Roman Finansi
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Deep Techno, Tech House
DJ, producer since 2008
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Harkov
Guest: Fnoob Radio, The Zone Radio (Roma)
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Techno, Deep Techno

Naughty Pills Records

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Remixes 2012

Jeton Records

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Techno, Deep Techno

Remixes 2010

Roman Finansi

Roman Finansi is a talented musician and sound producer from Ukraine. He was born on December 25, 1987 in Kharkov. First attempts in music career Roman did at school. This led to the formation of his musical taste and gave impetus to the creation of his own tracks. It started with the release of two remixes on Ukrainian label «Freedom Recordings». Later Italian record label «Nutempo» has become interested in his work where his first high-grade author's release has been let out. Roman is working productively on new projects and releases, works with well-known European record labels. His sound is topical and always experimental. His firm sounding is recognized and often collects positive responses of stars and fans of the Techno-industry.



Roman Finansi - Machine EP [Nutempo Records]

Roman Finansi - Granite EP [Royal Rhythm Recordings]

Roman Finansi - F.O.R.M.A.T. EP [Underscore]

Roman Finansi - Globus EP [Kroton Sound Recordings]

Roman Finansi - Magma EP [Tracer Records]

Roman Finansi - Safe Mode EP (incl. Ferhat Albayrak remix) [Jeton Records]

Roman Finansi - Magic (Various Artists Vol.2) [That's Hot Records]

Roman Finansi - No Face (VA Volume 2)

Roman Finansi - Magma (VA Techno Xmas) [Freshportmusic]

Roman Finansi - Trouble EP (incl. remixes by Marc Zimmermann, Klinika) [Brickwork]
Roman Finansi - No Soul (VA M 2 T Volume 3) [Illegal Alien Records]

Roman Finansi - Interface EP (incl. Dave Wincent remix) [Naughty Pills Records]
Roman Finansi - Chasm EP (incl. Ferhat Albayrak remix) [Jeton Records]  


Yuri Alexeev - Ice Climber (Roman Finansi remix) [Freedom Recordings]

Makissyan & Siber - Hallucinating (Roman Finansi remix) [Freedom Recordings]

Alexey Creative - Red Herzt (Roman Finansi remix) [Nutempo Records]

Futur-E - Deep in Abyss (Roman Finansi remix) [Illegal Alien Records]


Axel Karakasis играет мой трек!

Один из известнейших греческих музыкантов - Axel Karakasis подвёл итоги уходящего года в своём новогоднем 2-х часовом миксе! И как видно на фото - начал он его мои треком "No Face", который, кстати, был выпущен 07.12.11 на лейбле CODE небезизвестных техно-музыкантов - Loco & Jam!! ;)

Послушать/скачать подкаст можно по этой ссылке.

Послушать/скачать трек можно по этой ссылке.

Remain Podcast 20 by Axel Karakasis plays Roman Finansi - No Face @ Roman Finansi

Roman Finansi - No Face
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29 December 2011 13:52
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Мой ремикс в чарте "10 Must Hear Tech-House Tracks" @ Beatport!

Мой ремикс на трек 'Alexey Creative - Red Herzt' был в чарте "10 Must Hear Tech-House Tracks" @ Beatport (23.02.11)!

10 Must Hear Tech House Tracks - Week 9 — Beatport @ Roman Finansi


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27 September 2011 1:56
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Roman Finansi - Safe Mode EP [Jeton Records] (incl. feedbacks)

02/09/11 на лейбле Jeton Records, главой которого является Ferhat Albayrak, вышел мой релиз "Roman Finansi - Safe Mode EP", который включил в себя 3 моих авторских трека и один ремикс от Ferhat'a!

1. Roman Finansi - Safe Mode 

2. Roman Finansi - Safe Mode (Ferhat Albayrak Chemical Bonds Remix) 

3. Roman Finansi - Envelope 

4. Roman Finansi - Marker 


Anthony Pappa
Rating : 6 / 10
"All of the tracks are really good. My favourite is "Envelope" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa."

Darren Rice
Rating : 7 / 10
"Envelope is verrrrry nice, simple but so effective!"

Dave Seaman
Rating : 7 / 10
"D/L for Dave as I think he'll like, cheers"

Davy Dee
Rating : 8 / 10
"I realy like Safe Mode and Envelope, great Package!"

Gabriel Ben
Rating : 7 / 10
"Great tracks and remix! great EP!"

Gennaro Le Fosse
Rating : 7 / 10

Lance Blaise
Rating : 7 / 10
"Safe Mode is nice... thanks!"

Luigi Madonna
Rating : 6 / 10
"Safe Mode "original" for me!"

Rating : 7 / 10
"Nice deep tracks. Ferhat remix for me...awesome!"

Ricardo Garduno
Rating : 8 / 10
"Very nice Release, Ferhat Remix is great! def playing it! thanks a lot!"

Seismal D
Rating : 8 / 10
"Marker for me! great tune! thanks"

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Спасибо за внимание!

Roman Finansi - Safe Mode
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6 September 2011 15:00
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Roman Finansi - Magma EP [Tracer Records]

25/03/2011 на лейбле Tracer Records, в релизе "Roman Finansi - Magma EP" вышли две моих новых работы:

1. Roman Finansi - Magma

2. Roman Finansi - Paint 078

Стиль треков - Techno / Minimal

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Спасибо за внимание! :)

Roman Finansi - Paint 078
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26 March 2011 21:35
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Roman Finansi - F.O.R.M.A.T. EP [Underscore]

14 марта 2011 вышел мой новый сингл на лейбле Underscore

В релизе подобраны 3 трека разной направленности по жанрам:

1. Roman Finansi - F.O.R.M.A.T.

2. Roman Finansi - Sick

3. Roman Finansi - Dance of Dolphins

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Спасибо за внимание! :)

Roman Finansi - Dance of Dolphins
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20 March 2011 0:23
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