Kent Verigio
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Atmospheric Breaks, Chicago House, Chillstep, Club House, Dubstep, Electro House, Future House, Gangsta Rap, Hip-hop/Rap, IDM, Intelligent, Jazz-Rap, Jazzstep, Latin House, Liquid funk, Melodic Trance, Reggae, Trance, Trap, Tropical House, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
Producer, vocalist, poet, group / joint project since 2007
Performance: 2.5 hours
Location: Russia
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В Состояние Vocal Drum And Bass 2021 

Drum & Bass/Liquid Funk/Intelligent.......

75 6:42 2  20 PR1,2 ▲
Drum & Bass, Liquid funk
Founder Of Creativity.......
[Production By Kent®]
Label.......Mixupload Recordings©
Label.......Bessions Casperido Recordings©
Label.......Vocals Sensitive Antaro Recordings©
Label.......29 BROKEN BEAT©
Kent The Reasonableness Records Sounds®

The music industry is always my soulful euphoria, harmony to work successfully [Liquid Funk.Drum And Bass] in a variety of ways.....

Kent Verigio [Kent] is my personal pseudonym, which enjoys a well-deserved popularity in the atmosphere of nightlife.
Successful, worthy, talented professional musician and Beatmaker in Russia (Creator of his own music, as well as various songs lyrics), in his performance in the style of hip-hop/rap.underground / rap).......

In the music sochitanie started to do their job (12 years ago). Me, very adjusts always on new ideas, love themselves fully invest, so around the approach very responsibly try to. Love all to do, in his personal work, in chic compositions songs, with soul of charge its creativity all most best.
Also write, not only music and songs personal enforcement, various texts/their scenes for create music.
I started working with my best friend [FrancuZ]....... Together, we create a lot of common, excellent creativity for ourselves and fans to listen to us.
I am the Creator of professional creativity and project

[Kent The Reasonableness Sounds Records®].......
At the moment,I work with the best friends and successful professional performers.......
[Anyutochka®[Promo799], Artem Krasnodar®.John Marit®.Shamil Of Bagdikian®.Kare®.Yana®.FrancuZ® ].......

My Career is very open too, over 12 years ago. In style, (Liquid Funk.Drum and Bass) began engage 1 year ago. I really, cordially like music in these directions, especially vocals and harmonica for such an important atmospheric rhythm, these masterpieces can be listened to endlessly.
Therefore, I have moved to a new level, and I want to personally create and work in this style of musical creativity. To be engaged in the feelings, wider and deeper ideas, achieving and improving the professional reputation, for me the main thing, the successful author, to be itself, to carry out excellent work everything that is at the person on soul.
And in our work, this is an important special argument.......

Each person has his own goal and incentive of his life. Consciousness does a lot without taking too much, you need to do, create only the main special quality - the balance of purity of our mind. The aesthetics of art and personal creativity should not aggravate various negatives, or the morality of the inner mental mood to fall into another conflict ..The channel of madness without reliable self-development.. Inspiration and ethics of the subconscious, personal perfection birth more favorable personification not only of memory, in words, in music, in their specific work, in the environment of people, in family relations, etc.
Without anticipation and important meaning, your conscience does not paint the ideal as the decency of a man. In a multi-ton fragment, your World fades into a silhouette reflecting your state of resonance of mental balance. In the most hidden picture, your eyes are the crystal ego, the tonality all shades of the best perfection.......
The euphoria of an amazing man, shining in perfect rhythm, path and speed without exception in an endless credo, even when the whole World has gone mad.......
During this time, he repeatedly became a guest of various fashionable institutions, invariably receiving rave reviews and support of the sophisticated public and their colleagues.
Cool music! Well done my Support +
Affectionate Tenderness Of A Warm Heart Very Sincerely Thank You From Myself. I Am Pleased To Hear From You and Listen To Your Support, Your Sweet Wishes...
From The Bottom Of My Heart, Bro, Thank You!!! For Your Support and for the Positive Feedback of the Compliment
Благодарю От Себя За Пожелание и За Взаимную Поддержку...
+++PR)Удачи на творческом пути!!!
Спасибо Тебе Большое Искреннее За Твои Приятные Пожелания,Особенно За Твою Поддержку. С Уважением Благодарю За Всё...
Моя поддержка!
Good Afternoon, Thank You Very Much For Your Support.
Don't stop the music!+++
For Me, This is the Main Spiritual Activity and Creating a Special Euphoria in Music. In Advance, I Thank You Heartily For Your Support!
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