Eugen Tvorin
Main style: Tech House
Favorite styles: Detroit Techno, Electro Techno, Microhouse, Minimal Electronica, Minimal Techno, Techno
DJ, producer, listener since 2000
Performance: from $500 / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Slavyansk
Resident: Тайфун (Slavyansk), Гавана (Slavyansk), Scorpion (Slavyansk)
Guest: МЯТА club (Harkov), Ника (Kramatorsk), Sunrise (Druzhkovka), Night Club BANANAS (Artemovsk), Miami Night Club (Doneck), Клуб NLO город Донецк.OPERA (Doneck), Studio 8 (Doneck), Баскирвиль Холл (Бывшый Самовар ) (Gorlovka), Казантип (Evpatoriya), Адмирал (Slavyansk), Royal (Druzhkovka), Пинта (Doneck), Пляж Щастья (Slavyansk), calipso (Hurgada), Havana Club (Hurgada), Bunker (Kirov), Ultra (Slavyansk), MaxImuM (Slavyansk)
Frequent visitor: Клуб Живот (Harkov), н/к Бинго (Kiev), Chicago (Doneck)
Was just once: Virus (Doneck)
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When the soul is a...DJ!

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26 June 2010 0:01
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Уважаемые коллеги, с праздником!

В честь Всемирного Дня Диджея, а также для поднятия настроения и общего тонуса организма, НАСТОЯТЕЛЬНО РЕКОМЕНДУЮ посмотреть этот МЕГАПОЗИТИВНЫЙ ролик!



Очень вероятно, что кое-кто, после просмотра ролика просто не поверит и подумает что это какой-то "развод", мол, не могут два ребенка, 5-ти и 8-ми лет, такое вытворять за вертушками. Хотите верьте, хотите не верьте, но видео реальное!

Веселого просмотра)))

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9 March 2010 1:19

Dj GreenGO - Sleeping angel

22 февраля 2010 г. вышла новая работа от Dj GreenGO с интригующим названием "Sleeping angel". Данный трек написан в Chill Out, стиле который меньше всего можно было отнести или ассоциировать с творчеством dj GreenGO.

"Sleeping angel" состоит из трех музыкальных зарисовок и, по словам dj GreenGO, посвящается одному милому и чудному ангелочку в честь дня его рождения.…



Chill Out
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8 March 2010 23:04
dj greengo

First time stood up for the turntables back in 2000. With the first pressing Play, I realized that no longer imagine my life without music. The period since 2000. in 2006. can be characterized as a period of creative search itself in an infinite ocean of musical styles and trends. Carefully filtering passed through my music, I realized that hissing, gurgling, croaking and similar sounds most of all I caress the ears. From that moment I realized that my style, my direction is minimal, with all its subgenre and sub-genres.

In 2006. arrived on May Day was an opportunity to play at the legendary Kazantip! There I first felt what it means to play for a big audience (on the dance floor was about 1000 people), that night fate brought me together with DJs such as: dj Ondrik, dj Mitrofanov, dj Kolyaskina, Natasha Urman, Lena Popova, dj Kon ` , dj Kolya and dj Grad.

Later, in summer 2006, with support from dj Mitrofanov Kazantip legend, I was invited there as a guest (a separate thank you to Natasha Urman)

Also since 2006 was involved as a founder, organizer and inspirer of several musical projects, such as: Intellegent House Project "Pozitiv" and together with Dj KoT (g. Donetsk) Tehnonoch combat Popsa ".

Since 2007 I work as a sound producer. As sound producer trying to work in different musical styles, but priorities still remain minimal techno, minimal electro.



Favorite expression:

"Words can sometimes be in need of music, but music does not need anything!"

Music - it is the only universal language which the soul speaks to soul! "

"Music should strike a fire from the heart!"




I love: first of all music, of course :-), as well as honesty, sincerity and decency, the summer dawn, to lie on the couch, sometimes like to put people in a stalemate and many others

Hate: hypocrisy, arrogance, meanness, rudeness, semolina, when other shoved his nose in someone else's business, when pierced with 2 wheels in the car. . .:-)

I recommend: to protect themselves, protect themselves and protect themselves once again! :-)

Interests: music, Buddhism and the doctrine of Karma, psychology, psychoanalysis and correction of personality, jurisprudence, whether there is life on Mars and in other galaxies. . . :-)

I know: I know that: - Do not just happen - all coming, but the music is eternal - we are forming their own social circle and create a trouble - better to lose with a wise, than a fool to find - "bad language" - worse than the pistol. do not know where and when he "fired"

    Татьяна Воронина  4 April 2010 8:49 #
  • (user was blacklisted)
      dj greengo  4 April 2010 11:17 #
      welcome back glad 2 see you
    CodePlex  22 March 2010 9:34 #
    привет оцени микс плиз …
    Dj KoShka  14 March 2010 23:10 #
    HEY DJ И тебе большущий ПРИВЕТ)))
    NixitoZ  5 March 2010 23:53 #
    ++ Вам боярин!я вам везде рейтинг прокликал))
    Nacim LaDJ  22 February 2010 23:55 #
      dj greengo  23 February 2010 3:31 #
      мне понравилось. строгий, сдержанный, динамичный + однозначно
    Andrey Levskiy  15 January 2010 16:42 #
    Конечно в друзья земеля)))))))))))))))))
    VIKTORIYA NIGHT (UA)  8 January 2010 12:12 #
    Спасиб))) 2010! 2010! 2010!
    judy nova  4 January 2010 13:55 #
    HNY! 2010! PROMOELKA
    VIKTORIYA NIGHT (UA)  25 November 2009 18:27 #
    DJ СЛАВЯНИН  25 November 2009 17:19 #
    +++++++++ ТЕБЕ ДРУЖИЩЕ И В ДРУЗЬЯ!!!!!!!!!!!
    KoT (Jack-o'-Lantern)  20 October 2009 18:38 #
    Опа, кого я вижу
    Круто, плюс тебе
    Demax  18 October 2009 18:36 #
    + тебе! Так держать!
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