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Tech House, Deep Techno


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Pop, House
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Progressive House, Tech House
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Progressive House, House
Tokatek aka SouPerDiem aka Soup Records
Soup Production - Any producer's audio and video solutions! - Minus - Arrangements - Studio recording - Mixing - School bitmeykinga - Remixes - Sound design - Digital distribution - Video clips - Voice acting - Audio advertising Price -… Reviews - -106672320_36793599 Terms of purchase -… info -… We will starve you. But to start a little story. Read this post until the end. There you will get a small present! About me and my path you can read in a small post:… My name is Pavel Mikhailov. I am a music producer, musician, arranger, sound designer, foli-artist and father of two children. In the past he was a circus artist and entrepreneur. Soup production is my production team / company. We record vocals, reduce tracks, produce artists, arrange works and distribute music to all digital music platforms: Itunes, Shazam, Google Play, etc. We create audio advertising and jingles for radio and TV. We shoot video clips and video advertising. During the work of the studio sold 110 bits, reduced 400 projects, distributed 130 tracks and ate 500 pots of soups. However, "Soup" is not just a name. This is a metaphor. It embodies the synthesis of all the ingredients together. As soup embodies all the food ingredients, so music embodies the musical components. Consistency is mixing; broth is mastering; meat is voice and dynamics; seasoning - effects, like spices. This idea is at the core. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to musical genres. We work with hip-hop, pop, club and instrumental music. We always use the details of some genres in others. This allows you to make music unique. Everyone with soup is associated only with kind feelings: a homely atmosphere, beloved relatives, unique taste. If not: it instantly becomes so, when the stomach reduces from hunger with the wildest auto-tuning. Therefore, we know how important it is to meet new guests: treat them with tea and talk before they are recorded. We give time to the vocalists to warm up the ligaments. This removes the clamps in front of the microphone and makes the recording process as comfortable and productive as possible. We also know that for rhythmic observance, even the most deaf-mute guests can record a metronome and get a good result. We know what distinguishes the pitch from the formant, and that to record a successful track you need not only a chorus and a verse, but also a bridge. We see every day how people's eyes burn! They are hungry. Hungry for an idea, which they decided to implement. We realize how important it is to exceed their expectations! It can be: rappers with their first text about the home court; grown-up children who came to write their birthday gift to their mother; or a vocalist with 10 years of experience. To surpass their expectations is very important. To starve to a new result is our work! Our goal: to help all novice and accomplished artists to reveal their creativity, and not hide it on the desktop in the folder "My Music". Regular guests of Soup Prod. we always wrap up an extra hour of recording and distribution as a gift. Guests become a family for us. We must warn: we can not help people who need to do a track down for an hour, record in 20 minutes or audio-to-air broadcast "through tomorrow". The reduction takes from 1 to 6 days, taking into account the wishes. The recording can last up to 5 hours. The term for the creation of audio advertising: from 5 to 15 days. We work even with the most complex orders. A couple of years ago I got an order from guys from the prison cell. They said bluntly: "So, we are in prison, do it in a brotherly, inexpensive and beautiful way." The guys read the rap through the iPhone headset at night. And I took tracks to them. They also bought music from me with exclusive rights. The result was indistinguishable from the studio recording, despite the dictaphone quality. The guys were in jail and released tracks. Therefore, whatever fruit you are, you will get a result that you will be happy with.Thank you for reading this post till the end. Write to me right now if we are useful to you in something described above. Subscribe to our page. Follow our news. Here you will find different musical techniques, records of our artists and our results. Soup Production Decided to open. Soup from the inside. I'm from Ryazan. I am 30 years old. I am a music producer, sound designer, musician, sound engineer, foli-artist and father of two children. In the past he was a circus artist and entrepreneur. Soup production is my production studio. Our goal is to become a great producer center and develop artists from the first track to major tours around the world. In this post I will tell you how it came about. Please read it to the end. In the end, you will receive a small gift. The passion for creativity in me was brought up by my father. He is a circus acrobat. I traveled around the world with performances. Therefore, at the age of 6, I already twisted the somersault, standing on his shoulders. At the age of 9, I had a computer for the first time. Then he installed the first program for making music "Dance eJay". As soon as he threw a couple of elementary samles, this magic touched me to the heart! It was a new world. I began to learn and create. After school I did not enter a circus school due to health problems. And after unstable performances in clubs with circus numbers I went to work as a salesman of construction materials. I was selling for 2 years. After becoming a Jedi in building materials, he acquired contacts, opened the IP, removed the gazelle and himself began to deliver construction materials. So I worked for 6 years. During this time, I have twins. But one day I got into a serious accident. I realized that I wanted to change the sphere of activity and be closer to the family. And he never did it again. While working on gazelles, I saved creative material. Already from those years it began to be issued on the beginning European labels. This allowed me to somehow present myself. So in 2009, I was contacted by a popular DJ from Moscow, dj Michelangelo. At the meeting, he bought from me 5 tracks for his album of 12 songs. For 2 of them he paid me 10,000 rubles. For the rest I had to get later with sales of disks and digital copies. He also made a remix and arranged on him from his estate a contest of remixes for a promotional DJ throughout the CIS. This deal inspired me very much and showed what I can do. But after the accident did not know where to start. It was scary to dive into the music. It was necessary to pay for the apartment, dress children, etc. There was not enough confidence. So I worked for 2 years on 5 different jobs and 1 week on a car wash. The last place of work burned down before my eyes. I saw in this the second sign that I'm not going there. At any workplace, the same thing happened. Colleagues said: "What are you doing here, since you're drinking such fiery music ?!" I always found myself excuses: something is wrong with my music, it somehow does not sound like that, and so on. But one person immediately brought clarity ... After the fire at the sink I rented a car and began to pay taxes with the slogan "I'll think of something." And then one day I take an order from the bus station. The polite client sits down. Immediately ask to move the seat. Let's go. We talked. Against the background, good music played, so the situation had. He tells me: a cool track. I tell him: this is mine. He tells me: "Come on, cool!" So I met Artem Butsenko, the sound engineer. At that time, he already worked on television for 13 years. As soon as we arrived, Artem suggested going up to him. And he said that before the conversation in the taxi I made him look like a zadrot. And he asked me one thing: what am I doing in this taxi? After the conversation, he said that I had not been a musician for a long time, but a producer. I repeated that I have producer's thinking. And he asked if I understood this? This phrase caught me. All this time I thought about it. But that's when I realized how much. I told him: "I always thought that I was not ready." And he told me a simple thing: "where is that bar, that you are ready or not ?!" . Only then did the log fly out from under my eyes. So I went up to Artyom home musician and circus. And he descended, already a sound engineer, producer and sound designer.He said that he might say a word to me at the film studio. So in a couple of weeks, I was accepted into it as a foul-artist, although I expected only the post of sound engineer. I year mastered. This work was very difficult. I had to play along to the actors on the screen, down to the smallest creaking in the chair and scoring the battle scenes. But I managed and became the best. We immediately dived into Europe. My first project was the American short meter "Kudzu". And he won in cannes in one of the nominations. The next project is the Canadian art house "Luk'Luk", which wins the TIFF award in Toronto. Also during the time at the studio he worked on the American film "Little Women", where the main role was played by Martin McFly's mother from "Back to the Future". Of the Russian: the series "Blast Wave", "Parma Violets" and the series "Circus" for the first channel. They will only come out this year. Before leaving he worked on the series "Outpost" for Netflix. This lasted 3 years. He voiced 2 films a month. It was very exhausting. When you work out for all the actors for 15 hours a day, it leaves a mark on the creative enthusiasm that remained in the cellars of the studio. In parallel, he produced the artists. So I approached the fact that it's time to go on a freestyle voyage. Now there are 55 artists in my production studio. We record vocals, reduce the music, arrange the compositions and distribute the music on the digital pad. We record audio-advertising and gift songs. We shoot clips and video advertising, we voice movies. Hugged! Your Pasha Soup
Pavel Aleksandrovich Mikhaylov The stage of aliases - SOUProd aka Pasha Soup, Soup, Tokatek, Mono Lisa, Sumer.
Pavel Mikhaylov
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Abstract Hip-Hop, Bass House, Chillout, Deep House, Deep Techno, Dub Techno, Hip-hop/Rap, Indie Dance, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Trap
DJ, producer, group / joint project since 2010
Performance: from €150 / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Ryazan
Frequent visitor: The Old School Pub (Moscow), BARDAK (Ryazan), Gorod (Moscow)
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