarama club (Perm)

Music is an art form. As a transmission medium of mood and feeling specially organised sounds serve in music. Basic elements and expressive means of music are: a melody, a rhythm, metre, rate, dynamics, a timbre, harmony, instrumentation and others. Music is very good means of education of art taste at the child, she is capable to influence mood, in psychiatry is even special музыкотерапия. By means of music it is possible even to influence health of the person: when the person hears fast music, at him pulse becomes frequent, pressure raises, he starts to move and think faster. Music can be divided on genres and kinds. Pieces of music of each genre and a kind, as a rule, are easy for distinguishing from each other because of specific musical properties of everyone.


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АMARETA-MANMARA  8 October 2010 16:36
Романтика) КАЙФ ЕЩЁ!
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