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Terri B! ranks among one of the most sought after voices in dance music today.  Collaborating  with  some of the top Dj/Producers in the world including, Kurd Maverick, Roger Sanchez, D.O.N.S, Eddie Thoneick, Henrik B, Jerry Ropero, Dj Antoine, and  John Dahlback,  the Hamburg based singer/songwriter has managed to stay fresh and original. The voice behind global dance tunes like Oh la la la (2 Eivissa), Get Down (Avant Garde),  Soul Heaven (Henrik B), FUCK U! (Jerry Ropero), Can’t Slow Down (Dahlback,Diaz) and Big Fun (D.O.N.S), have propelled her to the ranks as one of dance music’s finest artist.  With appearances  on most of the top dance labels including, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Ultra Records,Stealth, and Kontor, she has left a credible imprint in the world of dance today.


Currently, Terri is working on  a follow up to her first solo single Hands to the Sky, with her friend and constant collaborator D.o.n.s due shortly.  Her radio show with SUKA Records A&R,  Rio Dela Duna, The housecrunch ( has been picked up for exclusive territories and her first compilation, Diva Dance Sensation is out now on all digital formats.


With the current success in Austrailia of Marco Demark & Dave Manna “ Do You Believe” feat. Terri B! rising in the ARIA charts, the Russia bomb Heaven with Bartozs & Timofey gaining Radio play daily on top Fm stations, and upcoming releases with Kevin of the Hoxton Whores, Kurd Maverick and Micha Moor to look forward to, there wont be a quite moment in the near future.


She has performed in some of the most prestigious clubs in the world, from the Ivy (Sydney), Culture Festival (Bangkok), Cocoon  (Frankfurt) , Opera (Moscow), and Nikki Beach (Miami)  and continues to tour both with her collaborating partners and solo with her tour DJ.


The successful songwriter she has penned numerous songs for both pop and dance music stars including Sarah Connor (Germany), Lutricia Mcneal, (USA), Medina (Denmark), M.I.N.K (Japan), Addictive (U.K) and numerous popstars/ idol projects throughout Europe.


The show is powerful and hands on.  She involves her audience and makes sure every single hand is in the air and gives every piece of her mind, body and soul to a performance.  The MC/Vocalist isn’t just there to sing a few songs, but she wants to entertain. Whether she belts out a rendition of Sweet Dreams or brings down the house with Soul Heaven, she keeps her audience hot.

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12 October 2010 14:29
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Waldemar Langjahr first saw the light of the day in the cold winter of 1984. After his family moved to Germany in the early 90’s he discovered his interests for music. He started to play guitar for a couple of years and learned a lot about music in this period of time.

In the summer of 2003 he began his career in one of the most popular Russian speaking clubs in Bavaria, Glass-House (F?rth) where he tried his first steps in DJing and learned to mix before opening. But very soon he became one of the resident DJs at this club and stayed there until the end of 2007.

With his increasing popularity also his performance radius widened. DJ Crasher played in other clubs and discos all over Germany. At this time he was concentrating on building up his career and started to work out his personal individual style. With his uniqueness in music choice and his highly developed art of mixing he easily controls the crowd and offers unforgettable evenings.

At the end of the year 2007 Waldemar Langjahr built up his reputation in taking part at the MTV OpenTurntables. He was one of the 5 final members put though over 1000 pretending and 60 participating DJs in five different cities. He was playing at the Garden Club, the first address for electronic music and special events with worlds best DJs in Munich, together with Markus Kavka and other 11 DJs. After his set he was immediately asked to work at the Garden Club and was directly invited by the MTV officials to the final party at the Club N-Pir (Stuttgart) where he rocked the dance floor together with Tom Novy, Markus Kavka and other 5 DJs.

At the moment DJ Crasher resides in the most glamorous and most famous clubs in Bavaria and he is also a welcome guest in many clubs even up to Hamburg, the northern Germany, and can now proudly count himself to the most wanted DJs.

A new club project with a live music performance to Waldemar Langjahr’s live mix of electro house sounds, choreographically accompanied by his own club dancers is the next step in his career. It’s still in its infancy but even now there is a great demand for it, so that should be a really great success in the future.

During all the years Waldemar Langjahr produced some remixes which became very popular in Russian clubs all over Germany. Some of them are counted to the best floorfillers ever.

Does this man ever take a break? I guess not, but this hack has got all the time in the world to work himself to the top of the mountain. This is just the beginning...

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