Danila Katkov
Favorite styles: Crunk, Dancehall, Dirty Rap, Hip-hop/Rap, R&B, Trap, Twerk
DJ, producer, MC, promoter, Listener since 2005
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Gaudi Hall (Kirov), Цо ПОБЕДА (Kirov), Точка (Kirov), Черный куб (Kirov), Lobby (Kirov), Город (Kirov)
Guest: Planeta (Kirov), Aura  (Kirov), Red & Black (Kirov)
Frequent visitor: New Happy (Kirov), CHERRY (Kirovo-CHepeck), Сити - кафе На Лестнице (Moscow), Mafia (Kirov), Казантип (Kirov), Аврора (Slobodskoi)
Was just once: Pacha (Moscow), Бионика (Perm), Embassy of Jamaica (Sochi), Planeta (Uhta), Сивка Бурка Россия, Москва (Moscow)
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Embbasy of Jamaica, Sochi, 22:00 // 17 April 2009
ЦО Победа, Kirov, 14:10 // 6 September 2008
ЦО Победа, Kirov, 14:04 // 30 August 2008
ЦО Победа, Kirov, 13:57 // 23 August 2008
Прослушал — добавь плюс в рейтинг. 

Cotch13 The Name: Skating rinks Daniel

The status: DJ, MC, the musician

Styles: Hip-hop, R&B, Dancehall, Reggaeton

Carriers: CD, Vinil

Whence: MOSCOW

The resident: "POINT" (; Цо "VICTORY" (

Beginning of the career: 2005 Dj CoTch13 Bitmejker and участни groups "Effect of Pandory"

The first experience has been received on the party where the group became not only group, but also промолтером «Ef» Promo in Club "Point" Dj CoTch13 and Rival Mc …

Very much плотнно has settled as the Best R'n'B Dj Areas.

Not the small contribution has enclosed in Hip-Hop Culture of a city and area.

With сентебря 2007 holds the Rhythm and попурелизации Rap Party. And advancement young Rapa.

Organizer of such CONCERTS: АК-47, ST1M, the CASTE, Mc Kind LENIN (White Brothers), and т.п...

Well and what to speak about its talent of Game:

It one of those on whom it is possible to look and tell that - «R’n’B is a life».

That that it does with the people it improbably.

He can force to sing and shout the Dancing and all will be довольнны.

It АРТЕСТИЧННОСТЬ has no borders and for this reason about it think неадыкватнно and hearings go.

Its sight at music one of most астровагантных.

Its giving in the people dements people.

And it with увереностью those can tell who has visited on it влоне.

Tours: Perm "Bionica" (; Pechyora club "Гоький" and North cities; Ukhta club "Planet" (; Moscow of Cafe "On the LADDER" (;

г Sochi "Embassy of Jamaica" ( and т.п.

Played one: 909 (Moscow), Amigo (N.Novgorod), Bak $ (Moscow), Bass (N.Novgorod), BOOCH (Moscow), Daveed (Tyumen), Nicky JAZZ (Moscow), PRO'sha (Moscow), Miller (Kazan), DMC Alex Thierry (Krasnodar territory), L! GHT (Moscow), Edwards aka JN (Yaroslavl), DMC Simon (Moscow), JEFF D (Tolyatti), Juicy M aka Marta (Kiev), Shved (Moscow), Street (Perm), York (Moscow), Shked (Kiev), the Trunk aka Master XO (rap group the CASTE) (Moscow), Spaj (Spy +) (Perm), Shtaket ака L.A. (S.-Peterburg), Scream ONE (Moscow).... And тд.

Таг worked совместнно: Mc Kind LENIN (White Brothers), Mc Castro (Moscow "HEAT"), MC Zhigan (G-gun), DMC Dobro (Evil ghost), MC Shayon (Moscow)... And тд...

Таг worked совместнно: Mc Kind LENIN (White Brothers), Mc Castro (Moscow "HEAT"), MC Zhigan (G-gun), DMC Dobro (Evil ghost)... And тд...

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CoTch13  6 January 2011 16:47
Прослушал — добавь плюс в рейтинг.
Шикарная музыка!

+PR. +Friend.

Bom Shiva Naṭarāja!

Вдохновения и творческого роста! Моя поддержка!
мой +)))надеюсь на взаимность
PR +++ и в Друзья !)))
моя скромная поддержка твоему творчеству++ )))
на высшем уровне +++
PR +++
Заходи в гости :)
Отличные работы !!! Моя поддержка !!! Буду рад дружбе !!!
Спасибо за поддержку!!! :) успехов в творчестве :) +++
Поддержка от самого масштабного электронного проекта в Украине!
В друзья!
Мой скромный плюс в копилку, за твое творчество!
привет крутой дижей давай в друзья (()))
Прослушал — добавь плюс в рейтинг.
Рад представить свой новый микс. Эксклюзив Новое слово в R'n'B-музыке.
Привет! Качай мой новый микс …
Уп. И тут с ДР!)
данила давай в други)
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