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SBCD015 VA - How the Sea Was Made

BUY: spacebabyrecords.bandcamp.com/…



1 - SYNERGIC - Navigating by the Stars        07:02

2 - SHIVAOM - 7 Winds (Transformate)          09:32

3 - LACERTA - New Day (SwaraTrip rmx)       08:37

4 - SWARATRIP - Shuddha Rishabha             07:51

5 - KURANDINI - Sword Of Mahishasura        07:16

6 - LAATOKA - Triptych                                    08:00

7 - LUCID MANTRA - Other Worlds                 08:43

8 - LACERTA - Underground                            08:34

9 - MANJU - Gnome Party                               08:34



Total Time: 72:58



Cover Art by Fetex & ShivaOmArt 

Mastering by Samsara Studio

Compilated by DR PSY & ShivaOm


Description :

  Ice age is finishing so ice is becoming sea & is recovering the earth like a Kind Tsunami because the sun is approaching the Earth. This change is due to the universal shamanism powers that wish to improve the life of all civiisations.

  They use the energy of their mantra prays to make Earth a hotter and more livable planet with more water that miss than Forest that are too huge and parts covered of ice.The shamans implore God for years to survey the solar system in the way that people can live better, in harmony with the sea & the earth.


Space Baby Records 



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SBCDDIGITAL019 Art Alien - Equilibrium EP

BUY: spacebabyrecords.bandcamp.com/…

01 Sosciety Preassure          8:19

02 The Breath Of Goa           8:10

All tracks composed by ArtAlien

Mastered by Studio ONE (Zymosis)

Art Work by ShivaOmArt 






FB Artist Page  www.facebook.com/artalien.proj… 

MIXCLOUD www.mixcloud.com/artalien/ 

SOUNDCLOUD soundcloud.com/djartalien 

VK Page vk.com/public.artalien    

FB ART Page www.facebook.com/Art-Alien-Art… 

VK ART Page vk.com/public.artalienart 



The universe and any of the worlds obey the laws of equilibrium where the act of creation can not exist without destruction, 

where the powers of evil struggle with the light forces and the day succeeds the night. 

There is no white without black and vice versa - this is what we call BALANCE. 

My debut EP is about eternity - about the maintenance of equilibrium and universal balance on our planet. 

The mixture of pumping bass and kick drum, floaty goa leads carrying you away into space, a new look and master hand in every track - all this is music by ART ALIEN.


Вселенная и любой из миров подчиняются законам равновесия, где созидание не может существовать без разрушения, 

темные силы всегда противоборствуют светлым, а день сменяет ночь. Без черного не может быть белого, как и наоборот - все есть БАЛАНС. 

Мой первый дебютный EP говорит о вечном - о поддержание равновесия и вселенского баланса на нашей планете. 

Смесь плотного баса и бочки, атмосферные гоа лиды уносящие в космос, 

свежий взгляд и свой особенный почерк в каждой композиции - все это музыка проекта АРТ АЛИЕН 


Art Alien- A young and perspective producing musical ( art, DJ,) project .

Till 2015 had been playing as a DJ around Ukraine . Now Sasha had started to produce her own music. 

Her music is developing into more complex, interesting and clean sound. Sasha is a very creative person who has a very 

dynamic positive position on life for who Music is one of the integral part of her life .

She has her own unique style which helped her to become a musician member of " Misterika Family" in 2016.

When she is playing nobody is sitting..., her set will satisfy even the most peaky listener , 

leaving him filled with energy .

Space Baby Records 





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BUY:  spacebabyrecords.bandcamp.com/…

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-Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/9557/Space+Baby+Records/AGEN..

-Bandcamp: https://spacebabyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/connectio..


Tracklist :

1.Agent Kritsek - Breathing Techniques 6:27
2.Omegahertz - Elxis (Agent Kritsek Remix) 8:28
3.Ocean Star Empire - An Ho (Agent Kritsek Remix) 7:18
4.Agent Kritsek & Spinney Lainey - Enlightenment (Omegahertz Remix) 8:12 

Total time: 29:85 

All tracks composed and writer by Alexander Markopoulos & Dimitrios Pouranis
Art Work & Mastered by Agent Kritsek & Omegahertz



Connection Ep is the next collaboration Ep with Agent Kritsek & Omegahertz, including 2 remixes from Agent Kritsek to Omegahertz & Ocean Star Empire, 1 original previously unreleased track from Agent Kritsek,
and a remix from Omegahertz to the track "Enlightenment" (Agent Kritsek & Spinney Lainey). This collection of 4 tracks consists of high dreaming frequencies, influenced from neoGoa to modern psytrance,with pumping baselines, groovy rythms and tricky breaks,maintaining the psychedelic feeling of euphoric
hypnotic trance and at the same time tingling the body with sensations..


Agent Kritsek is Alexander Markopoulos, born in 1981 and raised in Athens, Greece. Influenced from the late 90's underground scene and musical evolution, after piano lessons from a very young age,at the age of 15 starts experiment with music production around electronic music.After many experiments and musical influences all over the world, starts releasing his music to the spotlight at around 2011-2012 where he also makes his First Solo Album Cd in Savva Records.After many years of challenging evolution,he is still influencing the world through various releases and continuing to spread his wings as his soul speaks for it..

His style is mainly on the progressive sound. 
Alexander focuses in rythmic basslines, groovy kicks and melodic sounds
that make his music suitable for any dancefloor, transmitting his ever lasting energy to the crowd.
Music is not about sound,is All about a story.
My main objective is to create landscapes through music,crisp sounds,cutting edge surroundings,
transforming sound into image,creating vibe through cinematic consciousness..

He has released a number of tracks and Ep's in labels such as: Savva Records,Uxmal Records,Goa Records,Phoenix Groove Records,Digital Nature Records,Infinity Tunes,Sting Records,Geomagnetic,Human Technologies Records,and more, and is continuing to spread with his musical releases, supporting many of the global underground scene labels and friends.

Agent Kritsek is now working on producing more of his music preparing his next releases soon.
His aim is to participate in more events and festivals and drive the dancefloor in euphoria.
Check also his side projects : HUMAN REACTION //// MODUL8 

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SBDIGITAL015 THENARIA - Fantastic Universe EP

GENRE: Psy trance/Goa/Full On/Chill Out


- Beatspace: www.beatspace.com/9244/Space+B…

- Bandcamp: spacebabyrecords.bandcamp.com/…

01. Atmos (Original Mix) 7:11
02. Fantastic Universe (Original Mix) 7:07 
03. Sacred emotions (Original Mix) 7:35
04. Soul Control (Original Mix) 7:14

Bonus Track 
05. Сloud-Сastle ( Original Mix ) Downtempo 7:33
Total time: 36:00

All tracks composed and Mastered by Grantsev Dmitriy & Deremeshko Konstantin *THENARIA*
Art Work by ShivaOmArt www.shivaomart.com 
DEMO soundcloud.com/thenaria 
MIX soundcloud.com/thenaria/thenar….. 

EP Fantastic Universe combines the tracks with a high rhythm and melody. Progressive sound will make you plunge into the world of clarity and good humor. Lovers of meditation and calm in the release of the material meets both included. After listening to this album, you will be on the positive sheet


THENARIA project created in 2015. Is located in Kherson Ukraine. Which consists of two people Deremeshko Konstantin and Grantsev Dmitriy. Guys are based on the creation of Psy Trance music and its sub styles. As well as a soft and quiet pulsations and Ambient Downtempo. The main objective of the project is to convey to the listeners every part of the soul and rhythms that beat in the hearts of the producers in electronic form.

Проект THENARIA создан в 2015 году. Находится в городе Херсон, Украина. В состав его входят два человека: Константин Деремешко и Дмитрий Гранцев. Ребята нацелены на создание Psy Trance музыки и ее подстилей, а так же на более мягкие и спокойные пульсации Ambient и Downtempo. Основной целью проекта является донести до слушателей каждую частичку души и ритмов, которые бьются в сердцах продюсеров в электронном виде.

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sbdigital 014 DezonCondor – Resonances Encounter EP

sbdigital 014

DezonCondor – Resonances Encounter  EP

GENRE:  Psychill / PsyAmbient / Shamanic/

01. Corpus Elevatis E90   6:23

02. Ceremony G95          9:16

03. Oxigen Provider F95   8:56 

04. Salvaguarda G#95      8:09

Total time: 32:04 

All tracks composed and Mastered by Antonio Ruivo (Spiralsnake)

Art Work by ShivaOmArt www.shivaomart.com 


Resonances Encounter is a paradigma where sound talks. Modern, vintage, concrete an non-concrete aproach, where psy acustic reveal the vast universe of  the state of mind. 

Gaia invokes of Respect. 

Animals ,Florests, shammans and Guardians on higher states of communication. 

Awareness of the Cosmos as one. 

Glorification and gratefulness of what we are and of what we will be.

Past, present and future.


Dezoncondor is a project of artist Spiralsnake aka Antonio Ruivo, from Portugal, which began in the Netherlands in 2007, where he was to meet the spirituality and knowledge of old and new worlds.

At the beguining it was  Inspirational or Ambient Chill genre. Now walks toward Psyambient landscapes.







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sbcd digital 013 Chillum – Endless & Timeless

sbcd digital 013

Chillum – Endless & Timeless
(Space Baby Records)



GENRE: Dub / Psychedelic / Experimental / Ethnic

01. Chillum - House Of Thousand Suns 6:20
02. Chillum - Electric Krishna 8:19
03. Chillum - At Ancient Sources 5:04
04. Chillum - The Swan Saraswati 6:32
05. Chillum - Two Big Mushroom 4:44
06. Chillum - Positive Vibes 5:36
07. Chillum - Sun Shine 5:32

Total time: 42:08
Compiled by: CHILLUM
Cover by: CHILLUM
Mastering: CHILLUM

Demo Mix : soundcloud.com/chillum/endless…

Our life - a series of doors, hidden behind a new events and new stories. Sometimes we are faced with a difficult choice, which door to enter now, at the moment. Fear of change constrains our minds and prevents move forward. It is in these moments of forces for the next breakthrough gives us music. Music that takes us into the world of memories and fantasies. And here you are standing at the door waiting for a new, beautiful. Grasping the handle with a solid nameriniyami enter ... seconds of confusion ... the hinges creaked.


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sbdigital012 VA - Yin & Yang


 VA - Yin & Yang







cd 1 - day prog

01. Tymek - Green Ligths
02. B-Zer & Tymek - Cooperation
03. Synergic - The Spiritual Path
04. Frog Prog - DMT rmx
05. MIDImotion – Out of Sight
06. Ametron - Black List
07. Micro Machines -Control
08. Drollkoppz - Drollhaus
09. Zoma - The Factory of Cosmos
10. INVB - Harmony of the Soul

cd 2 - night prog

01. Vimanna - Ajna Healing
02. Frog Prog - Lost Highway
03. Radioactive.Cake - Mindsphere
04. Otkun – String Chacras
05. Hallulaya - Black Moon
06. Ear iT - Ryuk
07. Gordian Rate - Nemo Saldat Sobrius
08. Manju - The Game
09. Dar Kapo - Threshold
10. Sunglider - Secret Number
11. CristalSacrib & EqTunkul - Pokrovka
12. Room Full of Eyes - Blind Traveler

Compilated by Frog Prog and Synergic
Mastering by One Day Mastering Studio
Cover Art by Shiva Om

Yin and Yang are the two fundamental forces that created the universe and bring it into harmony through their interaction and the continuous search for balance. These two opposing conflicting forces are present in every operation. They represent two opposite energies that represent the dynamics of the world. This symbol indicates that reality consists of the interaction of opposites and opposite principles. Yin and Yang are dependent on each other, creating a constant motion, rising and falling like waves, and maintain mutual harmony. As man and woman are partners in the dance of love and life, yin and yang is not only opposed, but also complement each other. 


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sbcd 014 VA – How the Sun was Made

sbcd 014

VA – How the Sun was Made
(compilated by Tooky Tooky & Shiva3 (Okujah))
(Space Baby Records)




01. Manju - Earth Pulse 7:46
02. Kala_-_Distance 8:26
03. Yudhisthira - FarOut2 8:36
04. Tookytooky - One Way 7:23
05. Lacerta – Willy Wonky 8:30
06. Paramatma - Transcedental Meditation 5:34
07. Level D - Guardian 9:30
08. M.E.E.O - Mastermind 10:12
09. DigiCult - Awaken the Dream (Sacral Reason remix) 8:53

Compiled by : Tooky Tooky & Shiva3
Cover by: Fernando Fetex
Mastering : One Day Studio

Once the Sun - the presener of light and life, while being put over through the Heavenly ocean, has dropped a flow of rays on our planet. Sun light became a radiant net and, mixing up with water and fire, has filled the Еarth and the Air with life, having shared light of the soul. Penetrating the past, present and future rays of light have united in one flow of energy and the color of a new day has been born. At the sunrise young light joins our infinite dreams to a reality, reflects truth in our eyes in the afternoon, and stays on our faces at sunset reminding of infinite secret communication of our minds and nature.

Однажды Солнце- даритель света и жизни переправляясь через небесный океан обронило поток лучей на нашу планету. Свет Солнца стал лучезарной сетью и, смешиваясь с водой и огнем, наполнил землю и воздух жизнью, поделившись сиянием своей души. Пронизывая прошлое, настоящее и будущее лучи света соединились в один поток энергии и был рожден цвет дня. На рассвете юный свет соединяет наши бесконечные сновидения с реальностью, днем- отражает правду в наших глазах, а на закате пребывает на лицах людей и напоминает о бесконечной сокровенной связи нашего настоящего Я с природой.


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sbcd digital 011 Laatoka - Uprise Freakuency EP

Laatoka - Uprise Freakuency EP
(Space Baby Records)



01. LaaToka - Infrasaundi 06:45
02. LaaToka - Liquid Kaleidoscope 06:53

All tracks composed by Alexander Trufanov
Mastering : One Day Mastering Studio
Art Work : ShivaOm (www.shivaom.com)


The energy of this time can be compared with updrafts that birds use to climb upward spiral.
Now, updrafts are so powerful that with positive motivation and a sincere belief in their own strength,
you can make a quick rise to any height on the evolutionary spiral. To reach this height and use the
energy for their own growth, you need to enter them into resonance

Project Laatoka (real name - Alexander Trufanov) was formed in 2007. Its originally consisted of two people. It was a live-project that playing techno and dub. Sound design of Project Laatoka is a kaleidoscope of psychedelic experiences, constantly changing the atmosphere and shimmering the melodies that create endless patterns in the imagination of the listener.


Энергии этого времени можно сравнивать с восходящими потоками, которые используют птицы для набора высоты по восходящей спирали. Сейчас, восходящие потоки настолько мощные, что имея позитивные мотивации и искреннюю веру в собственные силы, можно совершить
быстрый взлёт на любую высоту по эволюционной спирали. Чтобы достичь этой высоты и использовать эти энергии для собственного роста, нужно войти с ними в резонанс.

Проект Laatoka (настоящее имя Alexander Trufanov ) образовался в 2007 году. Первоначально состоял из двух человек и представлял собой live-проект играющий techno и dub.
Саунд проекта представляет собой калейдоскоп психоделических переживаний,постоянно изменяющюеся атмосферу и переливающееся мелодики, которые создают бесконечные узоры в воображении слушателя.


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