New personal webpage: 

Physical versions of my 4 latest albums/single

For a limited time, you can now purchase the following CD's at : Hardcore Spectrum Disorder (again), Maze of Life, Hardcore Bloodbath and my single Ride the 90's

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27 March 2020 22:00
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DJ Omnimaga on Yandex

Heya, I am pleased to announce that in a month or so, 177 of my songs will be available on Yandex! They are from the following albums, compilations and single:

-Tales of the Knight of the Moon

-Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga

-In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust

-Hardcore Spectrum Disorder

-Maze of Life

-Hardcore Bloodbath

-A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012)

-A Decade of Omnidance (2002-12)

-Ride the 90's

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24 March 2020 23:49
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New single: Ride the 90's

My single Ride the 90's is now also available on Amazon Music!… . It features two trance remixes of the eurodance original of the same name and an happy hardcore remix.

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25 February 2020 21:43
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